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Apollo Review: Delta 8, D9 & HHC Tested

Apollo is a hemp brand that says they’ll get you as high as outer space. But do their Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC products really “taste and feel out of this world” like the brand promises?

I spent a week testing out their products to find the answer for you. Now, I can say from personal experience that their products will launch you into the stratosphere. 

From their chill D8 vibes, the meteoric high of their Delta 9 THC gummies and their surprisingly potent HHC vapes, these products took me on a cosmic adventure, and I returned as a bonafide Apollo astronaut. 

Buckle up and read on to find out all the details about my journey. 

Apollo Products tested

Is Apollo Legit?

Yes, I can tell you from personal experience, Apollo is legit. 

They offer Delta 8, Delta 9, Delta 10 and HHC products of the highest quality. 

All their products are sourced from cannabis farms in the US and third-party lab tested in cGMP facilities not just once, but three times. Talk about exceptional standards. 

From the gummies to the disposable vapes, the quality of their products is obvious. 

And they all sent me on a rocket ship into my own blissful universe.

Apollo Review: Summary

Apollo is a cannabis company with a mission to provide high-quality hemp-derived products to states where recreational cannabis is unavailable. Their team is made up of experts in the fields of chemistry and extraction, manufacturing, supply chain management and marketing. 

They avoid getting caught up in fancy marketing gimmicks so that they can bring you the best products at great prices all across the country.

Think Apollo CBD HHC, THC Products
  • Third-party, triple-tested products
  • Great terpene flavor profiles
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • According to COAs, some products have less THC per mg than what the label states
  • Vape products are not full panel lab tested
Our Rating:

Since the hemp market is largely unregulated, there aren’t any extra layers of security protecting consumers from putting harmful toxins into their body if they buy from some shady brand. 

This is why we always recommend purchasing hemp-derived products that have gone through third-party lab testing

I love that Apollo is so confident in their products that they triple test them for safety and purity.

They also take care to regulate their products in-house, so consumers can have ultimate peace of mind and an amazing experience.

I also absolutely love the natural-tasting flavors that highlight the terpenes without overdoing it on sweeteners. 

While they do better than most brands when it comes to testing their products, I wish they would provide full panel lab results for each and every one of them. 

Unfortunately, their vape and vape cart options are tested for potency only, leaving some room for improvement.

Apollo Delta 8 Gummies


Apollo’s gummies are all-natural and vegan. Made with pure D8 extract, they come coated in sugar with a fresh texture and had me feeling stress-free after about an hour. 

You can get the D8 THC gummies from Apollo as a one-time purchase for $39.99, or choose the subscribe and save option which only costs $27.99.


The effects of these D8 gummies are supposed to be uplifting and relaxing. If you have a high tolerance like me, you might not notice these effects after taking one gummy. 

But after chewing three of these little sugary treats I was floating in clouds of comfort. 

It takes about an hour to feel the effects, so don’t rush it. The first time I tried these gummies I took the recommended serving size of one. After an hour and a half, nothing. 

But the second time I tried a serving size of three I felt the effects after about 45 minutes. 

A nice mellow feeling invaded my body and my worries melted away. These were great for relaxing after work and calming tense nerves.

Apollo delta 8 delta 9 gummies

Product Info

Not only does Apollo have COAs for their products, but they offer them directly on the product page. 

This means that to find the COA for the D8 gummies you don’t have to go searching for a lab results page and scroll through a bunch of products to find the right lab report. You can simply click on the link right on the shopping page. 

This is so convenient and something I wish all hemp brands would do. 

On top of how easily accessible lab results are, most are full panel, which is still somewhat of a rarity in the cannabis industry. 

Reading these reports you can see that these gummies are free of microbes, pesticides and other potential contaminants that should not be in high-quality cannabis products. 

You can also see the cannabinoid content, which lets you know what’s printed on the label is actually what’s in your product. 

The D8 gummies lab report shows that there are 450.21mg of D8 THC and 21.41mg per unit of D9 THC.

The potency is exactly what I would expect after reading the COA. 

With only 471.62mg of THC, that means there is 23.58mg per gummy. A little less than what you are paying for according to the product label. 

As I mentioned above, I needed three gummies to get the kind of buzz I am looking for from Delta 8 THC products. 

Apollo D8 gummies come in two flavors: Very Berry and Mango Passion. 

I tried out the Very Berry. It was fresh and chewy with a mouthful of berry flavor on the front. But there is definitely a hint of cannabis aftertaste that can’t be denied.

Apollo Delta 8 Carts & Vapes


The disposable vapes and carts from Apollo in all honestly don’t look like they’re anything special. But looks can be deceiving. 

After holding and hitting them I’m convinced they’re at the top of the list for quality vape products. The disposable vapes are sleek and sturdy with a micro USB charger so none of the precious juice inside goes to waste. 

The carts themselves are equally as sleek with a universal 510-thread, so they can conveniently attach to whatever vape battery you have on hand. 

The vape pens run at a price of $39.99, or $27.99 for subscribers, and the carts cost 34.99, or $24.49 for subscribers.


The effects were immediate, and they were strong. 

I am used to a mellow high with D8 products, but the Delta 8 Tangie Dream disposable I tried out had me so stoned it might as well have been a D9 vape. 

The cerebral effects were euphoric and energizing without making me feel groggy when they wore off. 

I had a similar experience with the D8 White Cherry Gelato cart. Except this one was more suited for after dinner, as the high was more relaxing than it was energizing. 

