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Best THCh Carts 2023 Review: Tried and Tested

Having worked at a cannabis dispensary for 5 years, I can confirm that finding which novel products to buy is a grueling task.

I’ve spent over 20+ hours taking tokes and writing down notes to determine which brand offers the best THCh carts on the market today. Yup. I’ve been around the galaxy in an intoxicated haze. Fun, fun and more fun!

If you just need the TLDR and want to get buzzed, here are our top picks:

Top Pick
THCh Carts | Binoid | Distillate + Terps
  • Multiple strains available
  • Excellent pricing
  • Potent
Our Rating:
Runner Up: Best THCh Disposable Vape
2G THCh Disposable Vape | Live Resin Terpenes | Delta Extrax
  • Live resin terpenes and a mix of D8, D10, THCh and THCjd
  • 2 gram rechargeable disposable
Our Rating:

THCh Cartridge Review Criteria

Since THCh is one of the newest cannabinoids to hit the market, finding the absolute best products is challenging. 

To overcome such obstacles, we implement specific signals and criteria to determine which products are worth purchasing. 

This includes testing products on our side (except where the brand won’t ship to us due to shipping restrictions). Seeing what the experience is like with the brand and the effects the THCh cartridge delivers. 

Our commitment to finding you the best products worthy of your time and money is uncompromised.

The strict criteria we follow are:

THCh vape cart
Our Top Pick THCh Vape Cart

Customer Service and Experience

In our search for the finest products, we always look for any practices or policies that make one brand more customer-friendly than the other. 

When buying any product, the customer experience is paramount. 

For us, if a company doesn’t offer exceptional customer service, we look elsewhere. Brands should care about our experiences if they’re going to be successful in the long run.

Here are some of the policies we look for that enhance the customer experience: 

  • First-order discounts
  • Money-back guarantees
  • Generous return policies
  • Free shipping

Brands that provide these practices show that customers are important to them.

THCh disposable vapes
Delta Extrax 2G Disposables


Due to THCh being a brand new cannabinoid, brand reputation can be a decent indicator of if new product lines will deliver. 

A company’s standing in the hemp industry is more significant than great advertising or attractive marketing.

On that account, we examine if this brand sells other THC or CBD products that we have tried and which have a reputation for being good quality?

If they do, we can use this past behavior to signal the standard we can expect from their THCh products. 

Since THCh is in its infancy, this is crucial.

Customer Anecdotes

Next, we investigate customer feedback on a brand. 

We want to find out: what are customers saying about a brand?

In turn, we comb through the internet. We scour forums, reviews, subreddits, and discussion boards to figure out how customers feel about the brand in question.  

We then go a step further by considering our own personal experiences. 

While we have our own opinion trying and testing THCh vapes, it’s always good to hear what others are saying too.

Assessing customers’ reactions to a product or brand is essential. This is how we can separate the best from the rest.

Third-Party Testing 

You should always know the safety of a product before consuming it. After all, it’s vital to be a conscious consumer. 

One of the most critical review criteria is third-party testing. 

We examine and verify:

Are any COAs available? If so, which ones?

At the moment, testing standards for THCh are still ambiguous. Most often, mass spectrometer results will be available, which are hard to interpret. 

COAs can tell us the potency and purity of a product. 

We always review the lab reports for every single product. It is the only way to establish its safety and potency. 

Our list of best THCh carts only consists of brands that offer a COA. What exact kind this is will be detailed in the product review. 

Transparent companies will always provide lab results to the public. So if you can’t access a product’s COA, keep looking.

thch vape cartridges
THCh Vapes Tried and Tested

Best THCh Carts 2023

Without further ado, 

Here are our top three picks for the finest THCh carts available now:

1. THCh Cart | Binoid 

Binoid is a Los Angeles based company that specializes in high-quality CBD and THC hemp products. They use Oregon-sourced hemp from local farmers.

Top Pick
THCh Carts | Binoid | Distillate + Terps
  • Multiple strains available
  • Excellent pricing
  • Potent
Our Rating:

PROS (+)

  • Perfect flavor
  • Delivers a potent buzz
  • Free shipping

CONS (-)

  • Not the cheapest
  • Only third-party tested for potency

Binoid’s 1 gram carts are made with a blend of premium THCh distillate, Delta 8 THC distillate, and terpenes.

Available in your choice of sativa, indica, or hybrid, there’s something for everyone. 

What’s more, they’re strain specific. Right now, you can pick from Sour Tsunami, Birthday Cake, Diamond OG, and Death star.    

On sale, they cost $37.99 per ml cartridge, making these Binoid vapes a decent deal.  If they’re not on sale, expect to pay $59.99. 

The packaging could be upgraded. They come in a clamshell plastic container that can’t be reused. If you like switching between carts as I do, this may be an issue. 

However, there is a nice info card that contains the dosage and QR code that links to the COA. However, Binoid’s THCh carts are potency tested only.

I tested Binoid’s Sour Tsunami and Birthday Cake THCh carts. In a word, these vapes are fantastic.

Both carts were incredibly smooth. If you like to keep puffing on your carts, you’ll love these!

In terms of flavor, the Sour Tsunami had strong notes of diesel with hints of sweet citrus. 

The Birthday Cake tasted just like delicious vanilla cake. Aromas of honey and sugary caramel overwhelm your senses. It’s hard to stop puffing from this cart. 

Binoid’s Sour Tsunami felt like a balanced sativa. Most Sour Tsunami phenotypes are rich in CBD, but this cart hit differently. 

