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Veriheal Review: Money Back Guaranteed Online Medical Card!

When I first considered getting an MMJ card, I was discouraged by the confusing process and hefty fees. 

But with Veriheal, patients can quickly go through the process without having to stress as I did. 

Using their fast and simple online platform to meet with a licensed physician,  you can easily get a recommendation for an MMJ card without leaving the house! 

Keep reading this Veriheal review to see how easy the process really is.

Is Veriheal Legit?

Yes, Veriheal is legit. They are one of the largest MMJ reccomendation providers having served over 200,000 patients to date.

With their approved or your money back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose if you want to get a medical card with ease.

Veriheal Review: Topline Summary

Veriheal is a healthcare technology company. They connect patients applying for MMJ cards to licensed physicians within their state.

Apply For Your MMJ Card Online Today | Veriheal
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  • Seamlessly connect with a physician via Veriheal telehealth
  • One simple fee
  • Approved for MMJ or your money back!
Our Rating:

PROS (+)

  • Cheaper than an offline recommendation, and it lasts longer
  • Approval guarantee or get your money back 100%!
  • Services all MMJ states

CONS (-)

  • Card renewal costs the same as a recommendation
  • You will be charged a fee if you miss the appointment

The company started after some of its team members dealt with the frustration that comes with trying to navigate state-run MMJ programs.

From their frustration, they found a purpose to create a simple route for patients to access medical marijuana legally. 

Now, they are doing their part to increase access to cannabis for everyone who needs it. They do a great job of guiding patients through the entire process of getting their MMJ card. 

A licensed Veriheal physician will meet with you through an online video chat. They will speak with you to see if you qualify for a medical marijuana recommendation in your state.  

The Veriheal team works closely with medical providers and dispensaries. Together, they expand access and share cannabis education with patients.

How Veriheal Works

Accessing MMJ on your own can be confusing and expensive. 

Veriheal helps patients connect with licensed physicians. These physicians can provide a recommendation for MMJ simply and affordably. 

It is an excellent solution for prospective patients. They get access to a network of doctors that are cannabis certified. In addition, they are experts in the treatment potential of MMJ. 

This is something I appreciate, as I had anxiety about discussing MMJ with my primary care doctor. 

I worried about whether my doctor would be familiar with MMJ. Or worse, have judgments about my questions. It kept me from making an appointment despite wanting to explore my options. 

Each doctor on the Veriheal team is licensed and board-certified. They know exactly what laws apply in your state. This is a great thing because these laws can change frequently, and they are hard to keep up with on your own.

They also have a wealth of experience when it comes to the medicinal properties of cannabis. 

Each doctor has already helped thousands of others with getting their MMJ cards. They are the best people to discuss how MMJ can help your condition(s). 

The Nature and Bloom team has spent countless hours fact-checking and comparing providers who claim to make MMJ more accessible to patients. Including chatting with Veriheal staff and examining the approval process.

Veriheal passes the test as one of the most professional and straightforward online platforms in the industry.

The fact is, you can meet with a doctor from the comfort of your home and talk to someone who has a wealth of experience with medical marijuana. If qualified, you can receive an MMJ recommendation in as little as 15 minutes.

If for some reason, you don’t obtain a recommendation, you don’t pay for anything. Yup. Applying is a no-brainer!

Veriheal continues to be of help even after getting your MMJ card too. They will work with you to create personalized treatment plans. 

They also connect you with the best-rated medical dispensaries in your area. 

This wrap-around service is great because it minimizes the reasons people might have for not pursuing an MMJ card. You don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable at any point in the process. 

Veriheal are like a big brother who helps first-time patients get their feet on the ground.

As proof of their care, they walk with you from start to finish. Even after getting your recommendation, you can reach out to their 24/7 customer support channels if you have any questions.

veriheal mmj card

The Veriheal Online MMJ Process Is Quick & Simple

Honestly, it doesn’t get much simpler than their process. 

Compared to the hassle of going to an in-person appointment, Veriheal requires minimal effort. Even compared to other online competitors, Veriheal still remains one of the fastest and most straightforward options. 

When I first considered getting an MMJ card, I spent a lot of time comparing different services. It was hard to tell which ones were quality providers compared to just trendy websites.  

At Veriheal, there’s a simple quiz to understand if you will likely qualify within your state, and it takes less than 2 minutes to complete. 

If you proceed, you’ll be asked for a few details. But don’t worry. 

Veriheal prioritizes discreteness and simplicity. They protect patient information with industry-leading HIPAA-compliant software, ensuring your data is secure and safe. 

The Veriheal physicians are experts in their state for MMJ. They only focus on your medical history and treatment strategies during your appointment. 

