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Best Hydroponic Systems for Marijuana In 2024: Weed Grow

I’ve been growing weed for over 20 years and started with my first hydroponic system around 10 years back. Since then, I’ve learned precisely what you need to grow weed indoors successfully and with ease. 

So, if you’re confused looking at the myriad of specialized hydroponic systems to buy, keep reading for my take on the best hydroponic system for weed.

complete indoor hydroponic system for weed

Best Hydroponic Systems For Marijuana

1. Budgrower Complete Indoor Hydroponic System For Weed

The Budgrower was one of the first, and some consider the best hydroponic systems for growing cannabis on the market.

It opened the door for the availability of an all-inclusive hydroponic system that provided everything necessary for growing high-quality marijuana within a home environment.

Top Pick: Best Hydroponic System For Marijuana
Indoor Marijuana Grow Tent Kit | Budgrower
  • 7 unique weed grow kits
  • 6oz-42oz harvest systems
  • Highly rated by customers

PROS (+)

  • Extremely durable construction
  • Beginner-friendly
  • 3-year warranty as standard

CONS (-)

  • Pricey

These premium grow tent kits come in seven different configurations, each of which is designed to mesh with the specific marijuana growing background of various levels of end-user, from beginners to advanced growers.

They all include 1200w LED lights and a high-quality reflective Mylar growing tent, along with all of the nutrient-packed soil that will be necessary to provide the marijuana plants inside your tent with the ideal growing environment from the initial seed germination to harvest.

Budgrower hydroponic systems are virtually perfect products for amateur or inexperienced growers. 

This is because they provide them with practically everything they need to grow weed at home without the hassle of locating and purchasing all of the items independently.  

The sturdy grow-out tents can support up to 300 pounds and are equipped with an inner sheet of highly reflective diamond mylar. 

They are also fitted with a heavy-duty zipper system that is easy to open and close and, more importantly, prevents light leakage that can create issues during the growing cycle.

The 1200w LED grow lights provided in their systems offer full-spectrum lighting that is well suited to indoor marijuana cultivation. 

The tent kit also provides a carbon-filtered air system that is highly efficient in preventing root rot and removing any dust or odor that might exist within your tent.

Additional components include an inline CFM exhaust fan, temperature and humidity monitors, clamps, hangers, and 2 bags of premium growing soil.

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2. Vivosun Hydroponic System and Grow Tent

The Vivosun reflective Mylar grow tent system can provide you with the perfect solution for creating your own private hydroponic grow room at home.

This applies regardless of if you are looking for an indoor hydroponic system to start a new crop from scratch or finish off a batch of maturing plants.

Runner Up
Marijuana Indoor Grow Kit | Vivosun
  • Great value
  • Established brand
  • Free shipping over $59

PROS (+):

  • Excellent value and CS
  • Windows on both sides of the tent 
  • All-inclusive 2-year warranty

CONS (-):

  • Initial tent set-up can be a bit difficult
  • Zippers leak a small amount of light

Vivosun indoor tent systems come complete with virtually all that you need to cultivate high-quality weed plants. These include premium quality, heavy-duty tent, an air filtration unit, a 300w LED grow light, thermometer, hygrometer, timer, and hangers, along with all of the necessary ducting.

Vivosun has years of experience in the indoor grow tent market, manufacturing and selling high-quality tents and growing accessories at reasonable prices. 

If you need something heavy-duty, look no further. 

The Vivosun tent is faithfully constructed from thick material; durable 600D tear-proof canvas and is of sufficient size to grow 6 to 8 cannabis plants simultaneously.

An indoor hydroponic system by Vivosun delivers a product to its customers with a level of quality that is normally found in brands that sell for much higher prices.

Having a much lower price point is one of the primary reasons why throngs of novice growers have embraced Vivosun hydroponic growing systems.

Although Vivosun is a relatively small company, this factor has helped to boost their product sales within the market to soar to a point where they have begun to cut the profits of much larger companies that manufacture and sell indoor grow tents. 

While the lower price point of a Vivosun tent kit gives you a bigger bang for your buck, one of the things that keep their customers coming back is their impeccable Customer Service.

In an era renowned for impersonal, robotic customer contact, Vivosun’s after-sale customer support and service go the extra mile to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase.

In the end, the overall quality and exceptional value of Vivosun’s heavy-duty growing systems, combined with the company’s excellent after-sale customer support, make them an excellent choice for indoor Cannabis cultivation.

3. Supercloset Full Indoor Weed Hydroponic System

SuperCloset hydroponic systems offer an inclusive selection of multi-chambered grow tents, indoor growing rooms, and grow boxes. 

After well over a decade of operation, they have become one of the foremost businesses in the hydroponics industry.  During that time, they have won several awards for their innovative and revolutionary designs in the field of automated indoor hydroponic systems.

PROS (+):

  • Discreet
  • Innovative design and construction
  • Easily adjustable lighting

CONS (-):

  • Feeder tube may not reach all the plants (build issue)
  • Customer service isn’t as good as competitors

SuperCloset has a number of options available that are all designed to provide maximum value for growing plants, no matter which of them you ultimately select.  

