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Delta THC

Best Delta 8 Gummies Review 2023: D8 Edibles Tested

Like most hemp products, not all Delta 8 gummies are created equal. 

In this Delta 8 gummies review, we will cover six of the very best Delta 8 THC gummies brands on the market and compare their gummies to see who takes the top spot.

All of the Delta 8 products in this review have been thoroughly tried and tested by staff members at Nature and Bloom, so you can count on our first-hand experience. Including an ex-budtender who’s tried and rated all of the products we check out below.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into these six well-respected hemp brands with some of the best Delta 8 gummies on the market that put other brands to shame.

Our Delta 8 THC Gummies Review Process

We’ve reviewed quite a few hemp products in our day and follow a specific criteria for each and every product review we do. 

Companies that have excellent customer reviews tend to be the same ones that focus on the best customer experience. That is why we look for Delta 8 brands that have returning customers and raving reviews.

This is a great sign that these Delta 8 companies are doing something right when it comes to their products and their customer service. You might notice the brands in this article have customer service policies like free shipping, order discounts and money-back guarantees.

These are just the tip of the iceberg of what we look for when searching for the best Delta 8 gummies. Below are some of the main things we look at when reviewing every single product.

hometown select gummies

1. Test The Product In House

After thorough investigations into the top Delta 8 THC brands, we test the products in-house. This job is taken very seriously, with special attention paid to what can be felt and experienced.

Some of the things we are looking for include:

  • Tasty gummies
  • Uplifting effects
  • Calming effects
  • Adverse effects

2. What Are Current Users Saying?

Both new and experienced Delta 8 consumers have some of the best insight into the quality of Delta 8 products. Before we waste our time digging into any products we check out the reviews to see what customers are saying.

Obviously, positive reviews from many customers are a great sign that the Delta 8 product and brand meet our rigorous standards for top-notch hemp plant-derived products.

But we don’t stop at just the website reviews. We want to see the real nitty gritty of what customers are saying, so we take our time sifting through every review possible. Including subreddits and public forums. 

Then we take what we find and compare that with our own research on the products.

3. Are Products Third Party Tested?

The review criteria that may be the most crucial is the third-party lab testing standards. It may seem like a common practice, but the truth is not every Delta 8 brand invests in third-party lab tests for their hemp plants or their Delta 8 gummies.

The manufacturing process behind delta THC edibles can vary greatly between companies, and smart consumers know the importance of shopping from companies that are confident their brands are potent and clean.

The best way to show their confidence is with Certificates of Analysis (COAs) from a third-party lab. These COAs prove what a company claims is in the Delta 8 product is actually in the product, as well as the things that aren’t supposed to be in the product.. This includes things like heavy metals,molds and other possible contaminants.

TIP: Some companies make efforts to look legit in this department, but still take shortcuts. You want to look for Delta 8 THC edibles that have easily accessible COAs, that are recent and that cover both potency and purity.

4. Combine The Data & Rank Each Brand/Product

Combining our research and testing the hemp-derived cannabinoids allows us to make a highly qualified opinion on the best Delta 8 gummies currently available on the market.

We make it even easier for you by ranking each Delta 8 brand so you can pick the brand or brands that seem like the best fit for you.

Best Delta 8 Gummies 2023: D8 Edibles

1. 30MG Delta 8 Gummies | Botany Farms

Top Pick: Best D8 Gummies
30MG Delta 8 Gummies | Botany Farms


  • Delicious and fresh flavor options
  • Full panel third-party lab tested
  • Derived from organic Hemp
  • Strict no refund policy
  • No longer using glass jars as packaging

Botany Farms is an artisan hemp brand that makes small-batch products from hemp plants grown by local farmers. They only use 100% organic cannabis for all of their Delta 8 products.

They offer many different hemp products, with many positive reviews. That said, they do have a strict no-refund policy. Perhaps because they are so confident in their delicious flavors and desired effects.

A colleague at Nature & Bloom has tested their products for a recent Botany Farms review and confirms that their Delta 8 gummies check all the boxes when it comes to great flavor, high potency, and beautiful packaging. Note – Jessica tried these edibles when they were available in a 25mg dosage, they’ve recently gone up to 30mg per gummy!

Botany Farms Delta 8 shot

Their Delta 8 gummies are 100% vegan, gluten-free and GMO-free. That means they’re free from any animal by-products and can be used by people with different dietary needs and preferences. And they don’t use any artificial flavors or colors. You read that right, they use natural flavors only for their Delta 8 THC gummies. 

