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Best THCP Gummies 2024: Strongest THC-P Edibles

THCP is one of the newest cannabinoids to hit the market. At 33x stronger than traditional THC, it’s no wonder this novel cannabinoid is on the rise.

Eager to try THCP for yourself? We got you!

I’ve managed a cannabis dispensary for five years so I know exactly what to look for in fire THCp gummies.

If you’re up for a sweet escape that’s out of this galaxy, it’s time to take in the THCp magic. Keep reading to find out the four best THCP gummies on the market in 2024.

THCP Edibles Review Criteria

To figure out which hemp extract products are worth your time and money, we use a stringent set of criteria to separate the best from the rest.

Following is a list of what we look for in every single product review we do.

Physical Product Testing

THCP Gummies Review Tested

In order to judge a product properly, you have to try it firsthand. Reviews can lead you in the right direction, but they can only tell you so much. When we try a product ourselves, we can be absolutely certain of its efficacy, flavor and quality.

This is why we tested a handful of THCP gummies available on the market for this extensive, honest review.

Here we showcase the most fire THCP products you can purchase on the legal cannabinoid market. 

Customer Service

We’re always on the lookout for anything that makes one brand more customer-friendly than the other. 

Needless to say, some of the greatest companies offer an assortment of unique practices that make their customer experience better than other CBD brands on the market.

Awesome customer-oriented policies lead to a loyal fan following, making the customer experience hugely significant in selecting the best legal cannabinoid products for purchase on the market.

Here are some of the things we look for that can elevate the customer experience: 

  • First time order discounts
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping
  • Generous refund policies
  • Frequent sales/discounts

Customer-friendly policies like these can ultimately make or break a brand. If a company doesn’t offer extraordinary customer service, they won’t ever earn a spot in our reviews.

Brand Rep

Compared to other cannabinoids, THCP is relatively new. And with any novel product, customer reviews can be hard to find. To get around this, we carefully examine the brand’s reputation in the market.

Public opinion reveals a lot more about a company than clever marketing and attractive advertisements ever will. To avoid subpar products we look at how a company is regarded in the cannabis industry.

When measuring brand rep, we ask ourselves the following questions:

  • Is the company a leader in hemp products, particularly THCP?
  • Does the brand have a large following that attests to the quality of their THCP gummies?
  • Does the company in question sell other similar products (Delta 9 THC, THC O, CBD, etc.) that have a reputation for being high quality?

A stellar reputation is a solid indicator of what we can expect from a brand’s THCP products. This is because highly reputable companies tend to offer the highest quality products.

This is especially important with novel cannabinoids like THCP that are newer to the hemp scene.

Customer Opinions

Before a THCP edible earns a coveted spot on our list, first we want to find out what current customers are saying about the brand.

Whenever we want to get familiar with a new brand we look at what customers have to say about it. Authentic customer feedback is unbiased, meaning we can find out if a company and its products are legit or not.

When assessing consumer opinions, we really take our time looking  through online forums, customer reviews and subreddits.

Our goal is to answer the following questions:

  • What are customers saying about the brand(s)?
  • Is the customer sentiment positive or negative?
  • Do customers agree with our opinions on the company in question? Why or why not?

In our quest to uncover the best THCP gummies we always research how the public feels about the product and brand. Objective customer reviews can also let us know what we can expect from a brand. Brands with exceptional feedback often provide superior products.

Third-Party Testing

It’s absolutely crucial to be a conscious consumer. So before sampling any product we need to find out if it’s safe to consume.

This is why we examine the Certificate of Analysis (COA) for every cannabis product we test, as third-party lab reports are really the only way to be sure of a product’s efficacy and safety. COAs are performed by an outside lab so they offer transparency and objectivity.

Before we sample all hemp products, we check the third-party lab report to answer the following questions:

  • Is the product third-party tested?
  • Are any CoAs available and easily accessible?
  • If so, are they full panel or potency only?

In our reviews, we’ll always highlight which brands offer full panel COAs or potency only COAs.

Full panel lab reports are particularly important because they show if a product contains  chemicals, residual solvents, heavy metals or foreign materials. Potency only lab reports simply show the cannabinoid content a product contains.

If you cannot locate a COA, we recommend avoiding the product entirely. Legit brands provide full transparency by making their third party lab reports easily available to the public.

Best THCP Gummies 2024

1. Kind Oasis THCP Gummies

Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Kind Oasis is a family owned and operated hemp retailer. They specialize in CBD products crafted with cannabis grown by local farmers in their own infusion kitchen.