As a matter of fact, the brand touts SuperCloset as the “#1 selling grow cabinet system in the world.”

Their indoor hydroponic systems are designed to assist you in performing a variety of essential functions like measuring and maintaining the correct temperature and humidity within your tent, as well as regulating airflow, hydration, and proper air filtration.

SuperCloset all-inclusive hydroponic kits help make your indoor gardening experience simple. Their complete systems include a premium-quality grow tent along with a plethora of other essential items:

  • Dual 600 WATT HPS Air-Cooled Lights for 87-plants
  • 70 Gallon HydroSystem combines Ebb and Flow with DWC
  • 6″ Inline Fan
  • 6″ Carbon Filter
  • Hydroponic Nutrients
  • TDS meter
  • Rockwool cubes
  • Hydroton rocks
  • Grow DVD
  • Lifetime Tech Support provided with a 3-Year Warranty

With well over a decade of experience in the indoor hydroponics industry, their products deserve a solid ‘thumbs up’ as one of the top alternatives on the market when it comes to indoor cannabis cultivation.

Hydroponic Systems Buying Guide

More and more fledgling growers are now starting to delve into the world of indoor grow tent kits and, for many newbies, the learning curve can become a bit overwhelming.  

There are many questions that they may have about the operational aspects of growing Cannabis within an indoor hydroponic environment.

The first usually being what is a hydroponic system and what’s the difference between the variety of systems.

What Are Hydroponic Grow Systems?

There are several different hydroponic systems that support growing plants without using soil, using instead an inert growing medium that is supplied with nutrient-rich solutions, oxygen, and water. 

When used for cultivating weed, plants grown within a hydroponic grow system to foster more rapid growth, superior quality, and larger harvests.

When a plant’s root system is exposed directly to water and nutrition, it does not have to exert any energy in sustaining itself, as would be the case if it were grown in soil. 

As a result, the plant can direct its growing efforts exclusively to the flourishing production of stems, leaves, and, eventually, flowers.

Hydroponic Growing System Types

There are several types of different hydroponic systems that utilize a slightly different growing medium and technique to facilitate an effective, soil-free growing environment for cannabis cultivation. They include:

1. Deep Water Culture System (DWC)

The Deep Water Culture method is one of the hydroponic growing systems in which the plants being cultivated are suspended over the nutrient solution. 

An air pump is then used to feed an air stone that discharges nutrients and oxygen, which is then absorbed by the roots of the plants.

Plants are initially placed into a small pot, which is then situated inside of a larger pot that has been fitted with a hole that will accommodate the base of the smaller pot.

A deep water culture system allows the roots of the plants to remain suspended in air and free of any physical contact with the larger container. 

The result is that, as the roots of the plants dangle freely, they are allowed to soak up the solution from the nutrient reservoir in the lower receptacle.

2. Ebb and Flow System

Hydroponic grow systems that use the Ebb and Flow technique operate by flooding the growing trays with water-based nutrients that ultimately drain back into a dedicated reservoir for reuse.

Ebb and flow systems utilize a timer to operate the submerged pump that regulates the flow of the nutrient-rich water.  

These systems are generally considered easy to maintain, although they are occasionally susceptible to power outages, pump failures, and sometimes even a failure of the timer itself.

The dispensing reservoir in an ebb and flow system is automatically drained and filled several times each day, which allows the roots of the plants to soak up sufficient amounts of both nutrients and oxygen.

The individual pots in an ebb and flow system, which are filled with the selected inert medium, are then placed onto a specially designed growing platform capable of containing 1 to 4 inches of the nutrient-rich growing solution to feed the root system.

3. Drip Irrigation System

A drip system is classified as an active growing method, which means that it uses a pump to regularly supply plants with all of the water and nutrients that they will require to grow and thrive.

A drip irrigation system is occasionally referred to as a trickle, or micro irrigation, system. 

As the name suggests, drip irrigation systems rely upon small emitters, which drip the constant supply of solution from the nutrient reservoir directly into the inert medium that support your plants.

4. Aeroponics

An aeroponic system does not utilize water as a growth medium. 

Rather, the plant roots are allowed to hang free in the surrounding air while all of the necessary nutrients are delivered via an aerosolized spray, which provides a nourishing mist for the root system that supplies everything that the plants need to grow and thrive.

The primary advantage of an aeroponic system is that it prevents root rot and allows for greater uptake and faster absorption of these necessary nutrients, which in turn translates into helping the plants grow bigger and faster.

The Final Verdict: Best Hydroponic System For Weed

All of the hydroponic systems that we reviewed represent the top of the line when evaluated for cultivating marijuana.

Nonetheless, in the final analysis, Budgrower provides its customers with a top-shelf and highly popular growing system and the greatest number of choices when selecting the right product to deliver precisely the level of yield they are looking for.

Top Pick
Indoor Marijuana Grow Tent Kit | Budgrower
  • 7 unique weed grow kits
  • 6oz-42oz harvest systems
  • Highly rated by customers

As a result, we believe that Budgrower provides its customers with a popular hydroponic system that offers them the best value, quality, and selection when it comes to hydroponic systems that are designed to grow cannabis plants.  

Happy growing!