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Jen Keehn

Managing Editor
Alumni of: Yoga Farm Ithaca


  • Nature and Bloom Managing Editor with a focus on holistic health & wellness, dedicated to providing natural wellness solutions.
  • Self confessed cannabis lover and geek. Jen has been enjoying the benefits of weed for over 20 years.
  • Completed 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) from Yoga Farm Ithaca and a 30 HR CEU Trauma Informed YTT from the same institution.
  • Work featured in publications like Wikileaf, Merry Jane, Hektoen International, and CBD School.


Jen Keehn, the Cannabis Lead Editor at Nature and Bloom, is powered by a profound passion to increase awareness and inspire individuals towards a holistic approach to wellness. Her heart-centered writing process is a testament to her commitment to intertwining her lifestyle with her livelihood, resulting in a unique and authentic creative flair in every piece she crafts. 

Beyond her editorial responsibilities, Jen offers spiritual lifestyle consulting and imparts her knowledge through yoga and meditation teaching. Outside of her professional gigs, she immerses herself in spiritual studies, cultivates food and medicinal plants, indulges in captivating fiction, and enjoys the thrill of snowboarding and surfing. 

Jen is also currently working on two enlightening books: “A Grow Guide for Girls” and “Overcoming Generational Trauma,” the latter being a collaborative effort with her daughter


Jen’s educational journey led her to Yoga Farm Ithaca, where she completed her 200 HR YTT.  Further deepening her understanding of the mind-body connection, she pursued a 30 HR CEU Trauma Informed YTT from the same institution, equipping her with the knowledge to address the intricate nuances of trauma through yoga.

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