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What is cbd and is it legal?

CBD (or Cannabidiol) is a non-intoxicating compound which can be found in the Cannabis family of plants, mainly hemp. CBD is legal and has recently hit the mainstream. The compound has been connected with a wide range of well-being uses, and The World Health Organisation has declared CBD as safe.

CBD is available in a wide varieties, including CBD Oils, CBD skincare, CBD vape pens and CBD crumble.

Are you wondering how CBD can help you? Learn more about CBD via our ever-expanding collection of blog posts at the end of this page. Buy CBD Oil in London and in the UK right here.

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Hemp grown under organic practices


Nature & Bloom CBD is grown primarily in Colorado, USA. Without the use of any pesticides, herbicides or GMO ingredients.


Extracted in the United States using highly pressurised CO2. Obtaining a broad spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. 

Third Party Tested & THC Free

Our products are third party tested and the certificates are displayed on-site. We test every batch thoroughly for your peace of mind.

We are founder owned and operated

We are a small startup committed to raising the bar in the UK CBD Oil Industry.

Our products are always third party tested and created using the highest quality ingredients.

We love to share content

CBD is an opaque and confusing industry.

Misinformation is rife, and we are doing our bit to challenge the status quo.

We frequently write blog posts which are fact-checked for informational accuracy by our internal (MD) advisory team who have signficant cannabis research experience.

Note: All content on Nature & Bloom is strictly informational.

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