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What Are THC Crystals and How Potent Is THC Crystalline?

THC crystals are some of the most potent formulated cannabis products on the market.

THC crystals aren’t exactly THC, though. They’re THCa that converts to THC when they’re heated. 

These heavily concentrated crystalline structures can cause a seriously intense high–and they’re legal almost everywhere.

Read on to discover the magic behind THC crystals, including what they are, how they’re made, and just how potent THC crystalline really is.

thca diamond

Key Takeaways: Weed Crystals

  • THC crystals are heavily concentrated crystalline structures that can induce a powerful high.
  • THC crystalline is made from purified THCa.
  • They can be made by thoroughly refining cannabis oil from hemp or marijuana.
  • THCa dabs and crystals are created using solvents like butane or propane.  

What Are THC Crystals?

THC crystals are a heavily concentrated cannabis extract that is made of tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, or THCa.

They’re also called THC diamonds, named for their semi-translucent crystalline form. 

They’re made by thoroughly refining cannabis oil and purifying isolated THCa, which causes the THCa to form into a crystalline structure that resembles cut diamonds. 

When heated and decarbed, THCa crystalline converts into pure THC.

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Are THC Crystals Natural?

Yes, THC crystals are natural and not made synthetically. But, they are a processed and Isolated form of THCa that goes through a conversion process using chemicals which are purged from the final product.

These crystals can be derived from either marijuana or hemp. Isolated forms of THCa like this are usually made using solvents like butane or propane, which are then purged via a vacuum. The result is a crystalline structure that resembles coarse sugar.  

The end result is a product that resembles tiny crystalline diamonds that contain a potency of 97-99% THCa.

Once decarbed, these THC crystals induce a powerful high as the THCa converts to THC.

Potential Benefits

While THC crystals are fairly new to the legal cannabis market and more research is needed, they could contain the same potential medicinal benefits of THC and other cannabinoids. 

Super potent

THCa diamonds are an extremely potent cannabis concentrate that converts to THC when heated.

They typically have a THCa concentration of around 97-99%. 

Once the crystals are exposed to heat, the THCa is converted into delta 9 THC, inducing strong psychoactive effects. 


This pure THC product can be used just like other other cannabis concentrates. 

They just need to be exposed to heat to activate the THC so they can produce their potent psychoactive effects. 

The most common way to use THC crystals is by dabbing them in a dab rig, which will produce potent, intoxicating effects almost immediately.

You can also separate THC crystals and sprinkle them on top of a bowl of your favorite flower strain or roll them up in a joint. 

They can also be mixed with other cannabis concentrates for an added potency punch.  

Their flavorless, odorless nature and crystalline form allow them to easily dissolve into olive oil or coconut oil for tinctures. But they won’t induce any psychoactive effects if they’re not decarbed.

Another way to decarb THCa crystalline diamonds is by dissolving them in coconut oil, olive oil or homemade cannabis butter, offering perfect starting material to create delicious infused baked goods.

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Given that they’re so potent compared to cannabis plant flower, THCa crystals are surprisingly affordable.

One gram of THCa crystalline diamonds can be purchased for as low as $40 from some retailers. 

Considering they’re potency, purity and versatility, this is a super low price for such a product.  

Largely Legal Nationwide

THCa crystals can be derived from hemp. In which case, they’re legal pretty much nationwide, no medical marijuana card required. 

Because hemp is legal nationwide, THCa crystals are federally uncontrolled. This means consumers can purchase this cannabis concentrate in states without medical or recreational cannabis laws. 

Hemp legality can vary from state to state, however, and it’s important to keep updated with local and state laws when consuming THCa.

Potential Risks and Side Effects

Hard to dose

Given how incredibly concentrated these cannabis diamonds are, they can be hard to dose.

While this can mean the potential medicinal benefits are strong, they can also cause intense psychoactive effects. Use caution, as too much THC can cause unpleasant effects. 

Use measured doses while you get accustomed to the effects and how they make you feel. 

Lacks terpenes

THCa crystals lack the original terpenes in raw cannabis plants. As a result, they’re odorless and flavorless.

Without these terpenes, the diamonds also lose the same benefits of the entourage effect common in full spectrum products.

Some processors re-introduce terpenes into their THC crystals, however, creating formulated 

The addition of terp sauce offers more flavor and allows cannabinoids to work synergistically with the terps to cause a more balanced effect.

Wrapping Up: Should You Use THC Crystals?

THC crystals have their benefits, but are they the best cannabis concentrates for you?

This is a powerful cannabis concentrate that’s extremely versatile and legal almost everywhere.

If you do decide to try THC crystals, start low and go slow. This way you find your sweet spot and better enjoy this concentrate that resembles coarse sugar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do THC crystals get you high?

Yes, THC crystals are heavily concentrated and can induce a strong psychoactive high.

Are THC crystals trichomes?

No, THC crystals are not trichomes. Trichomes are the tiny crystalline structures that grow on cannabis flowers that contain cannabinoids and terpenes.