THC Diamonds: Pure THCa & Federally Legal

THC diamonds are one of the most sought after cannabis concentrates on the market. They are about 4 times stronger than flower, and this incredibly potent isolate can contain up to 99% THC. 

It’s easy to see why marijuana diamonds are becoming the go-to concentrate amongst concentrate connoisseurs. 

Interested in learning more about THC diamonds? Keep reading to read everything you need about this potent product, from how they’re made to how they’re used…and everything in between.

THC-A Diamond Dabs Elyxr

What Are THC Diamonds?

THC diamonds are a form of cannabis concentrate made from pure THCa.

The extract gets its name from its appearance. The diamonds have a semi-translucent crystalline structure and, you guessed it, look like actual “diamonds.”

Created under specific conditions, THCa is isolated then purified. This purification process allows THCa to form into crystalline solids or diamonds.

It also results in one of the strongest products in the industry. THCa diamonds are highly potent and contain almost pure THCa, testing at 80-99% total cannabinoids.

Ranging from bright white to dark gold in color depending on purity, the diamonds come in an assortment of crystal sizes.

You can dab or smoke a marijuana diamond just as you would with any concentrate. They can be made with other cannabinoids too such as CBD but THC diamonds are the most common.

Since the THC diamond is basically 100% cannabinoids, there’s no terpenes. This results in an odorless, tasteless concentrate. Sometimes crystals are mixed with a terpene sauce.This results in something called diamonds and sauce, which we’ll discuss here in a bit.

And yes. Since hemp derived THCa is federally legal assuming <0.3% D9-THC content, you can pick up these potent concentrates online. I’ve tried the diamonds from Vivimu and they had me flying sky high! Read this THCa dabs review to learn more, or check out my top recommendation below:

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How Are Cannabis Diamonds Made?

There are several ways to make THCa diamonds, but all are made by extracting and applying an immense amount of pressure to THCa.

The two most popular ways to make cannabis diamonds are known as the closed loop system and the crystalline method.

Despite what method is used, the extraction process is the same. Fresh frozen flower is used to create live resin. This is the foundation for all marijuana diamonds. Sometimes cured weed is used in place of live resin, but it’s rare. 

Once THCa is extracted, heat and pressure are applied to the cannabinoid to create the final product. To form any kind of diamond, THC or otherwise, a lot of pressure is required. 

Following you’ll find detailed information on how they’re created: 

Closed Loop System

This method uses a liquid solvent that is mixed with the THCa extracted from plant material. The extract is then purged without the use of a vacuum oven to remove almost all the solvent, with 10-15% of the residual solvent being retained to produce a supersaturated solution of THCa.

Next, the solution is slowly purged with a natural separation process. During separation, the THC diamonds are eventually isolated. The pure THC diamonds are then purged once more to eliminate any remaining solvent.

The closed loop separation method can take several weeks for THCa crystalline structures to form.

Crystalline Method

In the crystalline method, a residual solvent is combined with a heavily refined cannabis extract to create a supersaturated solution. The solvent is then carefully removed by applying heat and pressure. 

The combination of heat and pressure creates the perfect conditions to form THC diamonds. During this process THCa bonds to other cannabinoid molecules and THCa crystalline is formed.

THC Diamonds & Sauce

THC diamonds are offered in a few different ways. You’ll find some sold in a saucy, high terpene mixture referred to as “diamonds and sauce” or “diamond sauce.” 

We mentioned diamonds are formed in resin sauce, before heat and pressure are applied to form crystalline diamonds.

When terp sauce is combined with isolated diamonds, the result is a soupy, saucy product with amazing flavor that’s super popular amongst dabbers. 

Remember, cannabis extracts are named for their consistency. THC diamonds and sauce are a combination of gooey liquid and hard crystals…hence the name “diamonds and sauce.”

How Do You Use Marijuana Diamonds?

Diamonds are to be used like any other concentrate. They need to be heated to produce psychoactive effects. 

Dabbing is the most common way to consume THC diamonds, which involves using a dab rig that’s fashioned with a quartz or titanium nail. Once the nail is heated with the torch, a dab tool is used to vaporize the diamonds on the hot nail. 

Another way to consume THC diamonds is by adding them to fresh flower. They can be easily separated and sprinkled on a bowl or added to a joint.

Are Cannabis Diamonds Always THCa?

THCa diamonds are the most potent of any extract and contain nearly pure THCa. The high level of potency is why the THC diamond has a solid crystal form.

Diamonds are almost always THCa but they can also be made with CBD and other cannabinoids. CBD diamonds are made with hemp oil and a chromatography machine. 

The process of making CBD diamonds is much different from making THC diamonds, but it still results in a pure CBD extract.

Wrapping Up: THC Crystals

THC crystals are changing the concentrate industry. 

Concentrates are already famous for containing insanely high levels of THC, but diamonds straight perfected them. 

While some cannabinoids are lost during decarboxylation, dabbing diamonds are the closest you can get to consuming pure THC.

Even experienced dabbers will find there’s nothing quite like diamond potency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are THCa Diamonds Legal?

Yes, THCa diamonds are technically legal under the 2018 Farm Bill, which designates hemp products containing less than 0.3% THC on a dry weight basis as legal. “Hemp” is defined as any part of the marijuana plant that does not exceed 0.3% of Delta 9 THC.

THCa is excluded from the legislation’s definition of hemp, so it’s technically in a legal gray area. Since the crystals contain THCa, they’re considered federally legal.

Keep in mind that even though the extract is legal at the federal level, states can make their own laws. Always check with your state law before consuming any type of cannabis product, THCa diamonds included. 

What’s The Difference Between THC Diamonds and Other Cannabis Concentrates?

The two major differences between diamonds and other concentrates are consistency and potency. 

Diamonds also have a solid crystal-like texture, while other extracts such as crumble or sugar have a softer, pliable consistency. 

Pro tip: the name of an extract is indicative of its texture. Badder has a consistency like cake batter, for example. Shatter gets its name from the transparent texture that “shatters” like glass when it’s broken to use.