And to prove they are as good as they look they are all lab tested. Yes, please!


You can choose between four mouths watering Delta 8 flavors. They include:

  • Tropical Mix
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Pineapple
  • Mango


The effects are smooth and powerful, as each Delta 8 THC gummy contains 30 mg of Delta 8, and 2 mg of Delta 9 THC. With 15 Delta 8 gummies per package, there are 480 mg of cannabinoids in total.

The Delta 8 provides calming effects and the small amount of Delta 9 adds to the overall experience by creating an entourage effect. That means the cannabinoids work together to create the best experience. One with maximum stress relief.

If you are a newbie, don’t worry, this is not so much D9 THC that you need to worry about an overwhelming high, but just to be safe Botany Farms recommends you start out with half a Delta 8 gummy to introduce yourself to their Delta 8 THC edibles.


The packaging is discreet, as all of their products are shipped in unmarked boxes. When you get to the goodies inside, they are kept in a resealable plastic pouch. 

It is covered with information like the Delta 8 THC gummies’ flavor, the milligrams per package, and the dosage instructions.


Botany Farms has upped their game since my colleague tested their products, and they now conduct full panel lab tests on their products. 

You can view the third-party lab test results for their Delta 8 gummies by clicking the link on their website, or by scanning the QR code that comes on their Delta 8 product packages.

It makes it easy to verify the total Delta 8 content and the safety analysis of the product you have.

2. 25MG Delta 8 Edibles | Binoid

Runner Up: Best Bulk Value
25MG D8 Gummies | Binoid


Our Rating:
  • cGMP-certified manufacturing facilities
  • Great customer service
  • Free shipping
  • Only tested for potency
  • Flavor could be better

Binoid is a Los Angeles-based company founded in 2018 that has grown to one of the most trusted brands in the industry. They operate out of an innovative manufacturing facility that is cGMP certified, meaning it meets or exceeds the Current Good Manufacturing Process set by the FDA.

This means that their production standards are at the top of the food chain when it comes to quality hemp-derived products and that’s why they are on our list of the best Delta 8 gummies. 

Another staff member on the Nature and Bloom team has personally tried and tested their products, and as you can see from their recent Binoid review they have a ton of different Delta 8 THC gummies that come with high-hitting effects.

D-8 Gummy Binoid


The flavor options for their Delta 8 gummies include four options:

  • Mixed Flavors
  • Green Apple Candy
  • Peach Dream
  • Strawberry Bliss


They have strong effects while maintaining delicious terpene profiles. Each Delta 8 gummy comes with 25 mg per piece. It is a potent combination of flavor and effectiveness. 

My colleague reported they left her feeling motivated and energized before mellowing out into an enjoyable body high.


Binoid ships its Delta 8 products in discreet packaging. And the gummies come fresh in a black opaque bottle that is resealable. So you can easily store your Delta 8 THC gummies in a cool dark place without hassle.


The lab test results for the Binoid Delta 8 THC gummies are underwhelming, mostly because they are not full panels.

The QR code on the jar only takes you to the Binoid website, so you still have to navigate to their COAs on your own. Then, you need to scroll down through all of their different product options to find the reports for the Delta 8 gummies.

It doesn’t take too much effort, but still. After you go through the process of finding the report you want to view, they only show test results for the amount of cannabinoids that are in the product. They unfortunately do not test for anything else like pesticides, heavy metals or residual solvents.

3. 25MG – 100MG D8 Gummies | Hometown Hero

Strongest Delta 8 Gummies
25MG - 100MG Delta 8 Gummies | Hometown Hero


  • Small batch products with strong effects
  • Excellent product testing standards
  • Gives back to vets with every purchase
  • Only 10 gummies per pack
  • Higher price point compared to some other brands

Hometown Hero is an artisan hemp brand that got its start when two friends, Lukas Gilkey, and Lewis Hamer joined forces to start a business. They built their brand to be service minded from the very beginning, with a mission to support US veterans by donating to vets with every purchase.

They produce outstanding small-batch Delta 8 products. And when we say outstanding, we mean it. They test every batch no less than six times to make sure that their quality assurance is second to none.

Their Delta 8 THC gummies are vegan and gluten-free and infused with organic hemp extracts. You can choose between two Delta 8 gummies options: Regular and Max Strength. Be warned, max strength is literally just that; containing 100mg D8 per gummy!