You can expect to have a brief conversation about what to use, how to use it, and where to get it. 

After you get approval from a Veriheal physician, you will need to register with your state’s program. Since every state is a little different, Veriheal will guide you along every step of the way.

Veriheal Registration

To apply for an MMJ card in your state, you will need to create an account. 

To complete your online registration, you will need to provide some personal information. This is required to create your account. You will need to provide your physician with your medical history as well. 

Then, you will need to pay the $199 fee. This fee covers your consultation fee, physician co-pay, and the medical evaluation for the recommendation. 

Note – If you are not certified, you will not be charged any fees.

Online Medical Marijuana Doctor Appointment

After you create your account, you can schedule your appointment. 

You will meet with your Veriheal physician online. However, you may also need to carry out some offline verification checks depending on where you live. Most states don’t require this, but a few still do.

During your consultation appointment, they will ask you questions related to your (example CA form) medical history. This is to investigate if MMJ is a suitable treatment for you. 

Remember, they use a HIPAA compliant cloud-based system to access your medical records. This is to protect your information and privacy. 

They will also take the time to answer any questions about MMJ. This meeting usually lasts about 15 minutes.

Obtain Your Veriheal Online Medical Marijuana Recommendation

You will know if you qualify for a recommendation by the time your appointment is complete. 

If approved, you will receive your recommendation letter and can register for your MMJ card. 

Some states grant immediate access to dispensaries once you have your recommendation. Others require you to fill out an application with the department of health (DOH) and wait until you receive your card in the mail. 

The DOH applications usually take just a few minutes. Cards are typically mailed within a week or two. Veriheal will help you understand your state laws to know what to expect. 

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veriheal mmj

Buy Legal Medical Cannabis In Your State

Hooray, you now have your MMJ card! 

You can buy MMJ from any medical marijuana dispensaries in your state. If you already know where to go, great. 

But if not, Veriheal has you covered. They keep an updated list of the top-rated dispensaries throughout the country. This way, they can let you know what local dispensaries are available to you. 

Depending on your state, you might be able to stop by in person or order online and have your products delivered.

What States Do They Offer Online Medical Marijuana Recommendations In?

The list of states that Veriheal services grows’ in line with regulatory changes. But, Veriheal services all 37 states where MMJ is legal.

As new states launch medical marijuana programs, they immediately integrate them into their medical card services.

However, the states below are known the quickest process for online telehealth recommendations.

If you reside in one of these states, the process will be super easy. If not, it might mean a little more paper work but you can register to speak with a licensed Veriheal physician about getting your MMJ card right now either way! 

What Others Are Saying In Veriheal Reviews

During my Veriheal research, I spent a couple of days reading through what past and current customers had to say about their experiences. 

There are over 1,400 reviews for Veriheal on Trustpilot. 91% of them are excellent. Many 5-star reviews mention how compassionate and helpful their doctors were. And how surprisingly simple the process was.

Veriheal trustpilot reviews

Out of their 365 reviews on google, they hold a 4.6 overall rating. Here are a few of the things that popped up in recent reviews:

  • fast and simple service
  • doctors and staff were extremely knowledgeable and professional
  • simple renewal process
Veriheal google reviews

Veriheal has a 4.7-star rating on Facebook. Over 20,000 people like their page. A common theme in these reviews is how friendly and helpful the staffing team is. 

Veriheal Facebook reviews

The BBB did issue an alert in July of 2021 for Veriheal after noticing a pattern of consumer complaints. 

A relatively small number of consumers reported having issues. There were reports about not receiving updates from Veriheal after their appointment with a doctor. 

Some stated that they had difficulty getting help or got hung up on. Or they didn’t receive a call back from customer service. 

Veriheal did respond to the alert and did so in sufficient detail. 

They took the time to clarify some information common to the complaints. 

Mainly that the platform does not make a promise on the amount of time it will take to complete the MMJ card process.

They emphasized that the process varies by state. Therefore it is prudent to read all emails carefully. Make sure to complete your profile set-up to avoid any unnecessary delays. 

Many complaints seemed to be about cancellation fees. Keep in mind that you will not be charged if you do not get a recommendation. 

However, there are cancellation fees and no-show fees. If you simply change your mind about using their service, you can expect to pay these fees. 

Being aware of this fact may help avoid future complaints. 

It is interesting to note a spike in medical cannabis demand in early 2020. This is about the same time the BBB issued an alert for Veriheal. 

The surge in patients could have led to longer than average processing times. And a strain on customer service systems. 

All of this aside, Veriheal is the largest and oldest MMJ telehealth service. Overall, the reviews are generally positive regarding their service. 

