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Rachel Rowe

Freelance Copywriter
Medical Marijuana
Real Estate


  • Dedicated Freelance Copywriter with a specialized focus on creating enlightening content for legal cannabis companies, aiming to educate and demystify cannabis myths while drawing from personal experience as a medical marijuana patient.
  • Educational Background in Business Management and Entrepreneurship from CA State University Chico, providing a robust foundation in strategic communication and business operations.
  • Versatile Professional Experience, balancing a career in freelance copywriting with a role as a Realtor.


Meet Rachel Rowe – a freelance copywriter and Realtor, weaving narratives that strike a chord with those seeking to unravel the enigma surrounding cannabis. Rachel’s words are not merely reflections of researched facts but are imbued with the genuine experiences of a medical marijuana patient, offering readers a genuine and relatable perspective.

In a world where cannabis-related myths are rampant, Rachel seeks to be the voice that bridges knowledge gaps, guiding people towards safe and responsible usage of cannabis to enhance their lives. Her writing style mimics a friendly conversation, ensuring that the information shared is easily digestible, engaging, and far from mundane.

Beyond her writing endeavors, Rachel is a seasoned Realtor, intertwining her business acumen and strategic communication skills to navigate the nuanced world of real estate. Though her roles may vary, the common thread that ties them together is her unwavering commitment to providing clear, concise, and helpful information to her audience, whether they are potential homebuyers or curious cannabis enthusiasts.

Outside of writing, Rachel is a realtor at Keller Williams, an avid traveler, culinary enthusiast, and outdoor lover, often found exploring new destinations, tantalizing her taste buds with novel cuisines, or soaking up the serenity of nature with her family and beloved dog.


Rachel holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship from CA State University Chico. While her educational journey laid a solid foundation in strategic business operations and management, it is her continual self-driven pursuit of knowledge in the cannabis domain that has allowed her to carve out a niche as a specialized copywriter in the industry.

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