Everything they offer is full panel tested for potency and purity. They pull out all the stops so customers can have peace of mind that they are purchasing the best hemp plant products. 

Hometown Hero Products Tested

Their attention to detail and pride in their products no doubt has led to their popularity in the cannabis industry and this is why they are one of our favorite Delta 8 brands.

Another staff member on our team has tried their entire product range and loved every single one. And as you can see from her experience, they were as delicious to the taste buds as they were potent. You can read more about her experience in our Hometown Hero review.


The Regular Delta 8 THC gummies come in 5 delicious fruity flavors:

  • Blueberry
  • Green Apple
  • Watermelon
  • Peach Pink
  • Lemonade

If you are ready to try the Max Strength Delta 8 gummies you get the option of Grape, but no Peach Pink or Lemonade.

The Regular Strength Delta 8 gummies have 25 mg of Delta 8 THC in each delicious piece. With 10 in a bag, that’s 250mg total of Delta 8 THC per pack. 


Along with my colleague’s raving review of the product, it also boasts a 2nd place trophy from the High Times Hemp Cup, so obviously these are good!

The Maximum Strength Delta 8 gummies are basically the same delicious Delta 8 THC gummies but with an even more potent dose! They come with a whopping 100 mg of Delta 8 THC per piece (1,000 mg per package), so these are best left to experienced users.


These Delta 8 gummies come in thick resealable mylar bags. And they are color coded to match whatever flavor you order. And as only 10 Delta 8 gummies come in a package it is perfect for storing them until they are all gone.


Hometown Hero puts their products through full panel lab tests, proving their Delta 8 gummies are exactly what they say they are. They test for everything from cannabinoid content to microbial, residual solvents, and more.

You can view the COAs easily by scrolling down on their Delta 8 gummy product page. And they even have an educational video there to help if you need a refresher on how to read the reports.

4. 25MG Delta 8 Gummies | Delta Munchies

Best Flavor
25MG D8 Gummy Bears | Delta Munchies
  • On point flavor & texture
  • Strong AF
  • Full panel third party tested
  • Single potency only
  • $60 Free shipping minimum
Our Rating:

Delta Munchies has been a player in the hemp industry for over 15 years. Their mission is to offer the highest quality of hemp-based products backed by science. That means they put a spotlight on their ingredients and full-panel product tests.

Just like the rest of the Delta 8 gummies on this list, another staff member here at Nature and Bloom has investigated this brand thoroughly and put hours into testing their products. 

To sum up their experience, they enjoyed the Delta 8 products and said they were heavy hitters, maybe even some of the strongest on the market. Check out our Delta Munchies review to learn more.

But don’t worry, they still have some moderate product options too, if you are looking for more of a mellow high.

They have a few different Delta 8 gummy options, including peach rings, gummy bears, sour worms and bites. And they are made with naturally occurring ingredients like coconut oil and citric acid. 

Delta Munchies D8 Sour Gummies


When it comes to the 25 mg Delta 8 Gummies they have 3 delicious flavor options:

  • Grape Gusher
  • Watermelon Runtz
  • Tropical Punch

These Delta 8 gummies come in jars with 25 gummies and 25 mg of Delta 8 THC per piece, which is a total of 625 mg per container.


The labels are easily decorated with all the important information you might want to know, like cannabinoid content and suggested serving size. There is also a QR code that you can use to view their COAs.


Speaking of COAs, they have completed full panel third-party lab tests on all of their products. Simply scan the QR code on the package, or scroll down on the D8 gummy product page on their website to find the recent COA for the gummies you want to learn more about.

5. 25MG D8 THC Gummy Bears | Budpop

25MG D8 Edibles | BudPop
  • Vegan and non-GMO gummies
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Multiple strains to fit any mood
  • Relatively pricey
  • Some of the COAs are not recent

BudPop is a relatively newer brand in the Delta 8 gummies space, but the company founders share a total of over 30 years worth of experience in cannabis cultivation.

They boast premium brand products made from organic, vegan and non-GMO ingredients BudPop gets their products to their customers fast, shipping orders within 2 business days. And if you order over the weekend, or buy at least $50 worth of their Delta 8 products they ship for free.

If you want to return a product for some reason, they offer a risk-free guarantee for 30 days. You can return any unused products in their original condition and only pay for the shipping. This along with a fast and friendly customer service team helps the company keep customers happy.

A staff member on the team tried and tested a number of products in our BudPop review, including their delicious Delta 8 gummies, and they think they are as potent and delicious as they come.


