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Vivosun Review: Legit Cannabis Grow Kits, Lights and Tents

With the brand mantra #LoveWhatYouGrow, Vivosun is a company that sells various products that can be used to grow plants of all kinds.

They sell grow kits, tents, fans, lights, climate control products, gardening products, and customizable growing setups.

For many cannabis growers, this company is the Mecca for growing supplies that will help you produce the perfect crop of marijuana. 

Vivosun seems like the answer to every grower’s need. But how does it compare to other companies that sell these products? We’ll find out!

Is Vivosun Legit?


Vivosun is a legitimate growing supply vendor based in California. Their brand values innovation, reliability, and community. And they aim to help growers, whether they are planting their first seed to the professionals who’ve mastered the growing process.

And Vivosun offers excellent value for money compared to most brands that are in the indoor growing market.

Vivosun Review

Vivosun develops products that make growing easy and pleasurable with intelligently designed growing systems and technology. 

Cannabis Grow Systems | Vivosun
  • Cannabis grow kits and tents
  • Excellent value
  • Huge variety of equipment for growing weed
Our Rating:

PROS (+)

  • All products come with at least a 1-year warranty
  • 12% off your first order (so make it count!)
  • Some light models have a grow hub controller and app

CONS (-)

  • Assortment can be overwhelming
  • Shipping isn’t super quick

Their products are designed to have a low environmental impact but still retain the highest quality components from grow bags, drying racks, ventilation systems, hydroponics, and more.  

Most packages are sent out within 3-7 business days, and they use USPS, UPS, or FedEx. It depends on the weight of the products you are purchasing, as some delivery services will not carry packages over certain weights. Your delivery options will be listed when you checkout.

Regarding their return policies, all returns must be approved by their customer support team. If the items are in their original condition and packaging, you can get a full refund within 30 days of delivery. 

The great thing is that they don’t apply restocking fees. But when you get your product, make sure that the product name and model number are the same as on your order confirmation.

You can reach them by email, Whatsapp, or by their toll-free number. They will typically get back to you within 24 hours by email.

Vivosun Grow Tent Review

Vivosun has a DIY marijuana grow kit building tool. It begins with you choosing your tent. There are a variety of sizes and structures, and they come in black or gray. They have standard Mylar Reflective Grow Tents that can fit 1-2 plants to up to 24-32 plants.

Marijuana Indoor Grow Kit | Vivosun
  • Great value
  • Established brand
  • Free shipping over $59

The largest size standard grow tent is a 10X10’ that goes for approximately $450. The smallest tent is a 2X2’ plant for close to $90.

Some of their tents have a roofing structure so that you can hang your grow light and ventilation equipment in the extra space, leaving room for your plants to stretch out.

Their best-selling standard tent is a 4X2’ and comes with an observation window and a floor tray. It is made specifically for indoor growing, and you can set it up in your garage, closet, balcony, or spare bedroom.

Vivosun’s grow tents provide stable growing environments where you can control the light, humidity, nutrients, and soil. The removable floor tray is easy to take out for cleaning.

The tents are typically made of different grades of canvas like 600D Oxford nylon fabric with a reinforced PE layer and reflective Mylar. It’s built to last and is an efficient environment for your growing setup. It also has air ducts for proper ventilation.

Their grow tents have plenty of openings for duct fans, lamps, and electrical cords. It also comes with two hanging straps to be used for hanging lights or fans. It even has a tool organizer so you can store your gardening tools.

The tents zipper up and do not leak light, so if you are trying to grow on the sly, you don’t have to worry about people wondering why your closet is glowing.

The great thing about the variety of tents they sell is that they are very user-friendly. With their cute little observation windows, you can peek at your plants as they develop without interfering with their environment too much.

Vivosun Grow Light Review

Their AeroLight alone makes me want to buy from Vivosun. It had a circulation fan and is the first full-spectrum LED system that is compatible with an app!

The app allows you to control the day and night schedule, as well as the light intensity and spectrum and the fan speed. And the coolest part is you can adjust this wherever you get a cell signal.

Vivosun also sells HCF LED grow lights that emphasize the blue and red wavelengths needed while transitioning from vegetative or flowering stages. What’s lovely about these particular lights is that they have an average lifespan of 54,000 hours, and the company offers a five-year after-sales service.

They are cooled through ventilation holes, saving your energy bill from inflating. Not to mention they have their own patented rope hangers that make adjusting the height of your lights easier.

And then, we have the foldable bar LED grow lights that can be folded at a 180-degree angle for easy storage. The light has a dimming knob that controls the light intensity ranging from 40-100%. It also emits light uniformly to cover the entire plant canopy.

An added benefit of this light is that it can be hooked up to a series of other lights (daisy-chaining). And they all respond to a Vivosun controller to dim or brighten all the lights at once.

These lights are terrific for commercial cultivation. And they have low power consumption, which we like for the environment and our power bills. These lights consume 430W.

The warranty isn’t as long for these lights, ending after three years, but they are still an excellent investment for your horticultural endeavors.

Vivosun also sells replacement and other light bulbs for your growing needs. For instance, they sell 4-packs of HPS (High-Pressure Sodium) lights with prices ranging from $25-85 depending on the particular light.

The company also sells different MH (Metal Halide) light bulbs for the vegetative stage. You can buy them individually or in a 2-pack, and the cost varies between $13-55.

They also sell fluorescent grow bulbs that come in 2 or 4 ft lengths and even sell the fixtures for the bulbs if you want to buy them separately.

Lastly, they sell LED green light headlamps so you can get up close and personal to your plants and inspect them with your hands-free. This product is helpful when cutting clones or determining the sex of your plants.

Vivosun VS1000 Review

Vivosun offers a wide variety of lights. But their most popular light is their brand, the VS1000. They are made with Vivosun LED grow lights that use the durable Samsung LM301 Diodes.

The VS1000 has full-spectrum coverage and maximum PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) output. It also has dimmable ballast, which means you can control the intensity of the light to mimic changing environmental factors (like seasons) your plant will experience during its growth.

One of the great things about the VS1000 is that the LEDs use less electricity and produce less heat due to the innovative design of the casing with added ventilation holes and a unique power supply design.

In fact, it only consumes 100W of electricity. And because a grow light fan is unnecessary, no fan means less noise.

It includes a 5-year warranty, grow light glasses, a patented rope hanger, and the user manual. For your own safety, make sure you read the manual before using the light.

The Final Verdict: Vivosun Review

Overall, Vivosun is not always the cheapest, but they are definitely among the most innovative with their many patented designs for both grow lights and tents.

Their customer service is exceptional, and if you are truly unhappy with your products, they will try their best to accommodate your desires.

Cannabis Grow Systems | Vivosun
  • Cannabis grow kits and tents
  • Excellent value
  • Huge variety of equipment for growing weed
Our Rating:

Their gardening tools are cute with their collapsible wagons and handy composters, plant stands, kneeler seats, pruning shears, trellises or netting, and sprayers. You can also get trimming devices and grow bags.

Vivosun also has a wide range of ventilation systems, from simple clamp fans to duct ventilation fans and even complete fan kits.

And you can tell the company takes pride in itself, its staff, and its products. They have a great blog and growing guides, and they sure try to cover every angle of the growing process and really seem to foster the feeling of community with their branding.

In summation, Vivosun gets two thumbs up!