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Green Roads CBD Review: Taste Tested Opinion

Okay. I’ll admit it. Living in California I’ve been an MMJ patient for years, but only recently have I really got into CBD. 

And figuring out which brand is legit is confusing. No, screw that. It’s downright ridiculous what sort of hoop you often need to jump through to figure this stuff out.

So, when I had the potential opportunity to test drive Green Roads CBD products and write about my experience, I waved my hand and said me, me, me! 

Keep reading to find out the results of my 3-week experiment trying out a range of goodies in this Green Roads CBD review.

Green Roads CBD Edibles

Is Green Roads CBD Legit?

Yes. Green Roads CBD is a legit brand. 

They are run by ex-pharmacists who assist with all of the formulations. And they don’t stop there. They complete full panel third-party testing on all Green Roads CBD products.

Having tried and tested several of their products, I can confirm that Green Roads is legitimate and one of the better CBD brands on the market today.

Green Roads CBD Review Overview

Green Roads CBD is an industry-leading brand that only sells pharmacist-formulated products. 

Yup. You read that right. Green Roads is not your run-of-the-mill sub-standard CBD company, relabeling and selling the same product as everyone else without a certificate of analysis to match.  No, no, no. 

Green Roads CBD | Pharmacist Formulated Products
  • Pharmacist Formulated CBD
  • Full Panel Third Party Tested
  • 30,000+ 5* Reviews
Our Rating:

PROS (+)

  • Over 30,000 satisfied customer reviews
  • Superb product quality and customer care
  • Lab test results for all products

CONS (-)

  • Expensive 
  • Some of their products contain artificial coloring

Laura Fuentes is the CEO and Co-founder of the company. She spent 25 years as a licensed compounding pharmacist before starting the brand. 

This experience is what propels Green Roads to the front of the pack when it comes to consumer advocacy. 

With a lack of federal regulation around Cannabidiol, Green Roads CBD is one of the few brands that have taken it upon themselves to self-regulate to a level that’s impressive, to say the least. 

They push competitors to operate with more transparency so that everyone can access cannabis that is safe, pure, and tested. And perhaps the best part is it works just like they claim!

What I love most about Green Roads are its industry-leading transparency and high-quality products. 

They are unwavering when it comes to consumer safety and the efficacy of their products. This pays off as Green Roads is now the largest privately-owned CBD company in the US. 

Green Roads is one of the earliest advocates for full-panel independent lab tests on all products. Their pharmacist mindset ensures they look at CBD from a unique vantage point. 

That means as a customer of Green Roads, you can look forward to amazing products that you want to add to my daily routine because they contain what they say they do and work as advertised. 

On the flip side, Green Roads CBD is expensive and offers only a few products which focus on other minor cannabinoids like CBN or CBG. 

Also, while Green Roads is at the top of my list when looking for CBD products, I also like to experience other cannabinoids like Delta 8 THC, which has recently taken the market by storm. 

Thankfully, Green Roads CBD has recognized this and has created a sub-brand Cannabis Life to focus on Hemp-derived THC.  And yes. They’re also refreshingly transparent about their products.

Green Roads CBD Review

Green Roads offers a range of isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum CBD products. They are all made from U.S.A.-grown hemp and are never tested on animals.

Below we will take a look at Green Roads CBD oil, gummies, topicals, capsules, and softgels.


Green Roads CBD Oil Review

Green Roads Oil products are available using either full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD extracts.  

There are different strengths and flavors that are all made in an FDA-registered facility. Each Green Roads CBD oil comes backed with full panel third party testing, which is both easy to read and verify. 

I got to try their mighty strength Full-Spectrum CBD oil. It is their strongest broad-spectrum CBD oil available. 

The Broad-Spectrum CBD oil is just like the full-spectrum CBD version, except it doesn’t contain THC.  While the Sweet Sleep CBD tincture contains CBD and CBN Isolate combined with melatonin, making it a perfect addition to your bedtime routine. 

The Green Roads CBD oil packaging is packed full of product information and usage instructions. They also have a QR code for quick access to lab results which are super easy to read. 

The Full-Spectrum Green Roads CBD Oil had noticeable effects in around half an hour. But in all honesty, they were still mild. Maybe I just didn’t take enough, as my dosage is higher than average. 

Nonetheless, I felt good but only realized that when I was actively checking in to see how the CBD tincture was impacting me. 

Sticking to the recommended dosage amount, I could easily use these CBD drops before work or school. I’d anticipate it would make me feel calmer in social settings as it had no impact on my headspace. 

