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Tweedle Farms Review: Legit Top Shelf CBD Flower and Edibles

With so many new hemp brands flooding the market, finding reputable retailers is a herculean task.

So we’ve exhausted every corner of the internet and spent 25 hours researching and sampling an array of Tweedle Farms products.

Here I’ll clue you in on if they’re worth your precious time and money. News flash: this brand is killing the cannabis game.

Continue reading for my comprehensive Tweedle Farms review.

tweedle farm
Some of the CBD Tested For This Review

Is Tweedle Farms Legit?

Yup. Tweedle Farms is legit!

It’s a reputable artisan hemp brand with a huge fan following for its small-batch products.

After trying oodles of products, I can verify that Tweedles Farms is the real deal.

They only specialize in CBD products, but they have an impressive inventory. From pre-rolls to oils, they’ve got you covered.

Tweedle Farms Review Overview

Who is Tweedle Farms?

The company is mainly known for its high CBD hemp flower. Located in Northwest Oregon, Tweedle Farms has been in the game since 2016.

It all started when Founders James Green and Jason Evans joined forces to create a hemp farm in Oregon when it first became legal.

Since then, they have amassed a solid reputation and big fan following through Reddit for their farm-to-table CBD flower rich in terpenes.

PROS (+)

  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Huge variety of CBD strains
  • Full panel tested

CONS (-)

  • Must spend $75 for free shipping
  • 2 day order processing

Tweedle Farms uses 100% naturally grown hemp for all of its high-quality products.

Their dedication to maintaining the highest standards starts at their flower and extends to their customer service. 

The company claims to answer every single text, call, and email they receive. So if someone has an issue, no customer is ever left stranded.

Having tested this with a couple of CS emails. These were all responded to and answered promptly!

Transparency is paramount to this company. Each product is subject to full panel testing by an accredited third-party lab.

COAs are conveniently available through the QR code on the packaging or on the website.

Price & Value (CBD per gram/ $ CBD per mg)

The prices CBD per gram and mg vary in our Tweedle farms review. But, overall, the company offers some very affordable prices for such premium quality products.

The average cost of Tweedle Farms’ CBD flower is around $4 per gram. Edibles or topicals cost anywhere from $0.05 to $0.20 per mg of CBD.

No matter what you choose, these great products are available at low prices. Once you add four-gram (yup, 0.5g for free!) eighths to the mix, the value is pretty much unmatched. 

tweedle farm cbd bud

Hemp Source

All hemp is sourced from Oregon and grown by local farmers. The company has its own 10-acre farm, but they also partner with other farms.

While the hemp flower is not certified organic, they promise it’s completely natural. Pesticides, chemicals, or synthetic fertilizers are never used. 

Third-Party Testing

Tweedle Farms uses a third-party IOS accredited lab to test the purity and safety of all of its products.

We love that Tweedle Farms makes their COAs a breeze to find. You just need to scan the QR code or go to the product page. And voila. 

Third-Party Test Results (do they match up with the label?)

There are no CBD percentages on the label, so we can’t verify if the results on the COA match.

What we can see is the hemp flower’s potency, terpene profile, pesticide, and moisture content along with if it passes microbial and heavy metal testing.

Nonetheless, I can confirm that all the goodies I received passed with flying colors.  

Shipping & Returns

It takes 2 full business days to process an order. After that, Tweedle Farms will try to ship out every order in 24 hours.

Note, they also offer a discount + free 1st class shipping on first-time orders. 

Customer Service

To reach the customer service center, you can call, email or chat with Tweedle Farms Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm (pacific standard time).

In my experience, they respond fast and are helpful. 

What I like about them

The company makes every eighth 4 grams. How generous! There’s nothing like bonus weed.

I also love that Tweedle Farms uses full panel testing as standard. 

What I don’t like about them

Their lab tests are not very recent. Most of the COAs I found were at least 6 months old. There is the possibility this is due to the batch being large enough to work through still, especially if it’s flower.

But, there’s only one copy i.e no historical tracking. 

Tweedle Farms CBD Review

CBD Flower

Tweedle Farms’ selection of CBD hemp Flower is large, to say the least.

Right now, there are about 20 different strains to choose from. There’s a solid variety of indica, sativa-dominant, and 50/50 hybrids. They carry strains like classic cookies, Ringo’s Gift, Pinewalker, and Rincon to name a few.

You can purchase as little as a gram or as much as 16 oz.

Per usual, the larger amount you purchase, the more you save. And indoor hemp flower costs a little more.

cbd flowers tweedle indoor

Outdoor or greenhouse cannabis costs anywhere from $6 – $1, depending on the size purchased. For a four-gram eighth, it costs $5 per gram. For quality weed, these are great prices.

This comes out to about $0.50 – $ 0.08 per mg of CBD, depending on the strain, potency, and size.

I tried and tested a bunch of Tweedle Farm’s indoor and outdoor hemp flower. In all, I sampled 10 different strains, including:

  • Cloud Berry (indoor)
  • Dream Tonic
  • Blueberry Muffin
  • Forbidden V
  • Cannatonic x Harlequin
  • Cannatonic x Royal Kush
  • Cannatonic x Hawking Kush
  • Pink Panther
  • Painted Lady
  • Remedy

All eighths are packaged in a sealed plastic mylar bag. To guarantee maximum freshness, the bags are additionally vacuum-sealed in separate plastic packaging.

We love this because it is masterfully sealed in the rich terpenes and flavors. The double bag method also ensured that the buds arrived in perfect condition. Not a single nug was misshapen.

The gram packaging was even more protective. Placed in plastic pop top bottles, the terps were kept fresh, and the nugs were well preserved.

Each strain had a unique, fragrant aroma. The notable and best smelling products were: Cannatonic x Harlequin, Cloud Berry, Blueberry Muffin, and Dream Tonic.