It ignited feelings of creativity and relaxation. My body was at ease while my mood was uplifted. 

If you’re looking for a chill high that isn’t sedative, this one is ideal for you. 

Binoid’s Birthday cake felt like an indica-leaning hybrid. This cart made me incredibly relaxed and euphoric at the same time. Happy vibes took over before sleepiness kicked in. 

This vape is perfect for unwinding and de-stressing at the end of a long day. 

Compared to Delta 8 and 9 THC, these THCh had stronger psychoactive effects. I wouldn’t say they’re 10 times stronger than THC, but at least 5 times. 

Those sensitive to THC may find these carts a little too intense.

2. THCh Cartridges | Delta Extrax

Delta Extrax is a leader in the industry, known for specializing in alternative cannabinoids such as THCp, THCjd, and THCh. 

Part of the “Light’s Out” collection, these powerful vapes will make you incredibly lifted or knock you on your backside. 

It all depends on what strain you choose. But, take caution. These uniquely blended carts are strong and got me insanely high.

Runner Up: Best THCh Disposable Vape
2G THCh Disposable Vape | Live Resin Terpenes | Delta Extrax
  • Live resin terpenes and a mix of D8, D10, THCh and THCjd
  • 2 gram rechargeable disposable
Our Rating:

PROS (+)

  • Insane potency
  • Low and competitive prices
  • Solid reputation

CONS (-)

  • Potency lab-tested only
  • Strict no refunds policy (all sales are final)

Delta Extrax’ “Lights Out” line comes in vape carts or disposable pens. Each product is offered in sativa, hybrid, or indica strains.

For carts, you can choose from the following strains: Tangie, Double Bubble OG and Banana Runtz. 

For disposable pens, you can pick from Ekto Cooler, Blueberry Skunk, and Strawberry Kush. 

Delta Extrax THCh vapes are crafted with live resin. They’re made with a proprietary blend of uncommon cannabinoids, including THCh, THCjd, THCp, Delta 8 THC, and Delta 10 THC. 

The pens and carts come in an impressive 2 grams. Most vapes contain 1 gram, so this product seems to last forever. 

Considering the size of this product, they’re an incredible bargain. Each disposable costs $17 per gram. Each cart costs $13 per gram. 

Nestled in colorful cardboard boxes, Delta Extrax vapes could be better packaged. My pen arrived intact, but the boxes aren’t protected so well from the elements. 

I tested the Ekto Cooler and Strawberry Kush THCh disposables. The potency and flavor of both were out of this world. 

Delta Extrax’ Ekto Cooler had aromas of fresh citrus fruits with skunky undertones. Their Strawberry Kush tasted like sweet strawberries with hints of pine. Each terpene profile was full of flavor. 

The Ekto Cooler disposable produced an intense cerebral high. 

The effects were classic sativa. The head high was intensified by feelings of pure happiness. I felt euphoric and lifted all at once. 

The Strawberry Kush was reminiscent of a well-balanced hybrid. One puff, and I was in a state of utter relaxation. 

Instantly, my stress and anxiety melted away. I was able to unwind and clear my mind before enjoying a solid night’s sleep.  

Those looking for a powerful high and superior flavor will be very impressed by Delta Extrax THCh carts. 

The only caveat here is that the cartridges aren’t pure THCh and so you’re feeling the effect of multiple cannabinoids. Which is fine, but if you’re after a THCh vape with less cannabinoids in the mix then stick to Binoid.

3. THCh THCjd Vape | Bay Smokes 

Next on our list is Bay Smokes’ THCh and THCjd cartridge. 

Bay Smokes isn’t one of those huge corporate cannabis companies. They are a small minority and woman-owned business dedicated to delivering high-quality hemp products and extraordinary customer service.

THCh THCjd Vape | Bay Smokes
Get 15% off with code NB15
  • Small business
  • Minority owned
Our Rating:

PROS (+)

  • First-time order discount
  • Quality guarantee policy
  • Fast and free shipping on orders over $77

CONS (-)

  • Pricey
  • Strict refund policy

This brand’s THCh carts come in 1 gram sizes. They’re formulated with a blend of THCh, THCjd, and Delta 8 THC.

Available in three different strains you can choose from – OG Kush, Blue Dream, and Grand Daddy Purps. So there’s an option for everyone.

Bay Smokes’ vapes cost $40 per gram, making them the most expensive product on our list. 

The company conducts potency and cannabinoid profile testing for all of its carts. You can easily access COAs on the product page easily. 

Unfortunately, this product doesn’t ship to California, so I couldn’t try it. So instead, I examined the product itself and customer reports by checking out Reddit and reviews. 

Customers give Bay Smoke’s THCh and THCjd carts generally positive reviews. On average, they boast 4.5-star reviews. Some say that the vapes hit a little harder than others. 

Of the few reviews I was able to locate, customers seemed to recommend the brand and the OG Kush cart in particular. 

If you’re tired of big-box hemp retailers, consider trying Bay Smokes.

The Final Verdict: Best THCh Vape Cartridge

The Binoid THCh cart is our top pick for the best THCh cartridge of 2023.

Top Pick
THCh Carts | Binoid | Distillate + Terps
  • Multiple strains available
  • Excellent pricing
  • Potent
Our Rating:

But, if you’re after a disposable and don’t mind the unique mix of cannabinoids, then go for Delta Extrax.

Even the pickiest vape lovers will not be disappointed.