CBD Seed to Shelf Traceability

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Producing CBD takes over 6 months from seed to shelf. Knowing where your CBD comes from is an important part in ensuring the products you consume are what they say they are.

Seed to shelf traceability means that each product is traceable throughout the process; even after the product has been sold and used. All Nature & Bloom products are batch tracked through the manufacturing and after sales process. 

The manufacturing process

seed to shelf cbd supply chain

In order to produce Nature & Bloom CBD, hemp is harvested and processed through 15 stages. Within the manufacturing process Nature & Bloom products are triple third party laboratory tested, ensuring we screen for and capture any potential contaminants. 

At the end our final product is a CBD distillate which benefits from a broad spectrum of cannabinoids. The distillate is then added to MCT oil (derived from coconuts) producing CBD oil, or it is crystallised in order to produce a (THC & CBN free) CBD crumble.

Batch Tracking

Each of our products are tracked per production batch, ensuring we have a process to remedy any potential issues at a batch level.  This visibility and testing ensures each batch meets strict quality control standards and is traceable throughout the supply chain.

By employing this method, we are able to work backwards and create a complete audit trail for each and every single product sold through Nature & Bloom.

Why is this a good thing?

For consumers, this gives transparency as to what products are in the products they consume as each batch is triple tested. We post the results of these tests on our third party batch tests page for clarity. 

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