BudPop D8 gummies come in three fruity flavors, making it easy to choose, or buy all three! These include:

  • Strawberry Gelato
  • Blue Dream
  • Watermelon Zkittlez


The gummies each have 25 mg of Delta 8 and there are 25 gummies in each container, making them perfectly effective.

As you might expect, the Strawberry Gelato is made from the Indica dominant strain of the same name. Meaning it will give you a relaxing and sedating effect. Just like the Watermelon Zkittlez, this Indica-dominant strain will likely give you a gentle buzz and a nice body high.

The blueberry-flavored Blue Dream gummies offer a hybrid experience that is first uplifting, and then relaxing for the rest of the day.

When you first try a Delta 8 gummy it is best to wait a few hours before taking more to see how it will affect you.


These gummies come in clear bottles with clean labels that have all the important information you might need. 

You can store them easily in the jar, just keep them out of direct sunlight and in a cool room. BubPop recommends you store them in the refrigerator for the best preservation.


COAs are available for the Delta 8 THC gummies and are full panel. This third-party testing proves that the D8 in these gummies is exactly what is promised. Make sure to check the batch number on the product you receive and compare it to the available lab reports. 

6. 25MG Delta 8 THC Gummies | Exhale Well

Delta 8 Gummies - 25-50MG D8 THC Each | Exhale
  • Natural ingredients and flavors
  • Frequent discounts for email subs
  • Fast and free shipping
  • COAs only test for cannabinoid content
  • Relatively expensive

Another relatively new brand, Exhale Well launched its business with Delta 8 THC products and has expanded quickly into other hemp-derived products. 

And our staff member who tested out their products in a recent Exhale Well review confirms that their hemp products really are the real deal, leaving her with her head in the clouds.

An area where Exhale Well shines is its dedication to taking all-natural ingredients and making potent products. They source their hemp from local artisan farmers.

They make a variety of D8 products, and when it comes to their gummies, the quality is bar none. They use natural and organic ingredients and flavor their gummies with natural fruit and vegetable flavors. If you care about finding health benefits wherever you look, these gummies might be some of your favorites.

And they don’t scrimp on any ingredients. If you’re looking for the most potent dose then you can buy their Delta 8 gummies with 50 mg of Delta 8 per piece. It doesn’t get better than that!

Exhale D8 Gummy Bear Test


Exhale Well offers 3 flavors for their D8 gummies. They include:

  • Sour bear
  • Berry
  • Tropical

You can also opt to buy a mixed-flavor bottle and give each one a try.


Each one promises to take you on a relaxation ride. The regular-sized bottle comes with 750 mg total Delta 8 THC. Each of the 30 gummies in the container has 25 mg of Delta 8 THC. 

You can also buy a 1500 mg D8 bottle. This size comes with 50 mg of Delta 8 THC per piece. Perfect for the experienced user who likes to get a strong buzz.

According to the Nature and Bloom staff member who tried these out, they were strong and well-balanced. Giving her a body and head high she could enjoy during the day. What more can you ask for?

Just be patient, because the effects can take about an hour to kick in. That is the normal time frame for edibles, so sit back and enjoy the ride.


The gummies come in a dark bottle with a simple label. It highlights all the things we love about this brand and product. 

This includes their risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee, all-natural, cruelty-free ingredients and third-party lab testing.


Unfortunately, they are only lab tested for accuracy though. When you find their COAs and click on the link to the product you want to learn more about it will only take you a few seconds to see all that you need to see, as there is one short page regarding potency, but no testing regarding safety. 

We’d love to see full panel testing that covers molds, mildews and toxins in the future.

Delta 8 THC Gummies Buying Guide

Above we highlighted some of the best Delta 8 gummies on the market. But you should know how to do your own research too! 

In this fast-paced and still unregulated industry, new brands with new gimmicks hit the market every day. So you should be prepared to make solid decisions on what you buy and try. 

Here are some quick tips on how to make an informed decision.

exhale delta 8 gummies

How Many D8 Gummies Should I Eat?

When it comes to finding the perfect dose of Delta 8, there are a few different things to consider. And no, despite how much you love the flavor of blue raspberry it isn’t one of them. 


First, it’s important to understand Delta 8 is different from Delta 9 THC. It is milder with less psychoactive effects than D9 THC. So depending on your tolerance and experience, you might want to try a little more or less Delta 8.

