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How We Make Money

Nature & Bloom is a reader-supported website. Most of the products we review are monetized via affiliate links. If you decide to purchase a product/service based on our recommendation, the supplier pays us a small commission. 

Note – If you buy something from one of our recommended links, you’ll never pay more than if you went directly. In fact, we’re usually able to negotiate exclusive discount codes for our readers. 

How We Remain Unbiased

All of our recommendations are based on select criteria around the use of a product. We believe that remaining transparent and honest around why a specific product might be fitting for one person but not for another is all part of doing business. 

You will notice that our reviews frequently outline pain points customers might have with a product based on the experience our reviewers or previous customers have had. 

None of our reviews are paid for, and we only promote partners who meet our strict criteria and benchmarks around quality assurance and customer experience.

Remember, if we recommend a product and you hate it, you will unlikely return here for further input or trust us again. As a result, it’s in our mutual best interests to only recommend items and services you will love.

Why We Depend On Your Support

Reviewing products and detailing the science behind cannabis at scale is expensive and requires an expert team.

Without the ability to earn commissions through our recommendations, we would be unable to operate and continue sharing our knowledge around Hemp and Marijuana.

We currently operate with a team that consists of content writers with years of cannabis consumption/retail experience and medical advisors who are board-certified physicians for fact-checking the science behind our content. 

All of this costs money, and without people like you reading our content and clicking our links, we wouldn’t be able to continue – so thank you!