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How To Smoke Moon Rocks

Moon rocks are magic little morsels packed with THC.

A moon rock is made up of three types of cannabis products. When cannabis flower is dipped in hash oil and smothered in kief, the result is a highly potent product built to stimulate the mind and produce a full-body high.

These cannabis powerhouses can be intimidating, even to the most experienced cannabis consumers. Dense and potent, cannabis moon rocks can be smoked on their own or added to bowls and joints to enhance your high.

Learning how to smoke moon rocks is an essential step in leveling up as a seasoned stoner. The following guide delves into essential knowledge to achieve the perfect moon rock session.

D8 Moon Rocks HH
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What Are Moon Rocks Made From?

It starts with a nug. Though Girl Scout Cookies is an OG cannabis strain in the moon rock arena, any potent buds can be transformed into moon rocks.

The transition begins when the weed nug is coated in hash oil or cannabis concentrate.

Hash oil is a powerful concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids. Hash oil can contain THC levels of up to 90%, resulting in stronger psychoactive effects. Typically, hash oil also contains high levels of other cannabinoids, as well as the cannabis plant’s natural terpenes. This is believed to enhance its potential therapeutic benefits alongside psychoactivity.

After cannabis nugs are coated in hash oil, they are technically considered sun rocks. Before the moon rocks dry, the oil-dipped nug is smothered in fine, highly potent kief.

Kief is a byproduct of the tiny crystal-like appendages that cover cannabis flowers. While on the flower, these crystalline growths are known as trichomes, and they manufacture the majority of the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes. When these dusty crystals naturally fall from the plant, it is called kief.

These three elements combine to form moon rocks, powerhouse bundles with high doses of THC.

Whether you want to break through a high tolerance or just get extremely high, moon rocks are worth trying out.

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How Do You Smoke Moon Rocks?

Dense and sometimes greasy, figuring out how to smoke moon rocks is the biggest obstacle in moon rock consumption.

Though each method of smoking moon rocks is a little different, here are some tips to keep in mind with all methods of moon rock consumption:

  1. Use a knife, sharp scissors or a razor blade to cut your moon rock into manageable pieces onto your rolling tray or coffee table. Avoid using a grinder. The sticky hash oil will gunk up the teeth of your grinder, and you risk losing the valuable kief that sets moon rocks apart from sun rocks. 
  2. When sparking up, think low and slow. Using a lighter or hemp wick, gently bring the flame to the moon rock to expose the nug to low heat. Let the small flame slowly melt the wax down into your bowl before it ignites the flower.
  3. With all three elements of a moon rock burning together, prepare for a harsh hit that’s more intense than normal. 

Ultimately, you can enjoy moon rocks at home through a variety of means. Rolling them into a joint, packing them into your bong or glass pipe and mixing moon rocks with CBD isolate are all efficient ways to make this potent product work for you.

In A Joint

moon rock dusted joint

Rolling moon rocks into your joint is challenging but totally doable.

Depending on how much oil is coating the nug, moon rocks can be fairly greasy. Breaking them down into a workable texture joint can lead to a sticky mess. If you can get past this challenge, moon rocks can add an extra punch of psychoactive and therapeutic benefits to your sesh.

Getting your moon rock-infused joint to burn evenly is the next obstacle. Facilitate a smoother, more consistent burn by adding a thick layer of traditional flower before you add the moon rock.

With a slow burn and high potency, a moon rock joint is perfect for a smoke session with friends. It’s pretty much guaranteed to get everyone high off of fewer hits.

In A Bong

Using a glass piece like a bong or pipe is the most efficient way to smoke moon rocks.

To smoke moon rocks using a bong, place a small moon rock nug on top of a half-full bowl of typical flower. Light the bowl by bringing the flame to the rock to slowly melt the waxy layer of hash oil down into the flower. 

Inhale slowly and evenly, as the smoke will be more harsh and potent than your average bong rip.

Because bongs have a built-in filtration system, they are perfect for cooling down the rough smoke that cannabis moon rocks produce.

