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Secret Nature CBD & Delta-8 Review

Secret Nature is a premier CBD brand that has been a leader in this growing industry since 2017. They pride themselves on consistently providing their customers with the highest quality, CBD & Delta 8 experience.

To assure that every item they sell is of the highest quality, Secret Nature CBD also conducts third-party lab testing on all of their products. 

Keep on reading for our deep dive into the brand in this Secret Nature Review.

Secret Nature Review Topline Summary

The Secret Nature team grows all of its organic, indoor-cultivated hemp in Portland, Oregon, in its own sites. This vertical integration has led to the brand developing a reputation for only premium product lines. 

PROS (+)

  • Artisan-grade flowers & extracts
  • Extensive range of hemp strains
  • 100% sourced from organic hemp
  • Unique D8 live resin

CONS (-)

  • No free shipping for orders under $75
  • It can get very expensive

Secret Nature CBD is intimately involved in ensuring that only the most effective, time-tested methods are used in every step of the production process to consistently provide their customers with high-quality products available on the market.

Secret Nature products are sourced from high-CBD, low-THC content hemp products that cover a wide range of CBD and Delta-8 formats that include:

  • CBD and Delta-8 extracts
  • CBD & CBN Capsules
  • CBD & Delta-8 vape carts
  • CBD Flowers
  • CBD & Delta-9 pre-rolls
  • Delta-8 CBD Blunts
  • CBD tinctures

Secret Nature CBD products have also been dominating the hemp flower market by offering an abundance of popular strains to choose from, which are available either in the form of dried flowers or pre-rolls. 

Few companies pay the same level of attention and care to produce quality, terpene-rich CBD flower as they do.

The company has also earned a reputation for offering excellent customer service, although free shipping only applies on orders totaling over $75.00.

Secret Nature CBD Review

One of the things that help Secret Nature products stand out from the competition is the comprehensive range of both standard CBD and Delta-8 CBD products that they offer their customers.

A few of these items are exclusively unique to the brand and are not currently available elsewhere. 

Additionally, all of the CBD products that the company sells are of the finest artisanal quality.

Secret Nature Hemp CBD Flower Review

Secret Nature CBD offers its customers 12 different premium, CBD-rich hemp flower strains. 

Depending on the strain selected, they deliver a cannabinoid content ranging from 15.4% to 24.42% CBD.  

With one of the most popular strains being the Secret Nature Frosted Kush CBD Flower.

Secret Nature CBD Flower
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  • Only the most premium hemp buds
  • Indoor grown & top shelf flower
  • Terpene rich

Unlike many brands, the company cultivates all of the flowers they sell within their own indoor growing facilities, which are located in the state of Oregon. 

All of their CBD flowers are organically produced without the use of any synthetic chemical fertilizers, composts, or pesticides.

The pristine, frosty CBD flowers they sell are top-of-the-line in both appearance and efficacy.  

As a matter of fact, many regular customers say that between their terpene-rich aroma and their high-end appearance, they could easily be placed on the shelf of a cannabis dispensary and, unless one reads the fine print, no one would suspect that these flowers actually contained less than .3% THC.

Their CBD flowers are priced at $40 for 1/8 oz, $75 for  1/4 oz, $145 for 1/2, and $250 for a full ounce. And yes. This puts their flower at the ultra-premium end of the price scale for hemp flowers. 

Of course, you can easily get lower-priced CBD flowers elsewhere, but do they stack up to the quality product provided by Secret Nature CBD? The fact of the matter is, not many do.

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Secret Nature CBD Tincture Review

Secret Nature CBD has gained a reputation for being one of the purest and most effective oil-based CBD tinctures on the market. 

CBD Tincture | Secret Nature
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  • Unflavored & mint CBD tinctures
  • Derived from organic hemp

This is good to know from the outset because, otherwise, there are so many CBD oils and tinctures available these days that it can become confusing and somewhat nerve-wracking to try and determine which one is of the highest quality.

All of the premium tinctures that the company offers are manufactured with high-quality hemp seed oil, appropriate terpenes, black seed oil, and peppermint essential oil. 

The full-spectrum CBD tincture produced is a naturally potent remedy containing additional and valuable ingredients. 

Many of these ingredients may contribute additional benefits. As an example, peppermint essential oil acts as a natural preservative, which helps preserve the potency and shelf life of the CBD.

