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Delta THC

Best THCA Pre Rolls Review 2023

Finding fire pre rolls isn’t always easy. The legal hemp space is saturated with too many brands to choose from, making the simple task of buying a good joint online feel almost impossible. 

Having smoked weed for almost ten years, I’m no stranger to cannabis—good and bad. 

That’s why I was so eager to find the best THCa pre roll on the market. 

For this extensive review, I scoured the internet and sampled my fair share of THCa pre rolls. Keep reading for my honest take on the best THCa pre roll joints on the market.

Top Pick: Strongest THCA Pre Rolls
Best Light Indica Pre Roll
Mildest Pre Roll
Largest THCA Joints
Best Light Indica Pre Roll
Mildest Pre Roll

THCa Pre Rolls Review Criteria 

In House Product Testing

THCa Pre Rolled Joints
THCa Joints Tested For This Review

We take product testing very seriously to provide our readers with honest and comprehensive viewpoints. By conducting in-house product testing, we can provide our readers with insights based on our real-world experiences.

When it comes to these THCA pre-rolls, we conducted in-house testing to experience both the pros and cons of each product.

Our testing process began by selecting a variety of THCA pre-rolls from different brands. We then received these in products and carefully inspected each pack’s packaging, labeling, and overall presentation.

Looking for certificates of analysis (COAs) and cross-referencing these against what the label suggests the product contains along with how detailed these were, for example if they contain full panel tests.

Next, we tried and tested the pre-rolls by smoking them (of course) and evaluated the taste, potency, and effects.

During this process, we pay close attention to any potential drawbacks or negative aspects of the product, such as harshness or uneven burning. Conversely, we also take note of any positive attributes, such as a smooth smoking experience or a pleasant terpene profile.

Evaluating Customer Service Policies

If a brand doesn’t take care of their customers, it almost doesn’t matter how great its products are. That’s why we’ve always got our eyes on the best customer service policies in the game. 

Gaining and maintaining customer loyalty is hugely important in the cannabis industry. The highest quality hemp brands know that communication and customer perks keep consumers  coming back. 

Some of the best customer service policies we’ve seen include: 

  • Money back / satisfaction guarantees
  • Free shipping
  • First order discount
  • Excellent communication 

The companies that uphold these policies inspire a loyal customer service base. Before we even consider a product, we have to know how the company will support the customers we recommend to them. 

Brand Reputation 

Yes, brand reputation can be closely tied to strong customer service policies. But it’s so much more than that. 

Brands with a positive reputation are also transparent about the potency and safety of their products. They’ve done their research and are frontrunners for cannabis innovation.

To measure brand reputation, we keep the following questions in mind:

  • Is the company in question a frontrunner in hemp products, particularly THCA? 
  • Is the company known for offering high quality hemp products? 

These are the brands with loads of positive customer reviews and loyal consumers. They’re also the brands with easily accessible COAs. 

Current User Feedback: Good Or Bad? 

Sure, a brand can have squeaky clean customer service policies and potent products. But do actually uphold these policies in practice?

Positive customer reviews (and discussions on subreddits and forums) are excellent indicators of how trustworthy a brand really is and how consistently their products deliver. 

By compiling these reviews, we know what to expect from the brand’s products and the overall purchasing experience. 

Third-Party Lab Testing 

When it comes to determining the best THCa pre rolls, third-party lab testing is an essential element. We will never recommend products that haven’t been tested by an independent, third-party lab.

With the myriad of products on the market, it’s important to keep your eyes out for how your THCa pre rolls were tested before hitting the shelves. 

The only way to be certain that you’re consuming safe, high quality products is to check to see if the brand provides Certificates of Analysis (COAs). At the least, these third-party lab results include potency levels in your product. Full-panel tests also explore what contaminants these products may or may not contain. 

Here are a couple questions we beared in mind when trying THCa pre rolls:

  • Are COAs easily accessible to the public? 
  • Do lab reports include both potency and purity?

Basically, if a company isn’t transparent about how their product was tested, it’s smarter just to avoid that company altogether. 

Best THCa Pre Rolls & Joints

1. THCa Diamond Infused Hemp Pre Rolls 

We’ve smoked a lot of THCa flower, and we have to say that Delta Munchies offers the best THCa pre rolls we’ve ever tried.