With A Pipe

weed pipe

For a little extra pizzazz, try adding a small bit of moon rock on top of the regular weed in your glass pipe.

Prepare your pipe in the same way that we described packing your bong bowl by placing a small amount of moon rock onto your pre-packed glass bowl. Light the moon rock slowly, and allow the hash oil to melt into your bowl.

If your flower catches fire, never fear. That is completely normal when smoking moon rocks with a glass piece. Calmly put the fire out with the bottom of your lighter and continue on as normal.

Pipes are the most efficient way to smoke cannabis moon rocks. The set-up is fast and easy, and you quickly experience super strong effects.

With CBD

If traditional moon rocks seem intimidating and sun rocks are still too strong for your comfort level, CBD moon rocks are an alternative option for balancing or enhancing your high.

There are two types of moon rocks with CBD: those made with hemp flower and those made with CBD isolate. The biggest difference is that CBD isolate only contains CBD, while CBD derived from hemp flower typically contains most of thestrain’s original cannabinoids and terpenes (including a trace amount of THC).

These moon rocks can be smoked alone or in conjunction with traditional cannabis flower.

When smoked on their own, CBD moon rocks may facilitate easier relaxation and increased relief for various conditions. Thought to be the strongest CBD products on the market, CBD moon rocks can provide all of the therapeutic potential without the psychoactive, full-body high.

When added to a bowl packed with your favorite potent strain, CBD moon rocks may balance out and enhance the effects of your high. 

Research shows CBD can reduce the adverse effects of THC when the compounds are taken together.  The entourage effect (cannabinoids and terpenes working together) is suggested to enhance cannabis’ effects. 

CBD moon rocks with even the tiniest amount of THC are thought to have “better” effects compared to those made with CBD isolate.

How To Smoke Moon Rocks By Itself

If you are looking for a mega high, you can smoke moon rocks by themselves. Essentially, you can follow the same steps above and omit the base layer of traditional flower.

Glass pieces like pipes or bongs are best for smoking moon rocks by themselves. Rolling moon rocks on their own into joints or blunts can be a sticky challenge, and you may risk tearing your wrap. Without the added layer of ground bud, burning your moon blunt consistently is almost impossible.

To smoke a moon rock on its own, pack it delicately into your glass piece. Gently burn your moon rock using low heat to melt all of the elements together. Start by taking one hit to gauge how the moon rock high is going to hit you.

Tips For When Smoking Moon Rocks

Moon rocks are very potent. They can produce extreme highs and strong therapeutic benefits.

Before you smoke moon rocks, take preventative measures to prepare for the powerful high. Keep the following tips in mind to ensure your high is safe and comfortable:

Start Slow

Moon rocks combine three different types of cannabis products: traditional flower, cannabis concentrate and kief. These elements have their own unique make-up of cannabinoids and terpenes and have varying levels of THC concentration. 

The best way to ensure you do not have an overwhelming or downright terrifying high after you smoke moon rocks is to start with a small hit. Give yourself a few minutes between hits to learn how the moon rocks are going to affect you.

Prepare A Comfortable Environment

Before smoking moon rocks, clear your schedule. Plan for an extreme high that lasts a few hours…if not the entire evening. 

Set up a cozy space for yourself with zero effort activities for whatever mood might strike when you’re a few moon rocks deep, whether that’s creative inspiration or couch locked bliss.

Have Plenty Of Water And Snacks

Because moon rocks are highly potent, make sure you have food and water in your body before smoking. 

Nourishing your body beforehand can cut down the risk of undesirable effects. Always have water handy, as powerful highs usually come hand-in-hand with cotton mouth.

Balance Your Moon Rock With CBD

As we noted above, one strategy for easing yourself into a comfortable high is choosing moon rocks made with CBD isolate or hemp flower. 

This method can boost any potential therapeutic effects, balancing your high and potentially decreasing the risk of cannabis-related anxiety or paranoia.