From ingredients to production, their products are some of the highest quality we’ve come across. And they’re affordably priced, making their products accessible to the masses. 

Kind Oasis’ all-natural, gluten-free, vegan THCP gummies are handcrafted in small batches. And the COA for these quality THCP gummies is easily accessible on the company website. The only drawback is that they’re only lab tested for potency, meaning the COA doesn’t offer any information on possible contaminants.

Top Pick: Strongest THCP Gummies

PROS (+)

  • Most potent THCP gummies available
  • Great tasting
  • 100% free shipping

CONS (-)

  • Only one flavor
  • Strict refund policy (unopened products only)

Delicately sugar coated, Kind Oasis’ THCp gummies are currently available in one delicious fruity flavor: Tangerine.

And let me tell you, the flavor of these gummies is insane. Each bite is reminiscent of biting into a ripe tangerine, bursting with sweet citrus flavor. The amazing flavor of these gummies is due to the natural ingredients they’re made with, offering a delightfully sweet and slightly sour taste.

According to the lab reports, they contain 2.45 mg of total THCP (delta 9 and delta 8) per gummy. This is really close to the advertised 2.5 mg per gummy. In my experience, the gummies are strong! 

Kind Oasis THCP Gummies

When it comes to effects this is a super stoney product. I found the gummies produced a relaxing body high that was also extremely cerebral. I was coasting on the cannabis clouds with a huge grin on my face for hours. I only had one and was extremely lit for 15 hours. No exaggeration in the slightest.

Sealed in an elegant white jar, the product features a childproof lid and bright orange labeling, and gummies stay fresh in this well-crafted container. The label is crisp and clearly displays the gummy type and its milligram content.

In terms of price, Kind Oasis’ THCP gummies are unbeatable in the competitive market. You can expect to pay $29.99 for a container of 20 gummies. This comes up to about $0.60 per mg of THCP.

This makes them by far the least expensive option on our list. For handcrafted gummies, this is truly an amazing value and unbeatable price.

2. Hometown Hero Sour THCP Edibles

Established in 2015, Hometown Hero is an artisan retailer specializing in expertly-crafted, small batch cannabis products. Actively involved in giving back, a portion of all proceeds are donated to Disabled American Veterans (DAV).

Runner Up: Best Sour THCP Edible
THCP Sour Belts | Hometown Hero
  • D8 + D9 + THCV + D10 + THCP
  • 2MG THCP Per Belt
  • Third Party Tested

PROS (+)

  • Extremely potent effects
  • 14 day, worry-free guarantee
  • Full panel tested

CONS (-)

  • Doses must be manually portioned
  • Very strong sour flavor

Hometown Hero’s impressive product line includes Sour Belts containing a proprietary blend of compounds such as Delta 8, Delta 9, Delta 10, THCV and THCP.

Those that contain THCP are available in two fun flavors: Strawberry Shock (1mg THCp) and Blueberry Burst (2mg THCp). While they’re full panel tested for potency and potential contaminants, the exact amount of THCP unfortunately isn’t displayed on the COA.

The candies look just like the iconic candy that’s dipped in sugar. An added bonus, the candy belts are vegan too!

As a fan of sweet and sour candies, I loved the flavor of these THCP chews. But a few customers found the taste too sour.

I sampled the Strawberry Shock belts and they tasted just like candy. Seriously, you’d swear they don’t contain any cannabis. While super delicious, these gummies contain artificial flavors and don’t taste natural in the slightest. 

Due to the unique blend of compounds, these THCP candies produced a one-of-a-kind experience. After 30 minutes, I experienced intense euphoria that produced creative vibes followed by a tranquil, indica-like high.

THCP Sour Belts HH

Word to the wise. Approach this product with caution. The effects are very intense, making them best suited for users with a high tolerance.

Hometown Hero’s Sour Belts are packaged in a thick mylar bag with a modern design. Each package features a picture of the corresponding fruit with a metallic silver and blue pinwheel background. All the vital info is included on the back of the bag.

Because these Sour Belts contain a blend of THCP and other cannabinoids, they’re one of the most expensive products for sale on our list. 

The strawberry flavor costs $50.00 per pack and the blueberry flavor costs $75.00 per pack. This equates to $1.00 per total total mg and $0.25 per total mg, respectively.

3. Vivimu THC-P Gummies

Vivimu is an online Hemp retailer that offers superb products at rock bottom prices. They specialize in a wide variety of goodies derived from over 20 rare cannabinoids including minor cannabinoids. Among their line of edibles, Vivimu sells THCP gummies available in four tasty flavors: Mango, Strawberry, Pink Lemonade and Blue Raspberry.

