What is Bubble Hash?

Bubble hash is making a comeback as the interest in pure cannabis extracts expands, but what exactly is it?

Imagine a concentrate that promises pure, potent bliss, meticulously crafted using an ice-water extraction method that preserves the plant’s precious trichomes. 

As a cannabis consumer of almost 30 years, I remember when bubble hash was the cannabis concentrate and dabs didn’t even exist. Here, I’ll guide you through everything about bubble hash, including what it is, how it’s made, why it’s so popular, how to smoke it, and more. 

Prepare for a deep dive where by the end, you’ll know if bubble hash is something you want to explore to enhance your smoke sessions with a little solventless love. 

Bubble Hash

Key Takeaways

  • Bubble hash is a pure cannabis concentrate created using an ice-water extraction method.  
  • Because it’s extracted without solvents, bubble hash is considered one of the purest concentrates available. 
  • Bubble can be smoked on its own, added to joints, topped on a bowl, and dabbed. It’s also used to create live rosin. 

What is Bubble Hash? 

Bubble hash, also known as ice water hash, is a type of cannabis concentrate made without any solvents. It stands out for the way it’s crafted using an ice-water extraction method. This preserves the plant’s trichomes, resulting in a potent, flavorful final product.

Wondering why it’s called “bubble hash?” It’s quite simple, actually. It was named for the way it bubbles when heated. The color of bubble hash varies, ranging from a light golden blonde to a deep greenish brown. 

While color can hint at quality, there’s more to bubble hash quality than its color. That said, lighter colors generally indicate a clean, pure product, while darker hues might mean more plant material or impurities after extraction. 

Bubble hash can be smoked on its own, but it’s typically rolled into a joint or topped on a bowl. Dab enthusiasts will be pleased to know it’s also dabbable. 

It’s also used to create live rosin, a process that involves pressing the bubble hash in a rosin press. The live rosin can then be used on its own or for live rosin vape carts, gummies, and other products. 

The thing that makes bubble hash different from other extracts is the ice water extraction. Because zero solvents are used in the extraction process, it results in one of the purest cannabis extracts out there. 

Just like all cannabis products on the market, not all bubble hash is top-notch. The starting material and precision during the extraction process significantly the final product’s quality. 

Certain strains of high-quality flower flash-frozen immediately at harvest that are meticulously extracted by an experienced professional yield the best bubble hash. 

Bubble hash is dubbed by its “melt,” and its quality is measured by a 1-6 star rating system, with 5-6 stars deemed best.  

Different Grades of Bubble Hash Explained

Full Melt (5–6 stars)

Full melt bubble hash is as good as it gets.

This is what you’ll find on the top shelves in dispensaries and what’s used to make live rosin. When it’s heated up, full melt produces the tiny bubbles that bubble hash is named for.

It’s made from the highest-quality cannabis flowers and extracted with precision, preserving resinous trichomes to ensure maximum flavor and potency. After it’s heated, there’s no resin left behind, which is why it’s called “full melt.” 

Half Melt (3–4 stars)

Half melt bubble hash is like mid-grade weed.

The quality doesn’t compare to full melt, but it’s not the worst in the world. You might find half melt bubble hash at the dispensary, but it’s not typically used to create live rosin.

Just like its name suggests, half melt bubble hash won’t melt all the way. After it’s burned, you’ll notice a bit of resin left behind. 

No Melt (1–2 stars)

No melt bubble hash is like bottom-shelf weed with such poor quality you’d never even find it at the dispensary.

It’s made with low-quality flower or trim, it doesn’t come close to the pure, pristine quality of full melt bubble hash. You can spot it by its darker color with hints of dark green from leftover plant bits. It also leaves a noticeable amount of residue after it’s burned. 

What Makes Bubble Hash Popular? 

Before cannabis consumers went crazy for concentrates like wax and shatter in the mid-2010s, bubble hash was the “it girl” of cannabis concentrates in the 90s and early 2000s. It disappeared for a while once other extracts stole the spotlight, but bubble hash is making a comeback

It’s particularly popular with consumers who prefer solventless extracts, a sector of the cannabis industry that’s growing rapidly. 

Between June 2021 and June 2022, solventless extract sales skyrocketed by 1405%. As sales continue to rise in record numbers, cannabis analytics company BDSA says solventless could be the new king of premium concentrates. 

Nothing new for an OG like bubble hash. Even when it comes to cannabis there’s something to be said about classic things never going out of style. 

I’d say that solventless extracts like rosin and bubble hash have become so popular because cannabis potency and flavor are preserved so well.

When produced correctly with a high-quality flower known to produce rich, resinous buds that are frozen at harvest, solventless extracts like bubble hash perfectly preserve the pure essence of the plant. 

There’s the whole purity aspect of solventless extracts. As their name suggests, they’re made without solvents. Meaning they’re the purest of the pure, making them popular among health-conscious cannabis consumers who prefer all-natural products. 

Cannabis connoisseurs also contribute to the increased interest in solventless extracts. These are the consumers who demand the highest quality products. They don’t settle for less than the very best, and it’s top-shelf bubble hash and live rosin products they’re purchasing. 

While rosin vape carts are the most popular solventless extract on the market, bubble hash trails closely behind. Flavorful, potent, and pure, bubble hash sales are also on the rise. But just how potent is this old-school extract? 

Pretty darn potent. So, maybe it’s not as strong as other extracts like shatter, THCA diamonds, and wax, but bubble hash still packs a powerful punch. 