The White Cherry Gelato hits were just a bit smoother and I could get a bigger puff, which might have been why after trying this one out I felt ready to hit the couch. 

Apollo d8 cart

Product Info

The Tangie Dream D8 disposable COA and the White Cherry Gelato Cartridge COAs are both listed right on the product pages. 

But unfortunately, these lab test results are not full panel. They only test for cannabinoid content. 

The Tangie Dream COA shows results of 721.07mg of D8 THC per gram. 

The potency is strong, as you would expect from the COA. The pen hits smooth and fast so you can get a nice-sized puff with every breath. 

And the White Cherry Gelato COA shows a result of 736.29mg of D8 THC, with small amounts of CBN and CBDA as well. 

This makes sense as the potency was stronger for me from the cart than the disposable. Although both had solid effects. 

The flavors are ideal for those who like the all-natural taste of cannabis. There is not a lot of dessert-like sweetness. Instead, the terpene flavor profile is front and center. 

If you don’t like the flavor of cannabis flower, these might not be your first choice. But if you’re anything like me and you enjoy the earthy fresh flavors of cannabis over the flavors of sweeteners, then both the disposable vapes and carts are a great option. 

When it comes to vapes, you can try out Rainbow Sherbert, Tangie Dream and White Cherry Gelato. The carts have the flavor options of Tangie Dream, White Cherry Gelato and Strawberry Lemonade.

Apollo Delta 9 THC Gummies


The Apollo Delta 9 gummies are a completely legal way to enjoy hemp-derived Delta 9 THC sourced from organically grown US hemp. Delta 9 THC offers a euphoric experience that maximizes feelings of bliss, and that’s definitely what these gummies did for me. 

You can buy a 20-count jar for $39.99, or subscribe and save at the price of $27.99 with free delivery. The jar comes with a total of 200mg of D9 CBD and THC. That’s 10mg of D9 extract per gummy. 


The effects of the Blue Razz D9 gummies were more uplifting and energetic compared to the D8 gummies, which were supremely relaxing. 

I only needed two of them to feel the groovy effects I am accustomed to when taking D9 edibles. 

Compared to the immediate effects of smoking or vaping, this high came on slow and steady. It was a tingly body high that crept into my mind as the strength grew. And my smile grew accordingly. 

Product Info

Just like their other products, Apollo places the COAs for their D9 gummies right on their shopping page so you can easily view the results. 

Clicking the full panel report for the Blue Razz gummies I can see that there is 218.10mg of D9 THC and 546.36mg of CBD in their container. 

After viewing the COA, I’m not surprised with the full power effects of these gummies. 

Unlike the D8 batch that had slightly less D8 than promised, these D9 gummies have a bit more than stated on the label, at about 10.9mg per gummy. 

The flavor options include Watermelon and Blue Razz. I sampled the Blue Razz gummies. 

Even though this flavor is not my personal favorite (I blame too many Blue Razz drinks in my college days), they were still sugary sweet and full of juicy berry flavor I enjoyed. There is, however, just the slightest hint of a medicinal aftertaste. 

Apollo HHC Vape


HHC is metabolized almost the same as D9 THC, so yes, it will get you sky-high! You can get 1000mg HHC vapes with zero additives or cutting agents from Apollo for $44.99, or a subscribe and save price of $31.49. 


The effects of the HHC vape pen took me by surprise. With a relatively high tolerance level, I needed an extra gummy or extra puff of most of the Apollo products on this list to feel the full effects I’m used to. 

But with the HHC pen, they came on right away filling my head with euphoric clouds. More mellow than their D9 gummies but much stronger than their D8 vapes, it gave me a stoney head high with energy to carry me through the day. 

Apollo HHC & Delta 8 Disposable Vape Pens

Product Info

The HHC vape has a COA you can find right on the product page that shows it contains a total of 663.1mg of HHC. Unfortunately, this one is not full panel either, so all we can verify is the cannabinoid content. 

As far as potency goes, the HHC pen stood out above the rest. I only needed a puff to feel the effects. 

After taking a few two-second puffs of the Tangie Dream HHC vape, I was in outer space. Thanks for following through on your promises, Apollo. 

The HHC vapes might be a better option than the D8 vapes for veteran cannabis consumers who have a high tolerance level. 

The flavors stayed true to the rest of my experience with this brand. Definitely cannabis-forward without the artificial sweetness taste used in so many hemp products these days. It left hints of the Tangie Dream terps on my tongue and not much else. 

There is a hint of sweetness, however, that may leave you wanting more if you are chasing the robust candy flavors some other vape brands deliver. 

In addition to the Tangie Dream I tested, you can try out White Cherry Gelato, Strawberry Lemonade and Rainbow Sherbert. 

The Final Verdict: Think Apollo Review

After a week-long study trying and testing various Apollo gummies and vapes, the verdict is in. 

These products are straight fire. 

Don’t let the simple packaging fool you. There’s no doubt Apollo has the highest quality standards. Like using only US-sourced organic hemp and triple testing their products for potency and safety. 

Think Apollo CBD HHC, THC Products
  • Third-party, triple-tested products
  • Great terpene flavor profiles
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • According to COAs, some products have less THC per mg than what the label states
  • Vape products are not full panel lab tested
Our Rating:

With products to suit the needs of all tolerance levels, this is definitely a brand to check out no matter how much cannabis you regularly consume. 

The Delta 8 products might be a great fit for newbies to the game, the Delta 9 gummies don’t disappoint and the HHC products are ready to knock the socks off even the most experienced consumers. 

Get ready for take-off, my friends. These hemp goodies will help you soar to new heights.