Not only does this reliable brand based out of Los Angeles carry some fire products, they offer world-class customer service, are completely transparent about their practices and give a generous first-order discount. They basically check every box when it comes to what you want in a hemp brand.

Top Pick: Strongest THCA Pre Rolls
97% THCA Diamond Infused Pre Rolls | Delta Munchies
  • 2x Pre Rolls
  • 1G Hemp Flower + 1G THC-A Diamonds In Each Roll
  • Kief Dusted
Our Rating:

PROS (+) 

  • Third-party tested for potency and purity
  • Strong aroma and flavor 
  • Potent effects

CONS (-)

  • Less-than-ideal packaging
  • No satisfaction guarantee

We tested Delta Munchies “Double Doinks” THCa-diamond-infused pre rolls, which are glazed with liquid diamonds, dusted with kief and decorated with even more THCa-infused diamonds. Yes, these are some super potent pre rolls. 

These pre rolls are available in three three delicious flavors and effects, including Berry Marmalade (sativa), Peach Cobbler (indica), and Champagne Slushies (hybrid). So whether you have a preference for indica, sativa or somewhere in between, Delta Munchies has you covered. 


Delta Munchies has it down with the flavor of each of these THCa prerolls. 

The Berry Marmalade was sweet on the inhale and sweet on the exhale, containing hints of mixed berries with each smooth and succulent hit. 

The flavor of the Peach Cobbler tasted just like the dessert for which it’s named, with an aroma that was equally impressive. 

Hands down, my favorite variety was the Champagne Slushy. I could seriously smoke these pre rolls all day based on taste alone. These pre rolls hit smooth and genuinely smelled and tasted like icy grapes.

Delta Munchies Berry Marmalade THCA Diamond Pre Roll


These pre rolls are where it’s at as far as effects. After getting silly stoned on each strain, I can confidently say each was true to type.

The Berry Marmalade sativa was as energizing and euphoric as any regular sativa. Elevated for at least three hours, I felt a pronounced sense of wellbeing that boosted my mood and left me feeling content. 

I found saving the Peach Cobbler indica for evening use was smart, as it offered a relaxed, full-bodied high that was honestly somewhat sedating. 

The Champagne Slushies hybrid offered a perfectly blended balance of both. This would be a great strain for day or evening use, as I didn’t feel too high while the effects lasted or sleepy when they wore off a few hours later.  


When you order their pre rolls, you get two 1.5g pre rolls for $29.99. When these are smoked, the joints have a total THC percentage of around 15% and 10% CBD, equating to approx $0.06 per MG THCA.

That’s not all though—the extra coating on the outside of the joint truly made a difference, as the THCa infused diamonds have a THC concentration of over 97.2%.


The only real downfall of these pre rolls lies in the packaging. Each package contains two 1.5mg pre rolls, packaged in individual cone-shaped tubes. 

Because the liquid THCa diamonds made the outside of the joint somewhat sticky, I had some difficulty actually removing the pre roll from its packaging. Every second of struggle was so worth it though. 

The less than ideal packaging was a small price to pay for a seriously potent product. 

What We Liked 

Delta Munchie’s Double Doinks THCa Diamond Infused Hemp Pre Rolls are as potent as they are tasty. They set you up for a smoking experience that closely mirrors any regular pre roll.

The company is transparent about how their products are made, and their customer service response time is one of the best in the industry. 

What Could Be Improved 

With the sticky nature of the pre roll, it easily sticks to the sides of the plastic conical packaging. Ultimately, this could end up damaging the joint. 

Delta Munchies also doesn’t offer any money back policies, so satisfaction isn’t necessarily guaranteed when ordering their products.

2. Blood Diamond THCa Pre Rolls 

Secret Nature Artisan CBD offers high-quality hemp products at affordable prices. This California-based brand uses premium indoor-grown and hand-trimmed CBD hemp flower in all their products, including their THCa pre rolls.

Which come in both a microdose variety (which we’ve tested here) and high potency flower (20%+ THCA). But, we have tested the high potency bud in our THCA flower review where Secret Nature took the top spot, and did so by some distance too.