The Greeen Roads CBD Oil product page describes the flavor as having “subtle notes of caramel”. But I think that noting a cannabis aftertaste would make for a more accurate flavor description. 

I found that It had a slightly sweet taste with a bit of herb and spice.

It was almost reminiscent of hitting some fresh-ground, tasty buds out of a new bong. The taste of cannabis was there, but it was clean, enjoyable, and a bit sweet. 

All of Green Roads CBD oils have a 4.7-star rating or above from their customer reviews. Personally, I’d give this one a 4 just due to the effects being slightly milder than I’d like from CBD oils. 

Green Roads CBD oil is ideal if you want something to use before work or class. Or really any social setting that might cause a bit of anxiety. 

I have tried some Hemp products in the past that made me want to crawl into a hole during social situations. But this high-quality CBD oil is mild and calming.

Green Roads CBD Oil Pricing 

The Full-Spectrum CBD oil comes in varying sizes with 750 to 1,500mg of CBD. They cost $69.99 to $109.99. So you could pay anywhere between $0.09 to $0.07 per milligram of CBD

You can purchase the Sweet Sleep CBD oil for $39.99 or $69.99. They come with 375 or 750mg of CBD each. That means you will pay either $0.11 or $0.09 per milligram, depending on which size you buy. 

The Broad Spectrum CBD oil is available with either 300, 750, or 1500mg of CBD. They sell for $44.99, $69.99, or $109.99. The price per milligram of CBD for this product is $0.15, $0.09, or $0.07 per milligram

Yes. Green Roads CBD is expensive when compared to the competition, but the competition doesn’t come with pharma-backed formulations either.

When it comes to flavors, you can choose between Original, Mint Breeze, or Apple Kiwi Bliss. These oils are described as having a warm and sweet taste with a pleasant mouthfeel. 

The oils are incredibly easy to use as each one comes with a precise measuring tool. You just drop the CBD oil under your tongue and let it absorb for a few seconds. Then swallow it up. That’s it. 

The effects are smooth, mild, and pleasant. Overall, I’d recommend Green Roads CBD tinctures to anyone looking to nail down their anxiety.

sleep edibles green roads

Green Roads CBD Gummies Review

Green Roads is known for having some of the best-tasting CBD edibles around. I tested out Green Roads Extra Strength Relax Bears Gummies and their Sleepy Zs Gummies. 

They also have Rise N’ Shines that you can add to your morning routine. 

As soon as you open the Relax Bears, a sweet and sour smell hits your nose. You know these are going to taste good before you ever eat one. 

The jar I had was full of Bears with a firm and chewy bite. They were fresh and tangy. 

I found the effects to be best when I had a Bear with lunch. By the time I was winding my work day down, I was feeling relaxed. 

I didn’t get an intense sensation from these gummies, but I got through the day without any tense moments.

When it was time for my evening smoke break, I only needed a tiny hit to feel an impressive high.

It felt like the CBD I had in my system through these gummies worked exceptionally well with my regular (marijuana) smoke.

This was my favorite part of having the Relax Bears around. I smoked considerably less flower, yet I felt arguably more comfortable and relaxed throughout the day. 

The Sleepy Zs CBD edibles were not as fun or enjoyable as the Relax Bears because they did their job! 

After taking one of these before my bedtime routine, my eyes were ready to close when my head hit the pillow. There was no time to consider how relaxed I was before dozing off. Must be a good thing, right?

I do not have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, so I still have the majority of these gummies on the shelf. They simply worked so well that I stopped taking them after a handful of early nights of deep sleep. 

But, if you’re not like me and struggle, I think these would be an excellent addition to your bedtime routine. 

The Rise N’ Shines Immune Support Gummies provide daily support to your immune system with vitamins B12, C, D, and elderberry. It also comes with all the benefits of full-spectrum high-quality CBD. 

relax cbd gummies unpacked

Green Roads CBD Gummies Pricing 

There are 30 CBD Relax Bears in a jar, with 750mg of total CBD. The price of the jar is $49.99, so you are paying about $0.07 per mg of CBD

The Sleepy Zs have 675mg of CBD and 75mg of CBN in the container. They cost $49.99. So you pay around $0.07 for each milligram of cannabinoids. And you also get 5mg of melatonin in each gummy. Pretty good deal!

The Green Roads CBD Relax Bears come with an assortment of sweet and sour flavors.

The Sleepy Zs come in a sweet blackberry flavor.

As you can imagine, Green Roads Gummies are easy for anyone to use and discreet enough for no one to know your not just chewing on a regular gummy.

The Relax bears are great for daytime consumption. You should only take the Sleepy Zs before bed as they will knock you out! 