Although It’s at a higher than average price point, this reflects the inclusion of these top-shelf ingredients in the Secret Nature CBD tincture.

At around $90.00 for 1,500 mg of CBD, it works out to about .06 cents per milligram.

Nonetheless, the fact remains that the Secret Nature CBD offers its customers an artisanal cannabinoid tincture of exceptional, uncompromising quality.

While some brands may utilize harsh solvents or alcohol that can leave residual traces in the final product, Secret Nature exclusively uses a supercritical CO2 extraction process, compliant with the industry’s highest standards.

In the end, you usually end up getting what you pay for, and if you happen to be looking for the best CBD tinctures on the market, Secret Nature CBD has got your back.

Secret Nature CBD Hemp Flower Pre Rolls Review

Many CBD users have discovered that pre-rolls are one of the most convenient and fastest ways to experience the full benefits of the CBD cannabinoid. 

And, although they don’t always offer you the same options as simply smoking flowers, such as the specific selection of strain and dosage, they require little or no effort by the end-user.      

Secret Nature CBD Pre Rolls
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  • Top shelf CBD pre rolls
  • Packaged well
  • 9 strains available

They offer the same benefits as the same CBD content delivered through any other method and are a perfect choice for those individuals who may want the option of using the product on the go.

Secret Nature’s CBD pre-rolls are unique in the sense that they are sized a bit differently than others that may be available on the market.

But most of the customer reviews online support the fact that they are often selected over the competition because of their overall quality and efficacy.

No matter whether you are a fan of Indica, Sativa, or hybrid strains, Secret Nature has them all. 

The company manufactures pre-rolls that weigh .6 grams each, and are sold in airtight packaging to preserve the enclosed product.

They come in two or seven-pack options and offer a number of popular periodically rotated strains.  

A pack of 7 is priced at $40.00, which makes the cost of each pre-roll approximately $6.00 apiece. Yup, pricey!

But, when you open a pack of Secret Nature pre-rolls, you are treated to terpene-rich rich aromas that are a delight to seasoned cannabis connoisseurs. 

The pleasantly earthy fragrance of the per-rolls inside immediately lets you know that they are made from richly-potent CBD flower.

The company also wraps each pre-roll in a premium quality organic hemp rolling paper that is translucently brown and comes with a well-fashioned crutch on one end and a traditionally twisted tip at the other to add the perfect finishing touch.

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Secret Nature CBD Vape Review

Many brands of CBD vape cartridges have flooded the market over the past few years, but Secret Nature CBD vapes are some of the very finest. Full stop. 

Secret Nature CBD Vape Cartridges
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  • Full spectrum CBD distillate
  • Terpene rich
  • Strain specific flavors

When it comes to CBD extracts, vaping provides the purest option for those who choose to inhale the fumes produced by heated products, because it bypasses the digestive system and immediately passes through the lungs directly into the bloodstream.

These vape cartridges come in a wide variety of popular flavors and strains to choose from and are loaded with tasty artisanal notes that offer a treat to the taste buds. One of their most popular flavors is Forbidden Fruit.

Most importantly, the company goes to great lengths to assure their customers that their CBD vapes contain no artificial additives or flavorings and also offer a host of additional cannabinoids, such as THCV, and more.

The company manufactures two different sizes of vape cartridges; a 700mg version that contains 200 doses per cartridge and a 1200mg cartridge that offers 375 doses per cartridge, which breaks down to slightly over .04 cents per milligram of CBD.

Secret Nature’s full-spectrum CBD Vape Pens and Cartridges are all made from organic hemp-derived CBD flower nectar and real cannabis-derived terpenes, which have been sourced from fresh frozen cannabis flowers. 

These are 100% pure hemp extracts that contain a full complement of beneficial oils, cannabinoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids that deliver an ultra-smooth CBD experience.

Secret Nature CBD Concentrates Review

One of the reasons that CBD live resin concentrates have become so popular these days is that they offer a more prominent and accurate representation of the hemp strain that it was sourced from since it is made up of a more highly concentrated extract of cannabinoids and terpenes than many other forms of CBD.

Secret Nature CBD Concentrates
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  • Unique range of CBD live resin concentrates
  • Real cannabis terpenes
  • Excellent for dabbing

Secret Nature’s Dr. Endo concentrates are exclusively formulated using fresh-frozen CBD live resin extract that contains pure cannabis terpenes. 