Beginners should start with a lower dose. Most companies actually recommend starting with half a gummy to see how it affects you. And it does affect every person differently, so you can’t expect to feel the same effects your friend had.

Serving Size

Taking Delta 8 as an edible means a slow road to feeling the desired effects, so be prepared to be patient. Wait at least an hour before increasing your dosage. This way you can find your comfort level without accidentally going too far.

Pay attention to the amount of cannabinoids in each Delta 8 gummy. Start off with the recommended serving size, then increase as needed. 

Desired Effects

Another thing to consider is what kind of effects you are looking for. Many people prefer Delta 8 products for their mild effects that are easy to enjoy while doing other things throughout the day. 

If you want to feel a mild buzz or simply get some help relaxing during your day, you might want to start with a more conservative dosage.

But if you are looking for a legal way to get a pronounced euphoric high then you might need to take a larger serving of gummies. Still, it is best to take a smaller amount and add to it every half hour or so then to take a large dose all at once.


Lastly, you want to pay attention to the potency of the product you are taking. Some gummies come with 25 mg of Delta 8 THC while others may come with as much as 50 mg of Delta 8 THC per piece. 

And some brands even add a few other forms of cannabinoids, like D9 or CBD into their products.

This can make the effects of certain gummies hit much harder than others. 

Follow Label Suggestions

Long story short, always read the label on your Delta 8 gummies before you assume how much you should take.

Play it safe and take Delta 8 gummies that come with COAs that list the cannabinoid content, make sure to follow the recommended dosage instructions on the label and be patient before you increase your serving size.

Finding exactly how many Delta 8 gummies you should eat comes with some trial and error, but if you follow these rules, you’ll soon figure it out and enjoy the journey even more.

Hometown Hero Select Spectrum

How Long Does It Take For Delta 8 Gummies To Work?

Asking how long it takes for Delta 8 gummies to work is another question that has a slightly different answer for each person. On average, you can expect the effects to kick in 1-2 hours. 

It’s because the onset time for edibles to kick in depends on several personal factors, like your digestion and metabolism if you take them on an empty or full stomach and tolerance levels. 

When you take an edible like a Delta 8 gummy, they need to pass all the way through your digestive tract to be broken down. It’s only then that the Delta 8 THC can be absorbed into your bloodstream. 

Each person has a different metabolism, so the amount of time it will take for your body to break down the gummies and so the time it takes to feel the effects will be different too.

Something else that will affect the onset time is if you eat the gummies on an empty stomach or with a meal. Taking them with a meal can slow down the digestion process, so it will take longer to get that Delta 8 THC into your bloodstream. 

On the flip side, however, eating them on an empty stomach may cause you to feel the effects faster than usual.

Your body weight and overall health can also be a factor in how quickly you feel the effects of Delta 8 gummies. Basically this means you shouldn’t expect to have the same experience as your friend. 

Just take it slow and listen to your body. Most people feel the effects of Delta 8 gummies somewhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours. Once the effects do hit, they can last on average anywhere between 4-8 hours.

The Final Verdict: Delta 8 THC Gummies

All the Delta 8 gummies on this list exceed expectations for flavor, effects and customer satisfaction. 

Hands down, Botany Farms takes the cake as the top pick for the best Delta 8 gummies due to their elite product testing, absolutely delicious gummy flavors, high potency and world-class customer service.

Top Pick: Best D8 Gummies
30MG Delta 8 Gummies | Botany Farms


  • Delicious and fresh flavor options
  • Full panel third-party lab tested
  • Derived from organic Hemp
  • Strict no refund policy
  • No longer using glass jars as packaging

Seriously, it is hard to find any cons when it comes to Botany Farms. We love that they provide full panel third-party testing for all of their products and everything is made with 100% organic cannabis. It just doesn’t get any sweeter than that.

Another great option alternative for stronger D8 edibles is Hometown Hero. With great customer service, they are earning raving reviews at lightning speed. And their Delta 8 gummies are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee and full panel lab test reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Delta 8 gummies a good high?

Many people who try Delta 8 THC think the high is mild and enjoyable. It is generally considered to be more relaxed and clear-headed than the high that comes with its well-known friend, Delta 9 THC.

There are fewer psychoactive effects, yet it may still help to calm nerves and stress and produce a gentle body and head high.

While definitely dependent on personal preference, if you are looking for a more balanced high that doesn’t usually leave a mental fog, yes, Delta 8 gummies can be a good high.