Meet the team

Ahmed Mir

Ahmed Mir - Founder

It was during his previous career at an eCommerce retailer that Ahmed first tried CBD during a work trip in 2015. Regularly traveling for work he was interested in improving his sleep pattern. After using CBD oil in the US, he felt it helped him recover from jet lag and obtain a better quality of sleep.

Ahmed founded Nature & Bloom in 2019 after noticing how popular CBD was getting in Europe, yet in parallel how difficult it was to find a transparent brand, with a third party tested product range in the UK.

When he isn’t working you can find him enjoying the outdoors, travelling or at the gym.

Dr Abraham Benavides - Advisor

Dr Benavides is a recently qualified and U.S. based physician, educated at the George Washington University School of Medicine.

With a particular interest in the applications of cannabis in medicine, Abraham founded the first medicinal cannabis interest group at a U.S. medical school in 2016.

CANMIG otherwise known as the Cannabis as Medicine Interest Group, works in partnership with physicians to fill the knowledge gap between traditional and cannabis-based medicine.

Abraham is an advisor to Nature & Bloom, ensuring the delivery of high-quality content backed by cannabinoid science.

Dr Shane Jackson

Dr Shane Jackson - Advisor

Dr Jackson is a UK based medical doctor who has been qualified for over 8 years. With previous experience in trauma and orthopedics, his current focus is on elderly care and rehabilitation.

Outside of his work as a clinician, he is a medical consultant and the founder of Acrosophy, a startup assisting teenagers who are interested in applying for a place in medical school at a UK university.

Shane acts as a scientific advisor to Nature & Bloom, ensuring the site content is accurate and backed by research where relavent.

Paul McDonald

Paul McDonald - Content Manager

Paul is a content specialist with an interest in improving education through knowledge sharing.

If he isn’t working you can likely find him watching a Cardiff City F.C game.