How Strong Is Bubble Hash? 

Bubble hash packs a stronger punch than the most potent flower but doesn’t hit as hard as concentrates like wax and shatter. The highest-quality bubble hash can reach up to 60% THC, while stronger concentrates may contain up to 90% THC or more.

Compared to flower, the effects of bubble hash are a lot stronger, and the effects will vary based on the strain it’s made from. While it’s stronger than flower, bubble hash isn’t the strongest of concentrates, making it great for newbies interested in exploring extracts.

Potency measures how strong a strain or product is. When it comes to bubble hash, it’s all about the THC content, with higher percentages indicating a more potent product. Several factors influence potency, including strain type, flower quality, extraction skill, storage methods, and more.

Typically, the higher the potency of bubble hash, the better its quality, attracting top dollar from more refined cannabis connoisseurs.

5 Things That Influence Bubble Hash Potency 

Bubble hash potency relies heavily on how strong the flower is that it’s extracted from, but several factors shape its overall quality. Here are the five key factors that influence bubble hash potency:

1. Strain

The strain of cannabis used plays a huge role in potency. Strains known for producing an abundance of resinous trichomes and high THC levels, such as White Widow and OG Kush, work best for achieving potent bubble hash.

2. Quality of the Starting Material 

Higher-quality cannabis plants yield richer trichomes. Growing conditions and harvest techniques play a large role in flower quality and influence optimal trichome retention.

3. Extraction Method

How bubble hash is extracted also plays a large role in its potency. Agitating the flower in ice water, using micron screen bags, and factors like water quality, room temperature, and micron size all influence the final product’s potency.

4. Drying and Curing Techniques

Proper drying and curing impact potency. Freeze-drying cannabis flowers immediately after harvest is ideal for bubble hash production, as it captures the full essence of the plant, offering optimal cannabinoids and terpenes preservation.

Dry, cured cannabis can be used to create bubble hash, but it must be cured meticulously. 

5. Storage Conditions

Potency can be maintained by storing bubble hash in dark, airtight glass containers. Refrigeration at 32-40°F is ideal, as higher temperatures degrade potency. Stored properly, bubble hash stays potent for six months or more, and freezing can extend its lifespan.

How Bubble Hash is Made 

Like rosin, bubble hash is crafted without using any solvents. Solventless extracts, which don’t involve substances like butane or ethanol, are often considered safer and purer than their solvent-based counterparts.

To make bubble hash, all that’s needed is cannabis, ice, water, and filter screens or bags. The extraction process itself involves sifting the mix through various bags with different micron screen sizes, resulting in an extract made entirely of cannabis trichomes gently agitated off the flower.

When made right with top-notch, resinous cannabis flowers, bubble hash stands out as one of the purest and most potent solventless extracts around. Keep in mind, however, that the quality of the starting cannabis matters. Low-quality strains will result in low-quality bubble hash. 

When it comes to bubble hash creation, think “quality in, quality out.” Top-notch bubble hash is produced with top-notch cannabis.

How Do You Smoke Bubble Hash? 

There are several ways you can smoke bubble hash, but it’s typically rolled up with a joint or added to flower packed in a bowl. It can also be used to make edibles, but it’s not very common. Hands down, the most common ways people smoke bubble hash is in a joint or a bowl.  

Roll it Up With Flower in a Joint

Rolling a joint with bubble hash is one of the easiest and most common ways to consume bubble hash. 

To get started, make sure your bubble hash is pliable and you’ve got a good amount of ground cannabis flower. Take a rolling paper, distribute the flower evenly, sprinkle the bubble hash uniformly on top, shape the joint, moisten the adhesive strip on the rolling paper, and seal it up. 

That’s it! Your bubble hash joint is now ready for your enjoyment. Light it up and slowly inhale, savoring its unique flavors and potent effects.

Remember, the quality of the hash and the strain you choose play a crucial role in creating an exceptional bubble hash joint. Opt for a high-quality bubble hash and top-shelf flower for the best possible smoking experience.

Top Your Bowl or Bong

Topping your bowl or bong load with bubble hash is a simple, straightforward process that adds an extra layer of pop to your smoke sesh.

Simply load your pipe or bong like normal with your favorite flower, then add enough bubble hash to cover the flower. Then just light up your pipe and inhale. You’ll notice how much the flavor and effects are enhanced from the cannabis flower/bubble hash combination.

Topping your pipe bowl with bubble hash is a game-changer. It intensifies your smoking experience with each inhale. Remember, the key to the overall experience is the quality of your bubble hash and the strain you choose.

Can You Dab Bubble Hash? 

Yes, you can dab bubble hash. Not only can you dab bubble hash, but it’s also the second-largest dabbable solventless extract after rosin. You can dab full melt bubble hash in a dab rig just like how you dab rosin

Start by preheating your nail to ensure the bubble hash vaporizes efficiently. Once your nail is ready, gently place a small piece of bubble hash onto the heated nail using your dab tool, and watch it transform into vapor.

As you slowly inhale, notice the potent flavors and heightened effects that bubble hash brings to the table. Dabbing bubble hash does require a touch of finesse, but it’s well worth it.

Mastering the use of bubble hash in your dab rig takes practice. But with each session, you’ll further refine your technique, eventually perfecting the art of the bubble hash dab and elevating your cannabis experience.

Here’s a pro tip to keep in mind. To maintain the performance of your rig, make regular cleaning a part of your routine. This not only ensures a spot-on performance each time but also extends the longevity of your rig.