Veriheal have already helped over 200,000 patients get their MMJ cards. The 62 complaints on the BBB website are a drop in the bucket compared to the thousands of positive reviews left across other review sites.

veriheal medical cards

Online Medical Marijuana Evaluation Costs At Veriheal

You can purchase either an individual package or a 2 person package. The individual package costs $199 per year. The 2 person package is $379 per year. Both include the following:

  • MMJ recommendation
  • MMJ consultation
  • Digital MMJ certification
  • New patients and renewals
  • 24/7 dispensary verification
  • 100% money-back guarantee

These fees are your only doctor’s payments. There are no additional co-pays or fees. 

You will still need to pay your state fees to receive your MMJ card after getting your recommendation. For example, the state fee is $100 in California. 

They will vary by state. You can contact a Veriheal customer service representative to determine your state fee or simply select your state on the dropdown filter available on the homepage. 

I used the chat feature at the bottom right corner of their webpage to see what my state fee would be. A representative provided me with the California fee amount within minutes. 

Veriheal Medical Marijuana Card Renewal Fees

At Veriheal, the fees are the same regardless if you are applying for a new recommendation or renewing a pre-existing card.

This kind of sucks. Especially as Leafwell MMJ, a startup MMJ telehealth provider, charges much less for renewals and offers a similar money-back guarantee.

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Can You Use Veriheal In Any State?

Veriheal provides recommendations in all states that have an applicable MMJ program. You can use Veriheal in any state that is actively serviced by their platform. 

Veriheal offers informational cannabis consultation appointments. These are for people to learn more about the basics of medical marijuana. These informative appointments are available in any state. 

Qualification Criteria

The qualification criteria depend on the state you live in. Each state has a specific list of qualifying conditions.

The Veriheal physician you meet with will review your medical history. Then, they will be able to see if you qualify for an MMJ recommendation to apply for an MMJ card in your state. 

If you do not get a recommendation, you get your money back. This means there is no financial risk to applying and seeing if you qualify. 

If you are on the fence about whether or not you should meet with a physician, they can help you make up your mind. 

They offer personalized cannabis consultations that are strictly educational. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about cannabis, CBD, and its uses. 

Just like the physician appointments, these consultations are also online, secure, and discreet. 

A certified physician will take a deep dive into how MMJ might be able to help your conditions. They will discuss possible treatment strategies and give you a pdf summary of your appointment. 

Does Veriheal Accept Health Insurance?

No, Veriheal cannot accept health insurance in lieu of payment. Since MMJ is not FDA-approved, insurance companies do not cover the cost of medication. Nor do they cover appointments with physicians. 

You are responsible for the cost of appointments and medications. Prices of MMJ can vary based on the types and strengths of products used. Always make purchases from licensed dispensaries. 

You can check with your state to see if any discounts are available to you. For instance, some states provide discounts to veterans, senior citizens, and first responders. 

Does Veriheal Sell Medical Marijuana?

No, Veriheal is a telehealth provider that connects patients to licensed physicians. They meet with you to see if you qualify for a medical marijuana recommendation. 

You can then pay to register in your state and receive an MMJ card. Once you get your state MMJ card, you can purchase MMJ directly from dispensaries. Or you may be able to grow your own MMJ if your state allows it. 

Veriheal does make it easy with a dispensaries page on their website. They will provide you with a list of reputable dispensaries in your local area when you are approved. 

Then you can always do a quick search on their page to see if any new dispensaries have opened up. 

As long as your state allows for online purchase and delivery, you can find the products you need, order online, and have them delivered to your door. 

You can also find the top-rated dispensaries in other areas if you are traveling. This way, you can have a plan to purchase MMJ when you get to your destination legally. 

There is no need to stress breaking any laws while traveling across state lines with your marijuana.

Veriheal Online Medical Marijuana Card Review: The Final Verdict

Veriheal is an excellent option for anyone considering an MMJ card. Their online platform makes meeting with a licensed physician easy and stress-free. 

They help you avoid costly walk-in appointments and awkward discussions with doctors who might not be familiar with MMJ. And, you can get your recommendation quickly.

Apply For Your MMJ Card Online Today | Veriheal
Get $10 off with code NATURE10
  • Seamlessly connect with a physician via Veriheal telehealth
  • One simple fee
  • Approved for MMJ or your money back!
Our Rating:

What really sets them apart is their superb customer support. If you have any reservations, schedule a personalized consultation appointment. 

The only real downside is that renewals cost the same as an Initial recommendation. Nonetheless, it’s still cheaper than doing it offline, and it’s easier!