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Bloomz Hemp Review: D8, HHC, THCO & THCA Budtender Tested

We know how hard it can be to find legitimate hemp brands. Lucky for you, this task just got a lot easier. 

With over five years working in a dispensary, I know exactly what to look for when searching for high quality products made by brands you can trust. 

I recently spent a few days getting seriously stoned while sampling several products from Bloomz Hemp. And I have to say, I’ve found a hemp brand that’s definitely worth checking out. 

Following is my honest take on each and every Bloomz Hemp product I tried.

Bloomz Hemp products tested
Boomz Hemp Products Tested For This Review

Is Bloomz Hemp Legit? 

Yes, Bloomz Hemp is legit. 

The brand is actually a subsidiary of Binoid, one of the biggest hemp retailers in the business. They have over 300,000 customers to prove it. 

Having personally tried an assortment of Bloomz Hemp flower, I can confirm that this brand is the real deal. 

All Bloomz Hemp’s high-quality products are third-party tested by an independent lab to ensure that every flower is up to their strict standards.

Bloomz Hemp Review: Brand Overview

Bloomz Hemp is an online retailer that specializes in premium hemp flower and a subsidiary of Binoid, who are based in Los Angeles, California and has been making customers smile since 2018. 

Bloomz Hemp Flowers | THCA, D8, THCO
  • Potent Buds
  • Fast & Free Shipping
  • Excellent Value
Our Rating:

PROS (+) 

  • Excellent flavor
  • Ultra smooth smoke
  • Affordably priced

CONS (-)

  • Products are not full panel tested
  • Limited product range (flower only)

Bloomz Hemp only launched in 2023 but has already built a solid reputation for their high-quality products. The brand sources the highest quality U.S. grown hemp from local farmers in Oregon and Colorado.

In a proprietary infusion process, Bloomz Hemp infuses their flower with novel cannabinoids such as THC-O and THCA to offer a one of a kind hemp experience. The infusion process involves adding 95%+ distillate to their bud for superior taste and potent effects.

They maintain their commitment to excellence by adhering to some of the strictest safety standards. All products are tested five times in house before being sent to a third party lab for further testing.

1. Bloomz Product Range

All Bloomz Hemp flower is sold by the eighth (3.5 grams), quarter-ounce (7 grams) or ounce (28 grams). Following you’ll find  all different types of hemp flower the brand has to offer:

Delta 8 THC Flower 

  • Grape Zkittlez (36.2 mg/ gram of Delta 8)
  • Monster Cookies  (36.2 mg / gram of Delta 8)
  • Green Goblin (36.2 mg / gram of Delta 8)
  • Apple Fritter (36.2 mg / gram of Delta 8)

THCA Flower

  • Guava Cookies (22.5% THCA / 23.546% Total Cannabinoids)
  • Platinum OG (21.18% THCA / 22.99% Total Cannabinoids)
  • Sprite (22.19% THCA / 23.114 % Total Cannabinoids)
  • Grape Frosty (COA unavailable)
  • MAC (COA unavailable) 

HHC Flower

  • Apple Fritter (36.2 mg / gram of HHC)
  • Grape Zkittlez (36.2 mg / gram of HHC)
  • Green Goblin (36.2 mg / gram of HHC)
  • Monster Cookies (36.2 mg / gram of HHC)

THC-O Flower

  • Grape Zkittlez (36.2 mg / gram of THC-O)
  • Monster Cookies (36.2 mg / gram of THC-O)
  • Green Goblin (36.2 mg / gram of THC-O)
  • Apple Fritter (36.2 mg / gram of THC-O)

2. Potent Effects

Bloomz Hemp flower delivers. 

I tried three different types of this premium hemp flower and found myself super stoned with a long-lasting high. 

The Delta 8 flower produced chill vibes allowing me to relax for the night.  The THCA flower is mega potent and got me silly stoned. 

In all, I experienced an intense body high, a cerebral buzz and profound euphoria depending on which product I smoked.

3. Fast & Free Shipping

The brand offers free and discreet shipping on every purchase. Plus you get your goodies lightning fast. 