They pride themselves on using the highest quality organic flower possible in all their products. Their THCa pre rolls are no exception to their commitment to quality. 

Best Light Indica Pre Roll

PROS (+)

  • Convenient packaging 
  • Potent effects 
  • First order discount

CONS (-) 

  • Third-party tested for potency only 
  • Limited customer satisfaction policies

Secret Nature CBD’s THCa pre rolls come in a 2 or 7-pack and are available in sativa and indica varieties. I was pleasantly surprised with the Blood Diamond indica variety. 


Talk about smooth taste. Not only did this THCa indica preroll have a pleasant flavor that wasn’t at all overpowering, it burned slowly and had a very subtle scent when it was burning.  

THCa Blood Diamond Joint


The effects were just as smooth as the flavor. Though they weren’t knock-me-out-of-the-park strong, after smoking the entirety of the pre roll, I could feel my stress and anxiety melting away. 

My mood noticeably improved almost immediately. A superbly relaxing body high soon followed, without leaving me feeling sedated or too stoned in the slightest. 


A 2-pack costs $15 before tax, and each 0.6 g pre roll contains THCa potency of 4%.

The 7-pack costs only $40, which calculates out to about $0.23 per mg, making them significantly more expensive than Delta Munchies.


The 2-pack pre rolls are packaged in a satisfyingly beautiful glass doob tube, while the 7-pack pre rolls come in a sleek, matte black cigarette pack with gorgeous gold lettering. The sleek packaging looks expensive, and definitely an indication of the quality of what’s inside. 

What We Liked 

Nature’s Secret Blood Diamond THCa pre rolls induced a decent high, and the packaging was aesthetically pleasing and indicative of the quality of the product.

What Could Be Improved 

Secret Nature CBD overall has limited customer satisfaction policies. Though they offer a first order discount, there’s no satisfaction guarantee, and the only method of contact available to consumers is a “Contact Us” form. 

Additionally, though their products are third-party tested, they’re only tested for potency. The COAs don’t explain what contaminants the products might contain, and tests for safety are not communicated.

3. Paradiso THCa Pre Rolls 

Coming in third place for the best THCa pre rolls is Secret Nature again. This time for their Paradiso strain. This indoor-grown and hand-trimmed THCa-infused hemp flower induces a gentle high for an overall smooth smoking experience. 

Mildest Pre Roll
Paradiso Hemp THCA Pre Rolls
  • Lightest Effects
  • Great For Beginners
  • Well Priced
Our Rating:

PROS (+)

  • Slow burn 
  • Smooth, subtle flavor 
  • Convenient packaging

CONS (-) 

  • Milder effects 
  • Limited customer satisfaction policies

Compared with the Blood Diamond pre roll, the Paradiso pre roll from Secret Nature CBD is milder, both in flavor and effects. That’s not to say it wasn’t an extremely pleasurable experience. There’s a reason these pre rolls earned a spot on our list. 


The flavor was earthy, without packing too hard of a punch. And just like the Blood Diamond pre roll, the Paradiso burned slowly and smoothly. 

Secret Nature THCa Pre Roll


The Paradiso THCa pre roll is marketed as an indica strain, and I experienced a gentle head high with deep body relaxation. 

My anxiety and stress levels were also reduced after smoking, but I wasn’t left feeling super sedated. 

On that note, Paradiso is probably a bit too relaxing to use as a morning strain. Best to save this one for late afternoon or evening, or on a day when you don’t have much else to do. 


A 2-pack of these pre rolls is $15, which calculates out to about $0.31 per mg for a 2-pack of rolls. 

These pre rolls also come in 7-packs for $40, working out to a price point of approximately $0.23 per mg.

So yes, these are expensive like the other Secret Nature pre rolls. But, if you’re after something premium and light then this is it.


The same sleek packaging is used for all Secret Nature THCa pre rolls. Paradiso 2-packs come packaged in a modern, glass tube with a silver top, while the 7-packs are held in the same sleek, matte black pack as their other pre rolls. 

What We Liked 

The Paradiso THCa pre rolls from Secret Nature CBD are smooth-tasting and slow-burning. They contain high-quality hemp and are excellent for those moments when you want to relieve pain and anxiety but don’t want to be out-of-this-world high. 