Choose A Strain You’re Comfortable With 

As the cannabis industry has grown, so have your options for consumption. When picking the perfect moon rock, look for strains that you are already familiar with. Knowing what to expect from your favorite flower can be helpful in avoiding distress after smoking.

If your favorite strain is not available, read the products’ COAs to determine its potency. Staying aware of the cannabinoid concentration is an effective way to mentally prepare and take comfort in knowing you are smoking something that is safe for consumption.

Store Your Moon Rocks At The Correct Temperature

Because these products are manufactured with a layer of hash oil, they can melt if left in the sun on a hot day. 

Keep them somewhere shady and dry to avoid this mishap.

Who Are Moon Rocks Right For?

Though any cannabis enthusiast can smoke moon rocks, these THC-packed goodies are perfect for experienced users. If you are a frequent smoker with a high tolerance, moon rocks can make you feel fresh and new again. They can offer a powerful high that traditional flower simply can’t provide consumers with a high tolerance. 

With that being said, moon rocks may also contain therapeutic benefits. Because their concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes is so much higher than regular weed, medical marijuana patients might use moon rocks to experience relief from various medical conditions at a more efficient rate.

These medical patients may also be frequent users with high tolerances. Even small doses of moon rock can help break through that tolerance barrier and provide quick relief.

Where To Buy Moon Rocks

With so many options in the cannabis world, attempting to find the best moon rocks can be overwhelming.

Luckily, many dispensaries have streamlined the online buying process by providing transparent information about how their moon rocks are made and their cannabinoid make-up.

When trying to find moon rocks online, look for the product’s certificate of analysis (COA). A COA is a verified document that provides details about the testing lab, the brand and the concentration of cannabinoids that the product contains.

This certificate serves a couple of purposes. Not only does it give you peace of mind about the safety of the product you are consuming, but it gives you insight into how potent the product is.

Following are a couple reputable hemp brands that carry quality moon rocks (and other hemp derived products):

Hometown Hero

Delta 8 Moonrocks | Hometown Hero
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Hometown Hero is one reputable online brand where you can find moon rocks. Their brand is built on transparency, all-star customer service, and quality products. Their original moon rock products are full panel tested for purity and potency.

Currently, Hometown Hero only offers Delta 8 THC moon rocks. They engineer their own moon rocks with CBD bud, Delta 8 distillate and CBD kief.

In the process, the moon rocks are enhanced with a higher concentration of terpenes and CBD to produce the most desirable and pleasantly balanced effects possible.

Plain Jane

CBD Moon Rocks | Plain Jane
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Plain Jane is another brand that offers original moon rocks. Established with the goal of making CBD and hemp products more accessible and affordable across the country, Plain Jane helps their consumers find moon rocks that enhance their smoking experience without the sometimes overwhelming potent highs.

Like Hometown Hero, Plain Jane engineers their own moon rocks with user satisfaction at the heart of their construction.

Their CBD moon rocks are designed to enhance the average smoking experience. When used alongside traditional flower, the CBD moon rocks (which contain less than 0.3% THC) encourage the entourage effect, allowing the terpenes and cannabinoids in your chosen strain to produce more potent results.

Wrapping Up: Best Way To Smoke Moon Rocks

Whether you are a seasoned smoker with a high tolerance or a medical patient searching for relief, moon rocks can enhance your cannabis consumption. 

These THC-packed treats can induce strong therapeutic benefits and a high that spans the entire body.

Discovering the best way to smoke moon rocks is essential for unlocking new levels of cannabis consumption.

In our experience, it’s best to smoke moon rocks out of glass, like a pipe or bong. While they can be rolled into joints or blunts, this process is a tad more challenging and may result in torn papers and lost kief.

Don’t let us stop you from experimenting, though! Smoking moon rock pros know that no matter how you smoke moonrocks, the high is going to be out of this world. 

Discovering the best ways to smoke moon rocks can be a delightful journey in unveiling personal preference and implementing creative strategy.