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Best Dab Rigs For Wax, Oil, Shatter & Dabbing

Whether you love concentrates but don’t have a dab rig in your MJ arsenal or you’re a seasoned dabber looking for the best rigs, there’s no shortage of options.

As enjoyable as dabs are, finding the best rig can be overwhelming.

That’s where we come in. We want your dabbing experience to be incredible, but high quality concentrates are only part of dabbing.

To have the best dabbing experience possible, you need a dope dab rig.

Following you’ll find some of the best options for taking dabs available. Keep reading to discover the best options for buying yourself that brand-new rig that makes dabbing even more delightful.

The Best Dab Rigs 2023

1. Puffco Peak Smart Rig

This dab rig is a top-notch smart rig that produces perfect hits. It’s equipped with four temperature control options and a rugged design.

Top Pick: Best Dab Rig
Puffco Peak Smart Rig | Electronic Dabber
  • 20 sec heat up time
  • Sesh mode for sharing
  • 2 hour fast charge

PROS (+)

  • Simple design
  • Portability
  • Oculus carb cap

CONS (-)

  • To keep your chamber clean, wipe it with a swab and soak it in alcohol once it discolors
  • 30 sessions per charge

Its battery charges in under two hours, takes only 20 seconds to heat up and comes with a carb cap that stays still while you load it, and a glass window where you can watch your concentrate turn to vapor.

This rig comes in two parts, including a borosilicate glass bubbler and silicone base. This makes cleaning easy and breaking down the dab rig a breeze. Big bonus: It’s only 7″ tall, making it super stashable in your purse or bag.

What We Like

We’re all about the clean, modern style of this dab rig. Honestly, we think this dab rig is one of the coolest portable options currently available on the market.

Its state-of-the-art temperature control prevents harsh hits, and the Sesh-Mode function is sweet, allowing you to increase dab rig heat for an additional 15 seconds mid-toke. Awesome option whether you added too much concentrate or you’re sharing a dab with a friend.

What We Don’t Like

Unfortunately, the ceramic cup in the chamber isn’t removable, meaning cleaning it with a torch is difficult and replacing the ceramic cup is a pain.

Another thing about this electric dab rig we don’t care for is the extra power dock must be purchased separately to get up to 100 sessions. The app is Android-friendly, but it seems to have some issues signing into Apple products.

2. VLab Halo V2 E RIG

The VLab Halo comes with four temperature settings, perfect for both dabbers who desire high temps, the novice still getting used to dabs and everyone in between.  It boasts a nichrome coil that heats faster and has better resistance than other coils.

The medical-grade borosilicate glass water pipe has an 8-holed percolation with two recycler chambers, meaning the water and vapor get filtered twice. Its impressive battery life supports more than 50 sessions, and it has a protection system with an auto-shutoff program in case of an emergency.

Best Budget eRig
VLAB Halo eRig
  • Excellent value
  • Rapid to heat up
  • 5 colors to pick from

PROS (+)

  • Titanium coil
  • Long battery life
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design

CONS (-)

  • The highest setting is too harsh for most concentrates

What We Like

Being able to customize electronic dab rigs is cool, and we love this is available in four different colors: Glacier White, Slate Black, Apple Green and Magic Purple.

The ability to set precise temperatures is also great for cannabis connoisseurs who love their terpenes. FYI: It’s around 600 °F that’s perfect for live resin. Badder, budder, live rosin and diamonds are best around 480 °F.

What We Don’t Like

Pulling too hard on a dab hit is easy to do with this rig, meaning gunk will easily build up in the glass bubbler. Nothing that a little isopropyl alcohol can’t help, but still this one seems to be especially quick to gunk up.

3. Dopezilla Rig

This standard dab rig bubbler with a banger comes in milky purple and black. This 9” rig may surprise you with its efficiency, as it gets the job done.

The glass is 5mm thick with a beaker shape and base for more stability. It’s also branded with colors that vary depending on the model you choose.

Best Traditional Rig
Basilisk Beaker Dab Rig & Bubbler By Dopezig
  • Male 14.5mm quartz banger
  • Premium borosilicate glass
  • Smooth draws

PROS (+)

  • Well priced
  • Temperature control to ensure your dab isn’t wasted
  • Produces great flavor

CONS (-)

  • Tall dab rigs tend to make it difficult for short people to get a good hit

What We Like

This rig has a drum percolator that produces smooth hits for those of us with sensitive lungs and throats.  

