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Live Resin Edibles VS Regular: Which Gummy Is Stronger?

Edibles are an awesome way to get high. 

But did you know that not all edibles are made equal? 

If you’ve ever had a cannabis edible but have yet to try a live resin edible, get ready to be blown away. 

Seriously, you don’t know what you are missing out on.

Live resin edibles are more potent and have the most natural flavor due to the way flash-freezing preserves all the terpenes and cannabinoids.

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Key Takeaways: Live Resin Gummies VS Normal

  • Live resin gummies are made differently than regular cannabis edibles, using a live resin extract rather than cannabis infused oil or distillate.
  • Live resin edibles can be significantly stronger than the average cannabis edible.
  • With live resin edibles you experience more of the entourage effect, as live resin is packed with more terpenes and cannabinoids than regular edibles.

What Are Live Resin Edibles?

Live resin edibles are cannabis edibles made from live resin rather than decarbed cannabis flower. 

Live resin edibles differ from your standard cannabis edibles because they’re made with concentrate instead of flower.  

It is truly amazing how far we have come in the cannabis industry. 

Live resin edibles are a far cry from the pot brownies your grandmother was making. And they’re much stronger than most cannabutter edibles you can find. 

Live resin production makes for a much stronger and more flavorful experience than your regular batch of cannabutter edibles.

Don’t confuse live resin edibles with live rosin, though. 

Live rosin is made without solvents by using heat and pressure, while live resin is extracted using solvents. 

What makes them both “live” is that they both are created with fresh frozen cannabis. 

Live Resin Edibles VS Regular

So what are the differences between live resin edibles and regular edibles? 

We know live resin edibles are made with live resin instead of simple cannabutter, but what else sets these two types of edibles apart? 

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Production Differences

When they say “live” when it comes to resin, it refers to cannabis flower that is flash-frozen immediately after harvest at sublevel temperatures to preserve terpenes and trichome crystal heads.

To extract this live resin, a solvent such as butane or propane is used to run the flower in a closed loop extraction technique. Any residual solvents are then purged from the extract after extraction. 

Once the process is complete, live rosin is decarbed to activate the cannabinoids and then used in the creation of cannabis edibles. 

On the other hand, regular cannabis edibles are made with cannabis flower that’s been dried, cured and decarboxylated (which transforms THCA into THC, activating the psychoactive properties before being turned into cannabutter or canna oil).  

Cannabinoid & Terpene Content

If it comes down to regular edibles vs. live resin edibles, the strength of the live resin is far more potent than regular edibles. 

This is because the flash-freezing process preserves the most cannabinoids and terpenes.

This means that live resin edibles will typically contain more cannabinoids and terpenes, making them a stronger option than edibles made with flower. 


Live resin edibles are designed to be just as tasty as regular edibles, and you’ll find live resin gummies and other edibles in a variety of delicious flavors.  

The strong terpene profile in live resin edibles may present a stronger flavor that can vary from floral to sweet, earthy, woody, herbal, diesel, cheesy, sweet, citrusy, and even spicy.

Terpenes such as pinene, for example, offer a piney flavor that could be more distinct in a live resin edible. Limonene can add that citrusy zest that some of us love.

In regular cannabis edibles, the flavors are not as distinct, but are still enjoyable.

Cannabis is packed with different terpenes, all of which lend to the unique flavor and aroma of various strains used to create live resin.  


You often get a more intense and powerful high with live resin edibles. 

This is because live resin has a higher THC concentration than cannabis flower. 

The THC levels in live resin vary between 65-95%, which is perfect for both medical and recreational users interested in more potent effects than flower. 

This means that live resin edibles will also be more potent than edibles crafted with cannabutter made from flower.

Are Live Resin Edibles Stronger?

Yes, live resin edibles are stronger than cannabis edibles. 

They often kick in much faster, sometimes within 30 minutes and, at the latest, an hour. 

The best part, you will feel high for five hours or longer depending on your tolerance.

Wrapping Up

The biggest difference between live resin edibles and regular edibles is the type of cannabis product that’s used to create them. 

Live resin edibles are created with live resin concentrate, while regular edibles are made with cannabutter or oil made from cannabis flower. 

Live resin edibles are typically stronger than their traditional counterparts and can offer a powerfully potent experience unlike that you’ll find with regular edibles. 

Keep in mind that edibles take longer to kick in than other methods of cannabis consumption. Whether eating live resin edibles or regular edibles, wait at least an hour or two to gauge the effects before consuming more.