Unlike some brands, the company prides itself on providing customers with an authentic cannabis-hemp extract, which is not simply CBD isolate mixed with non-cannabinoid terpenes or low-grade ingredients. 

This process provides users with a flavor and aroma of sweet, flowery nectar that ultimately enhances their CBD experience.

As with all Secret Nature CBD products, extensive third-party lab tests are faithfully conducted on their concentrates, which confirm that there are no pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, mycotoxins, or microbes in the product. 

And, at $45.00 for 785mg of CBD, which works out to around .06 cents per milligram, they are priced reasonably as well.

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Secret Nature Delta-8 Review

CBD and Delta-8 THC are both cannabinoids. However, Delta-8 has a bit more in common with Delta-9 THC than with CBD.

Secret Nature Delta 8 THC Review
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  • Top shelf D8 flower pre rolls, carts & live resin
  • Most premium D8 range on the market
  • Unique THCV & D8 pre rolls available

While Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC have similar molecular structures, they are not exactly the same. Because Delta-8 possesses a different structure, it may produce similar effects but is much milder in its impact than Delta-9 THC.

Secret Nature now offers its customers a variety of quality Delta-8 products, a few of which are currently unavailable elsewhere.

Secret Nature Delta 8 Carts Review

Secret Nature’s Delta-8 CBD carts are filled with premium, unadulterated, and uncut Delta-8 extract. It is an extremely high-quality oil that contains 85% Delta 8 THC, 5% CBC, 5% Natural Terpenes, and 5% CBD to produce a relaxing, euphoric effect.

Depending upon your intake, there are 300 to 450 doses available in each 1.2 cartridge containing 1,200milligrams of the Delta-8 mixture that, at just under $40.00 each, breaks down to around .30 cents a milligram.

The company’s Full-Spectrum Delta-8 distillate is available in Sativa, Indica, and hybrid versions that are all sourced from indoor-grown flower, and are rife with is live resin cannabis terpenes that will provide your mind and body with calming relaxation.

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Secret Nature Delta 8 Flower & Pre Roll Review

Secret Nature’s Delta-8 flowers and pre-rolls are perfect for smoking your way to relief in a conventional manner, with their pre-rolled joints adding an extra element of convenience in doing so.

Unlike many of the Delta-8 flowers and related products that are sold by other brands, which are often made from low-potency flower trim that has been hastily treated with cheaply acquired Delta-8 extract. 

The superior products offered by Secret Nature CBD stand on their own merit.

As with every Secret Nature product, the company’s Delta-8 flowers and pre-rolled joints are cultivated in an organic, sustainable environment that incorporates next-generation hemp production engineering with a superior genetic background.

Most importantly, Secret Nature’s Delta-8 dried flowers and pre-rolls are similarly priced with their standard CBD counterparts but also deliver the end-user with an enhanced entourage effect created by the mixture of a trifecta of cannabinoids; CBD, Delta-8, and a lesser amount of CBG.   

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Secret Nature Delta 8 Capsules Review

Secret Nature’s Delta-8 Flow Capsules have been specifically formulated with the highest quality organic ingredients to promote mind and body relaxation.

They are specifically suited for individuals who like taking their preferred cannabinoids orally, rather than vaping or smoking them, irrespective of the additional time that it may take the body to experience the full effect.  

The company’s Flow Capsules have the ability to promote relief from nervous energy and muscle tension while maintaining your mental balance and creativity. 

At $40.00 for 450 mg, these capsules cost about .08 cents per milligram, which, yes, is a bit higher than other CBD and Delta-8 products.

However, they are particularly effective in helping to promote a good night’s sleep and contain Secret Nature’s exclusive blend of Delta-8, CBC, Blue Lotus Flower, and pure cannabis terpenes.

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Secret Nature CBD: Customer Anecdotes

Secret Nature CBD products have garnered a number of online anecdotal comments from their customers, with a vast majority of them being positive. 

However, in the interest of full transparency, we have provided a few that were independently posted on the Reddit platform:

secret nature customer feedback
secret nature cbd flower customer feedback
secret nature delta 8 feedback

Secret Nature CBD: The Final Verdict

In the final analysis, despite a few ruffled feathers regarding shipping time and pricing issues regarding certain items, Secret Nature CBD remains a highly-respected brand.

It has been time-tested and offers an extensive line of both standard CBD and Delta-8 products of optimum quality.  

And, although a few of them may cost quite a bit more overall, they are certainly worth every penny that you spend on them.