What We Don’t Like

They say size doesn’t matter, even when it comes to dab rigs. But if you’ve got a dab that isn’t electric, safely using a torch on dab rigs this tall can be a pain if you’re smaller in stature.

4. Dr. Dabber SWITCH

This induction-powered E-Rig offers consumers the option to use it to smoke both dry herb and concentrates. Keep in mind, however, that it doesn’t vaporize dry herb, it just makes it so that you can also use this dab rig like you would a bong.

Best Electronic Rig

PROS (+)

  • 150 sessions per charge
  • Induction heating
  • Self-cleaning mode

CONS (-)

  • Dry herb doesn’t always burn optimally
  • Self-cleaning mode doesn’t work well on the herb induction cups

It contains 25 carefully engineered and calibrated heat settings, meaning you can get super precise control to vaporize your dab perfectly. It’s a lot of fun experimenting with it to figure out the perfect setting for dabs that’ll do ya just right.

It also comes equipped with two ceramic-coated titanium induction heater cups. One is for cannabis, the other is for dabbing concentrates. What you will find is that the dabs will boil out of the bottom nicely without gunking up in the corners.

What We Like

What we found straight amazing was that you can get 150 sessions per charge from this dab rig. That’s the most we’ve ever come across, and we’ve dabbed our fair share of concentrates. It also only takes 60 minutes to charge up all the way.

Dr. Dabber customer service is also top-notch. When customers complained about the quality of the carb cap and dabber tool, all SWITCH units were upgraded to include a redesigned directional airflow cap and a higher quality metal dab tool to replace the old glass one.

What We Don’t Like

Depending on your taste preference, Dr. Dabber has an arrangement of add-on cups (ceramic, sapphire, quartz and silicon carbide) you can choose from and purchase extra, but it’s impossible to know which is better without having to buy them all.

These cups are also messier to clean, as you have to do traditional cleans with alcohol, burn-offs with a torch and Q-tips to get the corners. Honestly, it makes us wonder if the add-ons are even worth it.

5. Revolt Rig

If you are looking for a straight-up rig without all the bells and whistles, this may be the perfect dab rig for you. As far as dab rigs go, this one has a simple, yet efficient design and is made of the highest quality material.

Best Value Rig
Revolt Rig | 9" Glass Traditional Look
  • 100% premium borosilicate glass
  • Decent percolation
  • Excellent Value

PROS (+)

  • Contains a showerhead percolator for smoother puffs
  • The downstem to hold the glass bowl is fixed to prevent breakage
  • Comes with a quartz banger

CONS (-)

  • Doesn’t come with a carb cap
  • Could have more customization options

What We Like

The elegant simplicity of this dab rig is something we really liked. For anyone starting that doesn’t want to commit to buying an expensive e-rig, trying out a classic dabbing design may be the best bet. This dab rig is classy, yet really easy to use.

What We Don’t Like

We had a bit of an issue with heating the banger with the butane torch, which shouldn’t be an issue when it comes to dabbing. Go slowly, take necessary precautions, and with a little bit of practice, you may be producing quality hits before you know it.

6. Puffco Peak Pro Smart Rig

Another gem from Puffco is the Peak Pro Smart Rig Guardian Limited Edition. This edition is only available for a limited time, but it makes it worth it with all the extra goodies. It comes with four pre-programmed heat settings, one of which will vaporize your concentrate.

Puffco Peak Pro Smart E-Rig
  • Heats from the chamber sides
  • 40% larger chamber vs peak
  • Puffco app compatible for monitoring

PROS (+)

  • Customizable LED light
  • Auto sleep function
  • 30-second heat-up time

CONS (-)

  • Charging time is a bit slow compared to other dab rigs

What We Like

We absolutely love the design of this dab rig. It has a metallic yet transparent silicone base, a chrome aluminum alloy band and an Art Deco-style glass chamber. It also contains a chamber where you can store your concentrates. This chamber is designed to help preserve your smokables.

What I find also wonderful is that each dabbing session can be customized with excellent temperature control. You can even do it from the app. Using Bluetooth, you can create and save custom heat profiles that include customizing your vaping time, what LED light color you want for your dab sesh and more.  

What We Don’t Like

Even though it is a versatile and elegant-looking piece of hardware, we wouldn’t buy it for the dab rig cost alone.

7. Famous X Stack Rig

If you want a small, portable, basic rig, you should definitely check out the Famous X Stack Rig.

