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Best Weed Delivery San Diego From Dispensaries In 2023 

I love getting weed delivered to my door. Even when I worked as a budtender, I’d regularly order, but most delivery services I trialed sucked. 

In this case, you don’t need to try any wonder if they’ll even turn up or not. Keep reading for my take on the best weed delivery services in San Diego in 2023.

SD bud delivery

Top 2 SD Cannabis Delivery Services

Best Weed Delivery San Diego 2023

1. Eaze San Diego is beginning to rule as the best weed delivery service across California and Michigan. They collaborate with your local dispensaries, like medical marijuana dispensaries in your area.

Best Weed Delivery Service SD
Eaze Cannabis Delivery Service SD
The most established option in San Diego
Our Rating:

PROS (+) 

  • Fast, reliable service
  • Supports local dispensaries
  • Open 365 days a year

CONS (-) 

  • They have cut-off times and will cancel your order if you order too late
  • They do not accept pre-paid debit or credit cards

Eaze San Diego Summary

  • 24h Delivery: No
  • Delivery Hours: In San Diego, they are 9 am to 10 pm PST. 
  • Expected Wait: Under an hour
  • Delivery Fees: Yes, and it depends on which area and if products are available

The delivery service is run through the Eaze website. The retailer receives your order, and it’s packaged and given to the Eaze delivery drivers to bring them to your home. 

These orders are handled by licensed weed delivery providers from the company you order your weed. 

All the companies represented in the San Diego area will have their products on the Eaze site. And, with just a few clicks and with valid identification stating that you are over 21 years of age, you will soon have weed delivered to your door.

What I like

Eaze offers in-store Veteran and Senior discounts, and when you place your order, you immediately get a verification email or SMS. 

They then give you an ETA, but it can change due to products available, traffic, weather, etc. 

I also really enjoy their sustainability efforts and how they work with dispensaries in your area to support local growth. It is an excellent weed delivery platform.

They warn and recommend that you order before 4 pm because that is when deliveries come flying in. So just take note if your one to order around then. 

Not to forget, this company offers the widest selection of products like flower, concentrates, drinks, transdermal patches, CBD, topicals, and more.

What I don’t like 

They don’t allow you to place orders in advance. And they don’t accept cryptocurrency, or third-party companies like PayPal.

Also, they will cancel the order if the right person isn’t present for the delivery. But this is due to local laws concerning weed delivery in California, which means it is not Eaze’s fault.

Another thing I did not like was that they have a Minimum Order Value (MOV), which is the minimum total of the sum of the products in your cart allowed to place an order. 

If there are too many orders, the dispensaries may not have enough drivers to fulfill the orders. 

So if your order is too small, it may require you to wait for a period where business is not booming, so they will accept your order.

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2. Heyemjay San Diego

HeyEmJay offers delivery within one hour and transparent pricing to meet everyone’s budget, with prices even lower than dispensaries. 

They believe they are the world’s best weed delivery provider, and it’s well justified given thousands of customers highly rate them as so.

PROS (+)

  • If you have a medical marijuana card, you save 5% on taxes with proof
  • Fast weed delivery that is usually under an hour
  • They deliver when you specify, and you can place orders in advance

CONS (-)

  • They have a delivery service order minimum of $25
  • Failed deliveries have a $7.99 service charge

Hey EmJay San Diego Summary

  • 24h Delivery: No
  • Delivery Hours: (what time do they deliver from and till)
  • Expected Wait: 30-60 minutes
  • Delivery Fees:

What I like

The Heyemjay AI chatbot is extremely helpful in getting some immediate information and help.

Secondly, I was glad to read about the company’s involvement with the Last Prisoner Project, which is trying to get the prisoners in for marijuana-related charges to have them dropped and released from prison. It is an honorable endeavor. 

What I don’t like

Their chatbot or virtual assistant was garbage. It would not allow me to see their replies, and it didn’t show me my messages sent to the company. 

Their FAQs section also needs work. It does not answer all the essential questions like weed delivery hours in San Diego or exact fees.

3. San Diego describes itself as “a small group of committed cannabis and tech enthusiasts who have been here to help people buy weed during the decline of cannabis prohibition.” 

