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What Is CBD Coffee? Why Hemp & Caffeine Mix Well


It’s an obsession for many (me included), which stretches far beyond its ability to act as a wake-up call, but there’s only so much you can guzzle down before the side effects of too much caffeine hit.

On the other hand, CBD is synonymous with wellness. It’s commonly associated with relaxation, mindfulness, and balance.

Not two things you’d usually associate as going well together, right? So is CBD and Coffee a marketing gimmick, or is there more to this than meets the eye?

Does Caffeine and CBD Mix Well?

coffee and CBD

Drinking a cup of joe in the morning is as part of the work routine for many of us. In fact, so many of us consume it that it’s the worlds’ most popular stimulant.

Drinking a cup of coffee can lead to short term alertness and helps us push through our workday. While it does often help improve productivity, as with anything, there are common side effects that can be unpleasant. 

Most of us who drink coffee regularly are well aware of these adverse effects. The most common ones include increases in heart rate, feelings of jitteriness, and anxiety.

It can be frustrating to feel these side effects, as they counteract the reason most people drink the coffee in the first place – to stay awake and concentrate.

Alright, so what’s CBD got to do with it?

The potential to counteract the side effects of caffeine is the primary reason why there’s an interest in combining CBD with cannabidiol.

However, while there’s heaps of research conducted on each compound in isolation, there isn’t much except anecdotal reports of people’s experiences when the two are combined.

To understand why some people enjoy adding CBD to their coffee, let’s dive deeper into how both compounds work:

Caffeine and Adenosine

When you consume coffee, your body absorbs the caffeine in the drink, which is why you feel stimulated.

Caffeine binds with adenosine receptors in the brain, blocking the uptake of the chemical in the brain, which in response stops you from feeling tired. In parallel, your body releases higher levels of adrenaline, boosting energy levels.

For people who are sensitive to caffeine or who’ve just had too many cups during the day, this can cause a sense of jitteriness that can feel uncomfortable.

CBD and Serotonin

Outside of acting through the endocannabinoid systemstudies suggest that CBD also mimics serotonin’s actions by stimulating receptors in the body, which is thought to be a reason for some of the perceived benefits of CBD.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in which is associated with feelings of happiness. 

Now that we’re clear on how coffee and CBD work individually, combining them doesn’t sound like a bad idea! But what exactly is CBD oil coffee?

What’s CBD Coffee Then?

CBD coffee is what it sounds like! A type of coffee with added or infused with CBD. It can be consumed one of three ways:

CBD infused coffee beans which are used for brewing. Simply add the coffee grounds to your coffee maker and brew! Although, if you’re picky about drinking a particular blend or roast won’t find a huge amount of selection when it comes to CBD coffee beans.

A cup of coffee + CBD added to it later, often in the form of sublingual drops. Note – this can significantly alter the taste of your cup depending on the type of cannabidiol used and the carrier oil. Water-soluble CBD is also popular as an add on as it’s thought (science pending) to improve bioavailability.

Prepackaged CBD coffee cans: A variety of startups have conveniently combined (water-soluble) hemp-derived CBD with coffee in a can for drinking on the go.

Is Hemp coffee the same as coffee and CBD?

It depends.

As long as the hemp is derived from the aerial plant parts (flowers included) then yes it’s the same. Be aware that hemp seed oil is different from hemp-derived CBD and that there are different types of CBD available.

In short: as long as the hemp in the coffee isn’t made from the seeds of the hemp plant alone, it’s okay. Look out for an attributable (milligram) amount of CBD in the drink and make sure this matches what you’re looking for. 

Does CBD and coffee get you high?


CBD doesn’t get you high…Ever! And coffee, well I’ll assume you are pretty accustomed to its effects. So no, CBD coffee cannot get you high.

If you want to know why (traditional) cannabis gets you high, you need to learn more about THC.

What are the negatives of taking CBD coffee?

Here’s the thing, taking CBD oil with your coffee isn’t typically the best way to take CBD.

CBD isn’t traditionally water-soluble, which is why if you add it to a coffee, you will see the oil create a layer on top of the coffee.

This is because the drink needs to be broken down by your liver to enter your bloodstream. Also known as the first-pass effect; less of the CBD you consume is absorbed than if you used sublingual drops instead.

This is because CBD isn’t traditionally water-soluble and has low bioavailability. It’s also the reason why if you add CBD drops to coffee you will see the oil create a layer on top of the coffee.

On the flipside, aqua CBD also known as water-soluble, is popular for adding to drinks as it’s a specially formulated product that is perceived to offer higher rates of absorption and dissolve in water. 

Nonetheless, the jury is still out (as there is no clinical research to review) on if water-soluble CBD provides a much higher rate of absorption and what the exact advantage is.

Water Soluble CBD is often an Isolate

Cannabinoids work in synergy with other compounds found in the hemp plant to derive their effects. As a result, products that are not whole plant extracts (full or broad-spectrum) are thought to be less useful as they have been stripped of the terpenes and other essential oils naturally found in hemp.

Water-soluble CBD is created through the breakdown of CBD into much smaller molecules to make them soluble in water. This process is often carried out using CBD Isolate, the purest form of cannabidiol. As a result, it’s naturally void of any of the other desirable plant constituents mentioned above.

So if you already use a broad or full-spectrum CBD oil, using a water-soluble product might not be what you’re looking for.

How to make and take CBD infused coffee

Regardless of if you grind your own beans for the freshest cup or use Instant coffee, adding CBD to it is easy!

What you will need:

  • CBD Oil (or water-soluble if desired) although you can also a type of concentrate
  • A cup of coffee

Once you’ve brewed your cup of joe, add a little more than your usual sublingual dose to the coffee and drink as usual! Note – it might taste earthy depending on the type of CBD oil you use and be aware of the distict differences in absorption (which is why you will usually need more CBD).

If you don’t want to make your own, buy CBD coffee beans and use them as a base to brew instead. But, if you’re buying your own beans you are likely a little bit picky about your brew and as a result might not like the infusion due to earthy undertones.

Personally, I prefer to take my CBD separately and prior to drinking my coffee – although I am a little particular about my cup!