All orders are processed within 24 hours, but the actual shipping time depends upon location. 

Shipments to anywhere in California typically arrive in a day. Shipments to other states should arrive in 3-7 days.

Bloomz Hemp THCA Flower Review

Bloomz Hemp’s THCA flower is some of the strongest bud on their menu. Their premium, strain-specific flower is meticulously hand-trimmed, and all products comply with the 2018 Farm Bill, containing less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC.

Largest Strain Variety
THCA Flower | Bloomz Hemp
  • 7 Strains Available
  • Bulk Buy Discounts Available
  • Free Shipping

I tried the THCA flower in the MAC (i.e. Miracle Alien Cookies) strain.


Talk about some great tasting flower.  

Each smooth inhalation released notes of sweet citrus orange flavor and spicy pepper. When exhaling, you can except to taste hints of sugary pine. 

Bloomz THCA Flowers


Can you say ridiculously potent? 

After three solid hits I had to put my joint out. And I’ve got a really high tolerance.

Almost immediately, MAC produced feelings of intense euphoria and sheer relaxation. I was able to fully unwind and my mind was in a state of lasting tranquility. 


The bud is packaged in a glass jar with a brightly colored label. 

Each strain label is color-coded: indicas have a purple label, sativas have a green label and hybrids have a red label.  

The childproof lid is very secure. So secure, in fact, that I personally had a hard time opening it. 

Who It’s Good For

The THCA flower is perfect for users seeking a strong buzz with a flavorful terpene profile. The combination of the indica-hybrid effects and the clean taste was amazing.

Price Point

Currently on sale, an ⅛ of THCA flower costs $43.99. This comes up to about $0.19 per MG of total cannabinoids. It’s not the cheapest eighth on the market, but for the quality it’s worth every penny.

Bloomz Hemp Delta 8 Flower Review

Bloomz Hemp Delta 8 Flower starts with a premium bud that’s dipped in Delta 8 THC oil made from 99% Delta 8 distillate. This high quality flower is available in four strains: Apple Fritter, Green Goblin, Grape Zkittlez and Monster Cookies.

I was lucky enough to get down on an eighth of Monster Cookies, which is a heavy, indica-dominant hybrid. 


You can definitely taste the grape flavor in this Grandaddy Purple x Girl Scout Cookies cross. 

The taste is slightly earthy, but also sweet with hints of other berries aside from grapes. 

I also found a somewhat sandalwood-like flavor came through on the exhale. 

D8 Flowers Bloomz


The Monster Cookies produced the most sedating effects out of all the Hempz Bloom flower I tried. 

The Delta 8 flower decreased my anxiety and offered some much needed stress relief. I was noticeably relaxed before drifting off to a deep sleep. 

As to be expected with Delta 8, the high itself was milder than the high I experienced when smoking Delta 9 flower.

The only downside would be the smoothness (or lack thereof) of this smoke. It didn’t leave my throat with a burning sensation but I coughed a little after each hit. 


These D8 buds come packaged in a thick mylar bag with electric lime green labeling that looks almost psychedelic.

I found the sturdy seal on the mylar bag seemed to help the flower stay fresh.  

Who It’s Good For

The Monster Cookies delta 8 flower is good for users that want a chill buzz that is relaxing enough to smoke just before bedtime. 

Because the high is much more mild than Delta 9 THC, it’s a great option for those new to consuming cannabis. 

Price Point

In terms of cost, this product is currently on sale for $24.99 making it a fantastic deal. 

Premium bud is not cheap but Bloomz’s is offered at a low price. 

This comes up to just over $0.09 per mg of total cannabinoids. Yeah, this deal is pretty hard to beat.

Bloomz Hemp HHC Flower Review

Bloomz Hemp HHC flower consists of locally grown nugs that are drenched in premium 99% HHC distillate oil, resulting in smooth, slow burning flower. Their HHC flower comes in four strains: one hybrid option, one sativa option and two indica options.

I tried two of Bloomz Hemp’s premium HHC flower strains: Green Goblin (sativa) and Monster Cookies (indica). Hands down, the Green Goblin sativa strain was my fav. 