They offer delivery service in the San Diego area and work with San Diego medical marijuana and recreational marijuana dispensaries. 

That way, you know they support businesses in your community through their specialized weed delivery platforms. SD Cannabis Delivery
  • Deliveries start at 6am!
  • Great blog to learn about THC
Our Rating:

PROS (+) 

  • First-time buyers discount
  • Broad list of dispensaries 
  • Pre-order available

CONS (-)

  • Cash only 
  • No way to track orders San Diego Summary

  • 24h Delivery: No (but you can place an order any time of day)
  • Delivery Hours: 9 am- 8 pm every day
  • Expected Wait: 30-60 minutes
  • Delivery Fees: Typically no delivery fees and no order minimum

What I like

I like that offers three ways to get your weed in San Diego, weed delivery, dispensary pickup, or you can have it shipped to your door. 

They also send you a text when the driver is on the way and once they arrive at your San Diego residence. 

They also have gummies that start at $16, and for first-time buyers, there is a 50% discount. So stock up! 

They also have one of the widest selections of products at excellent rates. Just check their site, and you will see why they are so popular.

I almost forgot to mention that their customer service and reply rate for email inquiries was speedy. 

Their professional and friendly staff answered all my questions and provided some extra information they thought I might be interested in. It was an outstanding customer service experience.

What I don’t like

I couldn’t find the delivery hours and fees. Or if there was a minimum purchase order for cannabis delivery in San Diego. 

The FAQs should have readily available this information, but do not. 

As supposed “tech enthusiasts,” I would expect that they would have a method of online real-time delivery tracking systems in place. 

Unfortunately, they do not. But it’s not a deal-breaker for weed delivery in San Diego.

4. March and Ash San Diego

March and Ash are licensed cannabis delivery providers located in Mission Valley. They are customer-focused and provide a wide variety of flower, vapes, concentrates, edibles, pre-rolls, clones, and CBD. 

PROS (+)  

  • $20 store credit for MMJ patients 
  • Excellent live tracking system
  • First-time customers get a 10% discount with their first weed delivery purchase

CONS (-) 

  • Curbside pickup orders need a $30 order minimum
  • Only accept cash (but there are ATMs on-site)

Their staff is very knowledgeable about the cannabis industry and can help you with most questions just by writing or calling the dispensary. 

The company is known for being dedicated to transparency, local values and investments, safety, and quality when it comes to cannabis delivery in San Diego, which are definitely positive things to be dedicated to when offering weed delivery in San Diego.

March and Ash San Diego Summary

  • 24h Delivery: No
  • Delivery Hours: For Delivery Mission Valley and City Heights, San Diego – 8 am-8 pm PST
  • Expected Wait: Over an hour for weed delivery services in San Diego.
  • Delivery Fees: Free delivery for orders over $30 in specific zones

What I like

I enjoyed the layout of the website. Everything was easy to find, and the most relevant questions like delivery hours and fees were in the FAQs section. They have a weird setup for San Diego weed delivery services.

I also liked their information about the company, its mission statement, and its objectives. 

Not to mention, you can purchase clones, and in-store, they even have a clone zone. As an amateur grower, I love that they have clones.

What I don’t like

They ask for an hour to prepare your pick-up, while most dispensaries can have it ready in minutes. 

They have a minimum order map. So the farther you are away from central San Diego, the more you have to buy. For example, the local area is a $30 minimum.

A little further out is a minimum of $65, and even further out, it is an $85 minimum.

So make sure you verify with them what area you are in before they send a weed delivery driver.

5. Get Nugg San Diego

Get Nugg is a marketplace that helps connect consumers to available dispensaries in their area.

PROS (+) 

  • The support team is available on weekends
  • Nugg Club subscription packages!
  • You can get an MMJ card for $39!

CONS (-) 

  • Delivery hours/fees vary per dispensary
  • Most dispensaries listed for weed delivery only accept cash

In particular, they work with many dispensaries in San Diego, so you are also helping businesses in your community grow and thrive. 

What’s great about the company is that they can help you attain a medical marijuana card accepted throughout California.

You create an account, answer a few questions, and chat with a doctor about the medicinal nature of cannabis products to get approved. 

You will not be billed for the service if you aren’t approved. The best part is that doctors are ready to chat with you between 8 am-10 pm every day of the week.