The Relax Bears have a subtle effect that made my day go by easier. It is mild and non-intoxicating. It just feels good! 

The Sleepy Zs will have you relaxing and ready for bed. It can take up to 30 minutes to feel the effects, but they hit me in half the time. You can look forward to falling asleep faster and sleeping soundly.

Green Roads CBD Topicals Review

Green Roads topicals come in roll-on applicators that make it easy to soothe your skin and support your tired muscles. 

They also have creams that you can rub on to get some plant-based, on-the-spot support wherever you need it. 

Like everything else they sell, these creams and topicals are all pharmacist-formulated. They absorb quickly, without leaving behind oils or film. 

You can choose between four types of topical products. There are the Heat Relief roll-on, the Cool Relief roll-on, the Muscle and Joint Cream, and the original Skin Relief Cream. 

The Heat Relief roll-on gets its heating action from cayenne pepper. The Cool Relief roll-on has fast-acting cooling powers from menthol.

The Muscle & Joint Relief Cream has a custom blend of CBD and botanicals that soothes and supports skin on the spot. 

The Skin Relief CBD Cream is the go-to product for red, dry, or irritated skin.

arthiritis cbd topical gr

The Heat Relief and Cool Relief roll-ons and the Muscle & Joint Relief Cream might be good fits for athletes with sore muscles. Or anyone with recurring pain that wants a quick and easy way to find some comfort. 

If you are already using a traditional heat or cool relief cream, it is an easy switch for a more well-rounded solution. 

The Skin Relief Cream might be best for people who need extra skin support. On top of relieving dry or irritated skin, it can hydrate and moisturize, keeping skin fresh and young-looking. 

Both the Heat Relief roll-on and the Cool Relief roll-on come with 750mg of CBD in a bottle. They are made with full-range hemp-derived cannabinoids and terpenes.

Green Roads CBD Topicals Pricing 

The bottles cost $39.99. You spend $0.05 per milligram of broad-spectrum CBD. Not bad at all for a topical!

The Muscle & Joint Relief Cream costs $34.99. It comes with 750mg of CBD isolate, meaning you are paying $0.05 per cannabinoid

The Skin Relief Cream regularly retails for $24.99. It comes with 210mg of CBD isolate, bringing the cost per cannabinoid in this product to $0.12

The aroma depends on which product you use, but it will only vary between a mild lavender or chamomile scent. 

The topicals are easy to use for everyone. The roll-on topical can be applied directly to the area, which needs relief every four to six hours. 

Or, you can use a cream. These are simply pumped out of the bottle and rubbed into the skin.

Green Roads CBD Capsules & Soft Gels Review

Green Roads offers both capsules and softgels as an easy and familiar way to take CBD.

The CBD Softgels are a super simple way to get a daily dose of CBD. 

The Sleep CBD Capsules are designed to support overall health. But they pack a punch with 5mg of added melatonin for a solid night’s sleep. 

The Relax CBD Capsules are a non-intoxicating option for relaxing and unwinding. They are made with CBD isolate, GABA (a naturally occurring amino acid that soothes and calms), and 5-HTP (another naturally occurring amino acid that aids in relaxation). 

They are also vegan, gluten, and soy-free. 

cbd gel caps gr

These products are great for anyone who wants to add to their daily wellness routine. They are moderate and meant to be taken daily. 

Not everyone wants a potent product that causes noticeable physical effects. These products are a great solution as they can improve mood and sleep without getting you high.

Green Roads Gel Caps Pricing 

Green Roads CBD softgels and Capsules cost $49.99 for a total of 750mg of CBD. That means you pay $0.07 per milligram of CBD isolate.  

Softgels and Capsules are some of the easiest to use CBD products out there. They lack any strong smell or flavor and can easily be taken anywhere.

Wrapping Up: Green Roads CBD Review

This Green Roads CBD review has convinced me that they are a top-shelf option for a CBD company. 

I love that they are so transparent with all of their products. I can see how they are made and what is in them with little effort. 

Green Roads CBD

Green Roads CBD | Pharmacist Formulated Products
  • Pharmacist Formulated CBD
  • Full Panel Third Party Tested
  • 30,000+ 5* Reviews
Our Rating:

And they taste and smell amazing! The quality and freshness were undeniable. 

Everything made me feel good, although some were mild and some were more intense. 

If you’re looking for a way to soothe sore muscles, lessen social anxiety, have less stress, or simply feel better, these products might be for you. 

The variety of strengths makes it possible to use Green Roads products daily, no matter what is on the schedule. I definitely recommend you check them out!