Let’s just say the flavor and aroma of Bloomz Hemp’s Green Goblin HHC flower is about as pungent as they come. This is “classic” weed flavor all the way. 

With hints of diesel fuel blended with piney, skunk and a crisp menthol taste on the exhale, this strain is one of the stronger tasting I’ve had in a while. 

HHC Flowers Bloomz


After just a few hits, I experienced profound mental clarity and major happiness. 

So, if you’re looking for a case of the giggles, this Green Goblin strain is your jam. 

Uplifted yet calm, this strain had me pleasantly elevated for hours. 

Unfortunately, this HHC flower is tested for potency only, meaning we can’t verify the purity of the bud. But the taste and the effects lead me to believe these products are very pure. 


This HHC flower is packaged in colorful, resealable mylar bags with the same bright, almost psychedelic background their D8 flower is packaged in. 

We love the fact that this resealable packaging helps keep your precious nugs from going stale. 

Who It’s Good For

HHC has similar effects to delta 9 THC, but it’s much milder. Bloom Hempz HHC flower is an excellent choice for beginning cannabis consumers or those looking for a euphoric high that’s not as strong as Delta 9 or Delta 8 THC. 

Price Point

Bloomz’ HHC flower comes at an excellent price. 

For an eighth, you’ll pay $24.99 due to their epic sale. All in all, it costs around $0.15 per mg of total cannabinoids. 

Plus shipping is free which further increases your savings. 

Because HHC is a novel cannabinoid and rare to find, this product is affordably priced.

Bloomz Hemp THC-O Flower Review

To create their THC-O flower, Bloomz Hemp covers their high-quality hemp flower with 99% pure THC-O distillate. Like their other product lines, the THC-O flower comes in four skillfully cultivated strains. There’s a sativa, a hybrid and two indicas to choose from.

Bloomz Hemp THC-O flower turned out to be my favorite product the brand carries. I got supremely stoned on both the Apple Fritter strain (sativa) and Grape Zkittlez strain (hybrid). The Apple Fritter ended up being my top choice of the two. 


The Apple Fritter was bursting with notes of sweet lime and hints of apple. 

The Grape Zkittlez had sugary grape aromas with a bit of earthy pine and citrus.

thco flowers Bloomz


In terms of effects the Apple Fritter was powerful. 

After a single hit I was immediately relaxed, and found feelings of utter elation quickly followed. My stress diminished almost instantaneously, and I was giggly and silly for the rest of the night. 

The Grape Zkittlez seemed to be a nice, potent indica. 

What I liked is that it wasn’t too sedating, so I was still able to function. Overall, I experienced a tranquil high where I could still be somewhat social. 


Packaged in vibrant mylar bags, the product features rich colors in a groovy marble pattern. 

Like the other Bloomz Hemp products I sampled, the resealable packaging allowed my bud to stay fresh. 

Who It’s Good For

THC-O is sometimes referred to as the “psychedelic cannabinoid” because of its super potent effects. 

That said, Bloom Hempz THC-O flower is best suited for experienced cannabis consumers interested in a high that’s even stronger than delta 9 THC. 

Price Point

Bloomz Hemp’s THC-O flower is priced to sell! 

An eighths sells for $24.99 due to an awesome sale the brand is having. This comes up to about $0.18 per mg of total cannabinoids. 

THC-O flower is hard to find so this deal is virtually unheard of. Get it while it lasts!

The Final Verdict: Bloomz Hemp Review

Bloomz Hemp is a reputable hemp company with a fire selection of flower. 

They only use premium hemp flower cultivated from small farms to ensure top quality and excellent terpenes. Their nearly pure distillate makes their buds super tasty and extremely potent. 

Bloomz Hemp Flowers | THCA, D8, THCO
  • Potent Buds
  • Fast & Free Shipping
  • Excellent Value
Our Rating:

If you’re after a brand that offers consistently solid flower you need to check out Bloomz Hemp.

We highly recommend any of their products. Whether you’re a novice or expert, cannabis smokers will not be disappointed.