What Could Be Improved 

While Secret Nature CBD products are third-party lab tested, this testing is only for potency and doesn’t include results for purity. 

Like their Blood Diamond THCa pre rolls, the Paradiso COA only detailed the potency of cannabinoids and terpenes in the product. Safety test results are not provided.

4. Exhale Well THCa Pre Roll Joints 

Exhale Wellness is a top hemp industry brand. This Los Angeles-based brand has a consistent reputation for high quality, mega potent hemp products.

They’re also committed to stellar customer service, including a satisfaction guarantee, accessible dosage charts, easy contact methods, and even a quiz to determine which products are best for your preferences. 

Largest THCA Joints
Hemp THCA Pre Rolls | Exhale Well
  • Free Shipping
  • Multiple Strains Available
  • Huge 1G Joints
Our Rating:

PROS (+) 

  • High potency 
  • Variety of strains 
  • 1000s of positive customer reviews

CONS (-) 

  • Tested only for potency, not purity 
  • Less-than-ideal packaging 

These pre rolls come in a variety of flavors and potencies, including Sex Panther (25.24% THCA), Space Junkie (20.69% THCA), Grape Frosty (19.80% THCA), MAC 1 (22.92% THCA), and Han Solo (22.60% THCA). 


The flavor of these pre rolls was as ideal as the effects. Each pre roll’s taste and aroma was noticeably unique and terp-forward without a muddy aftertaste. 

Sex Panther, for example, contained a true-to-strain taste with fruity hints of pineapple and papaya.


And this high potency is no joke. Just a few hits off a Sex Panther pre roll activated my brain and inspired my creative side. 

I found these pre rolls perfect for my daily morning smoke sesh. 

With my stress and anxiety whisked away, I was able to access some serious euphoric bliss with a boost of energy that lasted well into the afternoon. 


A 5-pack of these joints costs $79.95, which levels out to about $0.07 per mg. This price point makes them only slightly more expensive than Delta Munchies. 


These pre rolls are sold in 5-packs, with the joints in a row and a sliding lid. 

We appreciated how each pre roll was individually separated, offering increased protection within the case. 

What We Liked 

Exhale Wellness offers a wide variety of highly concentrated sativa and indica THCa pre roll options. Plus, all of their products are third party tested for purity and potency.

Their customer service policies are as bangin’ as their pre rolls–they offer first order discounts, free shipping on every order, subscribe and save options, and a variety of easy contact methods. 

What Could Be Improved 

These pre rolls sell out fast, so while these options are amazing in theory, the likelihood that they will all be available at the time of ordering is fairly low.

They’re also at a higher price point than the rest making them unaffordable for many, but this is simply because they contain more flower per pack.

The Final Verdict: Best THCa Pre Roll Joints

The votes are in. Delta Munchies officially make the best THCa pre roll joint on the market. 

Coated in liquid diamonds, rolled in kief and topped with even more THCa diamonds, these pre rolls take the trophy both in potency and in flavor. They also contain full-panel, third-party COAs.

Top Pick: Strongest THCA Pre Rolls
Best Light Indica Pre Roll
Mildest Pre Roll
Largest THCA Joints
Best Light Indica Pre Roll
Mildest Pre Roll

Those looking for a milder high can’t go wrong with Secret Nature Artisan CBD’s pre rolls. Both varieties induced consistent, productive, and blissful highs. Combine this with the fact their products are organic and come in sleek, attractive packaging and you can see why this artisan brand made the cut. 

While if you’re after something in between, check out to Exhale Wellness, who will have you floating with their highly potent products and stellar customer service policies.

No matter what your preference is, these products have rightfully earned their spot on our list of the best THCa pre rolls on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a THCA infused pre roll? 

A THCa infused pre roll is hemp flower infused with THCa diamonds. This hemp flower has less than 0.3% delta 9 THC on the shelves, but, when it’s sparked up, the THCa converts to delta 9 THC, delivering a powerful hemp high. 

Are infused pre rolls stronger? 

Infused pre rolls are generally stronger than regular cannabis pre rolls, because they’re infused with concentrates and oils with higher cannabinols potency. This higher potency can lead to more intense effects.