Cannatonic x Harlequin smelled like straight dank. In a good way. It’s citrusy, floral and piney all at once.

Cloud Berry had a sweet blueberry flavor with hints of sour lemon. Being indoor grown, the terpenes were incredibly rich.

Blueberry Muffin smelled like old-school skunky weed. It had an earthy smell that was balanced by aromas of sweet berries and hints of spice.

Dream Tonic had a unique terpene profile. It was bursting with key lime, banana, and mild smoky aromas. In my opinion, this was the best tasting of the bunch.

Every single strain I tried was very smooth. The smoking experience was sublime, and I didn’t cough once. It was evident that their CBD bud was of premium quality and well-cured.

outdoor grown hemp buds - TF

The high CBD buzz varied by strain, but each one delivered. I was lifted but focused and felt a significant reduction in anxiety, stress, and body aches.

In my opinion, the most enjoyable and powerful strains were: Cannatonic x Royal Kush, Remedy, Cloud Berry, and Dream Tonic.

Cannatonic x Royal Kush prepared me for a wonderful night’s sleep. After I few puffs, my eyelids drooped, and my mind relaxed. Fantastic for the end of the day, I fell asleep within a few minutes.

Remedy felt like the cure to my anxiety. As someone who deals with this often, it’s a strain I need to keep with me at all times. The calming effects allowed me to unwind after a high-strung day.

With Cloud Berry, I felt like I was on cloud 9. I was transcended into a state of pure tranquility. This greatly improved my mood and It was equally uplifting and relaxing. 

If you need to unwind or have some serious R&R, this strain might just be perfect for you. Cloud Berry is marketed as extremely limited, and from its soothing and relaxing effects, it’s easy to see why.

Dream Tonic, on the other hand, gave me a mellow buzz that was chill enough for me to stay focused. It was a clear-headed high that was absent of the other possible complications from high THC weed, such as paranoia or intoxication.

Each eighth came with a nice assortment of fat buds and tinier nugs. No matter the size, the flower was dense and nicely manicured.

We love that Tweedle Farms trims their buds impeccably. The buds are beautiful, and the stems are minimal. There’s nothing worse than getting an eighth full of stems. But that isn’t the case with this company.

CBD Pre Rolls

Tweedle Farms also sells pre-rolls. They’re made with raw cones and come in a 5 pack with a total weight of 4 g. So if rolling is not your thing or if you just like to spark up check out their 5 packs.

premium cbd pre rolls tweedle farms

Unlike most of CBD companies, Tweedle Farms uses whole Hemp flower in these joints and you can tell by the way they smoke.

I lit one up early afternoon while on a break. I was feeling pretty stressed out and sparking one of these babies up had me forget about what had me worked up in the first place. The flavor was on point too, just like the indoor grown buds I’ve tried.

So, if you can’t (or won’t) roll, I highly recommend you give these a try!

Tweedle Farms CBG Flower Review

Tweedle Farms CBG strains are so popular, they’re frequently sold out.

I was lucky enough to try their Sour G CBG flower. If you’re after a mood-boosting sativa heavy buzz this is for you.

It costs $6 per gram if you want to sample a single gram or $5 per gram if you want an eighth. The flower contains 11% of CBG, so which makes it about $0.04 per mg of CBG.

TF CBG Hemp Flower

The Sour G CBG eighth arrived at my doorstep in pristine condition. Packaged in a vacuum sealed plastic envelope, the buds were fluffy and unbruised.

Once you slice open the bag, it emits strong woodsy aromas with grassy undertones.

It was not the smoothest Hemp I’ve ever smoked, but it wasn’t terrible. It felt like the buds needed to be cured a little longer If I’m honest.

In terms of bud size, the dense nugs were large and expertly trimmed. Most of the flower I received were top buds. Score!

Other Tweedle Farms Products

Tweedle Farms also boasts a great selection of other products including:

CBD Oils

The company offers CBD, CBN, and CBG tinctures or a blend of the three. You have a choice of Pure CBD oil or Full Spectrum CBD oil.

TF cbd oil

For the Full Spectrum CBD oil, you’ll pay $0.10 per mg of CBD for the 750 mg bottle or $0.08 per mg for the 1500 mg size.

For the Pure CBD oil, you’ll pay around $0.06-$0.02 per mg of CBD, depending on the size.

Having tried the full spectrum CBD Oil in the evening before bed, I drifted right off to a deep sleep quickly and smoothly. The oil does taste hempy though as its full spec, so if that’s not for you check out their pure CBD tincture which is a distillate.

CBD Gummies and Edibles

Tweedle Farms line of edibles isn’t huge. But they offer CBD mints and capsules in addition to their gummies.

TF CBD Gummies

Nonetheless, the gummies are tasty and effective! I tried the blue raspberry and orange flavored ones. My favorite out of the two was the orange flavor, they were sweet but tarty without a hemp after taste.

Dosage wise, each contained 25mg of CBD which felt like it lasted for a longer duration than the oil I tried the day before. Perfect for on the go!


They also sell high CBD wax, isolate and terpsolate by the gram.

The isolate is the cheapest option at $10 per gram. Terpsolate costs $20 per gram. Wax is the most expensive at $30 per gram. 

Note some waxes normally cost $40 per gram, but they’re often on sale.

Wrapping Up

Tweedle Farms offers a wonderful array of farm-to-table CBD flower and CBG products that deliver a nice buzz. It’s your one-stop-shop for major alternative cannabinoids.

All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed all that their hemp flower has to offer. From the relaxing high to the ultra-smooth smoke to the delicious terps, their products are incredibly high quality and worth the money.

Overall, Tweedle Farms has something special for you if you’re after some of the smoothest CBD flower around with full-spectrum terpenes and great prices.