Nature & Bloom CBD concentrates are higher potency CBD products used primarily for vaping. Using no artificial additives, only terpenes as nature intended!

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A CBD concentrate is an effective and rapid way to feel CBD. Vaping is the most popular way to use concentrates, and offers the highest level of bioavailability of any widely available consumption method. The effects are felt near instantaneously and you can increase/decrease your dose with the control of a puff.

Regardless of if you are looking for a pure hemp extract or terpene infused CBD crumble, you can find the highest quality hemp derived products here at Nature & Bloom.


We believe sourcing only the finest CBD products along with the right levels of quality assurance will do. Every batch is sampled before being added to our inventory, as a check for consistency and taste.

In addition, like the rest of our range our CBD concentrates are third party tested, with the latest batch level information on our test results page. This includes testing for cannabinoid levels and potential contaminants.

None of our products feature any vitamin e acetate, artificial additives, fillers or GMOs. Using only steam distilled terpenes as an addition to our concentrates, which work synergistically with the broad spectrum of cannabinoids, adding flavour and effect.


  • The effects are felt quickly and using CBD dabs yields the ability to consume a high dose easily.
  • Dabbing via a CBD vape pen offers ultimate portability while still being effective.
  • Offers a more palatable taste when compared to traditional CBD oils


The most common concentrate is CBD Isolate, found in almost all CBD vape juice bottles, but as it is highly refined, it lacks a broad spectrum cannabinoid profile – which is preferred by most users who dab CBD.

Products like CBD crumble are broad spectrum, and can be infused with terpenes to mirror profiles found naturally throughout hemp and cannabis.

Depending on the extraction method used, along with the level of refinement a concentrate can range from raw crude CBD (a whole plant extract), tasting very earthy right through to pure CBD Isolate which has no taste at all.

Each concentrate has a different viscosity along with potency, meaning some are easier to use than others.

Other concentrates include crystal, wax and many more.

Terpenes are naturally found all around us, they are the reason why citrus fruits have such a specific taste and why the smell of lavender is considered soothing.

Terpenes have their own effects, and are found abundantly in hemp. Working in partnership with cannabinoids, terpenes can add natural flavour along with improved effects.

Vaping CBD is the most common way to use a concentrate. You can either create your own CBD vape juice, use a dab pen to take hits of CBD dabs or use a dab rig (very popular in the states).

A Concentrate is a high potency CBD extract, exceeding 70% CBD and up to 99.9% depending on the exact type.

CBD oil is a concentrate diluted in a carrier oil. Hence it features a lower percentage of CBD. CBD extracts when consumed on their own, without dilution offer stronger effects than those typically felt by using CBD oil.

Also, CBD concentrates are often consumed via a CBD vape pen or dab rig (or pen) and as a result, are felt quicker as the CBD enters the bloodstream much faster when vaping than when using CBD drops.

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