People love it for its simplicity, super smoothest hits and large clouds of vapor. It’s a great dab rig for people who are new to concentrates, as using just a small butane torch leads to a dazzling dabbing experience.

PROS (+)

  • Slitted-line, inverted showerhead percolator for smoother tokes
  • Borosilicate glass makes for easy cleaning
  • Fixed downstem

CONS (-)

  • Fragile

What We Like

This is such a popular dab rig, that it’s actually hard to find in stores. It is pretty cheap and dependable, making it an affordable dab rig that suits almost anyone’s budget and taste.

What We Don’t Like

Despite dab rig cost, manufacturers should never use subpar parts or cheap designs. This rig isn’t of the best quality in our opinion but it will suffice if your on a budget.

That’s why, whether searching for an electric dab rig, mini rig, silicone rig, silicone device, nectar collector or dab mat, you should always do your research. Some of the best dabbing products are significantly cheaper than you think.

8. Goody Glass Rig

If you are looking for something that is a small size, and can be stored easily and is a reasonable price, then check out Goody Glass dabbing rigs. The Twister is likely the water pipe you have been looking for. With its minimal design, the Goody Glass portable dab rig is something that everyone should have in their MJ arsenal.

PROS (+)

  • Air is cycled continuously due to the percolator’s water filtration
  • Such packs a punch with your cannabis concentrates
  • It’s perfect for on-the-go and is one of the sturdiest dabbing rigs of this size

CONS (-)

  • Caution must be taken when dabbing at high temperatures, as your face is closer to the banger
  • Could be cheaper considering the size, although it is made with quality pieces

What We Like

The water filtration on the Twister produces much smoother hits than other water pipes of that size. This is because it has a 5 hole downstem percolator and a quartz banger that will cool down your red-hot cannabis concentrates to reach temperatures that are perfect for smooth dabs and an awesome experience.

What We Don’t Like

We found it a bit tricky to determine the perfect temperature to heat dabs up to. That’s why we always recommend getting a dab thermometer to achieve the perfect hit every time.

Dab Rig Buying Guide

When it comes to dabbing, many dab consumers prefer smaller rigs over larger ones. This is because the best electric dab rigs are often more efficient, easier to use and less expensive in the long run.

They also make your concentrated form of cannabis last longer, produce bigger clouds of vapor for inhalation and are much safer to use than larger, more unstable rigs that can be twice the size of more compact e rigs.

But first, you have to ask yourself, do you want to go with electric dab rigs or a manual one? If you’re a newbie and are not even sure how to use dab rigs at all. Let’s fix that.

How To Use a Dab Rig

Here is some information that should be in your MJ arsenal now that you are interested in dabs. Also, it will help provide you with a better all-around dabbing experience. Following are step-by-step instructions on how to dab cannabis concentrates using a dag rig.

Step 1: If you are using a torch, turn it on, and begin to heat the nail or banger until it is red hot.

Step 2: Let the nail or banger cool down. This usually takes 30-60 seconds so the dabs don’t get burnt.

Step 3: Using a dabbing tool, add your concentrate to the banger and begin to inhale.

Step 4: Cover the end of the banger to trap the heat and provide a longer, smoother haul.

Are Electric Rigs Better?

Whether an oil rig or wax rig, following are a few reasons why electric dab rigs may be considered better:

  • Electric dab rigs are easier to transport
  • They may work with a wider variety of concentrates
  • Electric oil rigs are easier to use
  • Have precision hits
  • They are considered safer
  • Electric dab rigs are more durable

Why Buy a Manual Rig?

Manual rigs are also an option for would-be and experienced dabbers. 

  • Manual dab rigs are considered better at preserving terpene profiles
  • Manual rigs are usually cheaper
  • Manual rigs tend to be easier to clean

The Final Verdict: Best Dab Rig

Whether you’re new to dabs or you’re a seasoned pro, you deserve the best rig on the market.

By far, our pick for the very best rig is the Peak Smart Rig by Puffco. This e rig is easy to use, very sci-fi looking and produces impressive clouds off the smallest hauls.

Top Pick: Best Dab Rig
Puffco Peak Smart Rig | Electronic Dabber
  • 20 sec heat up time
  • Sesh mode for sharing
  • 2 hour fast charge

No matter which of the dab rigs you end up choosing from this guide, we believe you’ll be pleased with your experience.