Unfortunately, Vivimu’s candies are third-party lab tested for potency only. According to the COA they contain 2.39 mg of THCP per gummy.

Top Pick: Strongest THCP Gummies
2.5MG D9 THCP Gummies | Vivimu
  • Strongest on the market
  • Excellent value: $0.06 per MG
  • Rapid shipping

PROS (+)

  • Delicious taste
  • Affordably priced
  • Excellent reviews

CONS (-)

  • Not tested for purity
  • Returns on unopened products only

I sampled the Mango flavor, which I found tasted just like a tropical fruit smoothie only in gummy form with a soft and chewy texture. But honestly, I felt the high was less intense than the Kind Oasis THCP gummies that tested at a similar strength.

That said, Vivmu’s THCP gummies produced predominantly euphoric effects that lasted for hours. After consuming three gummies I felt  blissful and happy, experiencing a very uplifting high that also offered some seriously chill vibes.

Vivimu THCP Gummy Bears

The gummies themselves are packaged in a pill bottle container that contains a childproof lid, limiting access to minors and effectively sealing in flavor and freshness.

In terms of cost, they’re an excellent deal at the price of $34.99 for a 20-pack of gummies. This comes up to about $0.699 per mg of THCP. Vivimu offers one of the lowest price candies for sale on the market.

4. Bees Knees CBD THCP Gummy Bears

Bees Knees is an online cannabis retailer that specializes in organic products crafted from Colorado cultivated hemp that’s rich in CBD.

THCP Gummies | Bee's Knees CBD
  • 10mg CBD / 1mg THCP per gummy
  • Highly rated by customers
  • Third party lab tested

PROS (+)

  • Satisfaction guarantee policy
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Free shipping on every order

CONS (-)

  • More expensive than other THCP products
  • Tested for potency only

All of their products are organic, non GMO, vegan and gluten free. Their THCP gummy bears are handcrafted with high-quality, natural ingredients. Available in Pineapple or Wild Berry flavor, each is offered in a 15-count bag or 150-count box.  

Bees Knees gummy bears are third-party lab tested for potency only, meaning they’re not tested for any potential contaminants. On the upside, however, these candies tested higher than the advertised strength!

According to the COA, there’s 10.16 mg of CBD per gummy and 1.656 mg of THCP per gummy, compared to the 1 mg THCP/10 mg CBD per gummy that’s displayed on the label.

If you’re looking for a certified organic THCP product that’s not crazy expensive, these candies are a great option. It’s only $20.00 for a 15-count bag. This equates to $0.12 per mg of total cannabinoids.

Remember THCP Edibles Are Potent

When it comes to edibles, 1 mg of THCP per gummy might sound small but it’s a lot stronger than THC.

It’s even suggested that THCP is as active as Delta 9 THC in much smaller doses.

Keep this in mind before trying any potent THCP product, especially THCP gummies.

While the strength is one of its biggest benefits, we recommend starting slow! That way you can work your way up to your ideal dosage.

THCP Is 33x More Potent Than THC

THCP (Tetrahydrocannabiphorol) is a newer cannabinoid that was discovered in 2019.

A groundbreaking 2019 study on animals discovered that THCP is much stronger than D9, which is all due to the molecular structure of the cannabinoid.

While D9 has a 5 alkyl side chain length, THCP has a 7 alkyl chain side length. But what does this mean and why does it matter?

It’s simple. The longer the chain side length, the higher the biological activity. Basically, a longer alkyl chain binds to more CB1 cannabinoid receptors in the brain, meaning THCP contains much stronger effects  compared to traditional THC.

When mice were given THCP,  the compound displayed intense calming and analgesic effects. In fact, THCP was found to be up to 33x more potent than THC. 

From my experience this is super accurate! Honestly, it felt even stronger to me. And I’ve got an extremely high tolerance to THC.

That said, research on THCP remains limited. With time, however, we expect to see increased clinical cannabis research on THCP and other various cannabinoids.

The Final Verdict: Best THCP Gummies

When it comes to top notch THCP gummies, these four brands are at the top of their sweet treat game.

All of these gummies deserve a spot on our list, but Kind Oasis’ THCP gummies earn top marks. The decadent flavor and potent effects easily beat the competition. 

A close runner-up was Hometown Hero’s Sour THCP Belts. With an amazing flavor and novel blend of  cannabinoids, these edibles offered a highly unique experience.

Whatever you happen to choose, you can’t go wrong with any of the candies featured on this list.