Get Nugg San Diego Summary

  • 24h Delivery: No
  • Delivery Hours: Varies by a dispensary in your area
  • Expected Wait: 30-60 mins
  • Delivery Fees: Varies by a dispensary in your area

What I like 

Their customer service was surprisingly fast, and I don’t think I even waited a minute through their chatbot. I love chatbots because you are instantly connected to a customer support representative. 

Their subscription box or otherwise called a loyalty program is fantastic!

You pay $99/month and get a box of quality products based on a questionnaire you fill out.

The entire package has a $225 value. And, to top it off, your first box is only $89.

This is perfect for the chronic who loves variety and trying new things.

What I don’t like

Though the support team may be available each day and for the hours listed above. But, each individual dispensary they work with sets its hours, so you have to check with the particular dispensary in your area to determine their delivery hours.

6. Ganjarunner San Diego

As a very popular company that offers cannabis delivery services in San Diego and the surrounding area, Ganjarunner has a very dedicated client base.

Due to the number of promotions they run, they are an excellent choice for those of us who are frugal.

They even have a day (Tuesday) when they don’t charge sales tax. So make sure you get these promotions and discounts. They are a great deal.

Ganjarunner | California Buds Delivered
  • Free delivery
  • Delivered in under 1 hour
Our Rating:

PROS (+) 

  • Huge product selection with over 300 products available
  • Great promotions and discounts
  • Free and fast delivery

CONS (-) 

  • The customer service agent rushed me and closed the chat prematurely
  • The customer email service didn’t reply to my query

Ganjarunner San Diego Summary

  • 24h Delivery: No
  • Delivery Hours: 9 am to 9 pm
  • Expected Wait: 60-minute express option
  • Delivery Fees: Free cannabis delivery with no minimum

What I like

I enjoyed the fact that you can schedule next-day delivery, and it is always a bonus for those of us trying to manage our time.

I also loved the number of promotions they offer. For example, their Highroller deal where if your order is over $200, you get $50 off your order.

And then they have gummies for $16 off if you buy three. And mix and match flower and vape cartridges deals. 

What I don’t like

The way the website is arranged is a bit confusing. The first page lists all the deals on top. But then navigating through their over 300+ products was overwhelming.

All the products were like BAM! Here’s a hundred to scroll through. 

And they lacked a FAQs section which is a big no-no, along with the fact the chat agent never answered any of my questions.

The Final Verdict: Marijuana Delivery Service In San Diego 

Our top pick for the best weed delivery service in San Diego would have to be Eaze because their services are user-friendly along with rapid delivery.

Best Weed Delivery Service SD
Eaze Cannabis Delivery Service SD
The most established option in San Diego
Our Rating:

Also, Eaze is known for its collaborative effort with local dispensaries so that you are buying locally when making a cannabis delivery.

They are also known to support women-run companies like Leune by supplying them in their San Diego dispensaries.

You can trust Eaze to have fast service. Just be ready with your ID!

Weed Delivery Service San Diego Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you order weed in San Diego?

Yes, you most certainly can order weed delivery in San Diego. Including both recreational and medicinal marijuana dispensaries. 

Of course, there are cut-off times, so you can’t get weed delivered 24/7, but a few companies allow you to place an order for the following day, which is excellent.

Generally, most companies run from 8-9 am to 7-9 pm. Check with your local dispensary to figure out a more accurate time period.

Does EAZE deliver to San Diego?

Yes, Eaze offers delivery in San Diego. On Eaze’s page, enter your zip code, and they will hook you up with a local dispensary carrying your favorite weed products and CBD products.

Make your choices online, like topical ointments or vape cartridges, and then they are sent to the retail dispensary for completion and quick delivery. 

How much weed can I order in San Diego?

According to Prop. 64 for the City of San Diego and California state cannabis regulations, anyone 21 years or older may legally possess and purchase up to 28.5 grams of marijuana and 8 grams of concentrates.

So that is the limit on how much marijuana online weed stores can deliver to you. 

How Much To Tip Weed Delivery

Most marijuana delivery services in San Deigo state that the weed delivery driver is fairly compensated for their work. But it is okay to tip them, and around 10% is the norm for tipping a weed delivery driver.