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Best CBG Flower 2023: Cannabigerol Rich Buds

CBG is often referred to as the mother of cannabinoids, and Its popularity has skyrocketed as of late.

Great for relaxing, improving your focus and mood without the high that comes from traditional weed. 

I’ve tried and tested a variety of brands and shortlisted 5 of my favorites in this article. Keep reading for the details, or if you want the TLDR, here are the top picks when it comes to the best CBG flower strains 2023: 

CBG Flower Brands
Brands Tried and Tested
Top Pick: Best CBG Flower 
White CBG Flower | Green Unicorn Farms
  • Excellent value
  • Full panel third party tested
  • Free shipping over $49
Runner Up: Artisan CBG Flower
White CBG Flower | Botany Farms
  • Huge nugs
  • Artisan grade
  • Well packaged
Best Value CBG Buds
Sour G CBG Flower | Tweedle Farms
  • Money back guarantee
  • Full panel third party tested
  • Great for daytime

Best CBG Flower Review Criteria

Our commitment to finding the best CBG flower knows no bounds. We spare no effort when it comes to finding top-shelf CBG flower with the aroma to match. 

Since CBG is a relatively less popular cannabinoid, it’s hard to gather a solid consensus on what products rank among the best. 

Because of such obstacles, we apply a strict set of criteria to determine the best CBG flower in 2023. 

It’s no holds barred when figuring out what CBG flower is worth your time and money. 

These are the five criteria that go into our rigorous selection process:

Product Testing

Each product featured in our list has been thoroughly tried and tested. More than once!

You can’t effectively judge or rank CBG flower without trying it yourself. So we test multiple to compare them and discern the best from the rest. 

In our product testing process, we research and analyze the brand as a whole. 

We weigh the product quality and the quality of the brand’s customer service in determining the best CBG flower. 

CBG at Botany

Customer Service Policies

When it comes to customer service, we look for practices that make one brand more customer-friendly than the other.

Let’s face it, the customer experience definitely matters. 

So if a brand doesn’t offer customer-oriented policies then it’s immediately out of the running. Brands should show commitment to establishing customer trust and loyalty. 

After all, we’re the ones that drive their success. 

Here are some of the things we look for that improve the customer experience:

  • First-order discounts
  • Money-back guarantees

Brands that offer such policies show that customers, and returning customers, matter to them. 

Brand Reputation

With CBG flower being new to the market, a solid benchmark is a brand’s reputation. Public opinion is far more critical than great advertising or clever marketing.

In turn, we thoroughly investigate a few things: 

Does this brand sell other similar products with a reputation for being good quality? 

And Is this brand recognized as a leader in CBG flower products?

The likelihood of receiving excellent products is often correlated with brands that offer similar products that are known for being top-notch. 

Researching brand and product reputation is crucial. It’s a superb method for finding first-class companies.

A brand with a solid fan base typically equates to higher-quality products. And customer loyalty often signals that the brand continually produces higher quality products.

Customer Sentiment

Customer opinion is more significant than crazy deals or attractive advertisements. 

This is why we spend hours combing through verified customer reviews, reviews from bulletin boards, and online forums. But, of course, we also take our personal experiences into account. 

We want to know: What are customers saying about the brand? 

Unbiased customer feedback is critical when ascertaining the best products. So we always look for how the public feels about the brand in question. 

The more good things customers say about a brand, the better!

Third-Party Testing Standards

In order to be a conscious consumer, it is imperative to know what you’re putting in your body. 

The only way to ensure a product’s safety and efficacy are through third-party lab reports. This is because independent lab testing performed by a third party is unbiased and objective. 

For every single product, we investigate: Are there COAs readily available? If so, which?

COAs are the only means by which we can find out if a product contains harsh metals, dangerous chemicals, or other foreign materials. Third-party lab reports also inform us of the potency of the CBG Flower.

We can also find out the potency of a specific product. Why is this important?

Most products are close to the cannabinoid levels listed on the label. But some do not test exactly as shown on the packaging. Thus by examining the COAs, we can be aware of how strong the CBG flower genuinely is. 

Reviewing the lab reports for every single product is the only way to establish its safety and cleanliness of it. Therefore, it’s a must before trying any CBG flower!

Below we highlight which brands offer full panel COAs. This means the lab reports consist of a variety of tests outside of just potency.

This is more important when it comes to CBG flower, as the end product isn’t processed, meaning there is no way to distill and expel any potential contaminants such as pesticides from the final product. 

Ethical companies will be transparent and provide COAs to customers. If there isn’t a COA for a product, we don’t recommend purchasing the CBG flower.

Best CBG Flower 2022

1. Green Unicorn Farms | White CBG Flower

Green Unicorn Farms is a Bay Area based hemp brand committed to delivering premium quality CBD and CBG flower. 

With thorough research and strict standards and testing, they offer some of the best Hemp strains we’ve tried. They extend these meticulous measures in cultivating their CBG flower too. 

Top Pick: Best CBG Flower 
White CBG Flower | Green Unicorn Farms
  • Excellent value
  • Full panel third party tested
  • Free shipping over $49

PROS (+)

  • Full panel tested 
  • Free shipping on orders over $49
  • Excellent bulk discounts

CONS (-)

  • Not the smoothest smoke
  • Only offers one CBG-rich strain at the moment

Green Unicorn Farms’ White CBG flower costs $10 per gram if purchasing a single gram. But, you can pay as little as $4 a gram if you buy an ounce. 

It contains 11.2% total CBG and is grown in the Bay Area sun. 

Green Unicorn Farms’ CBG flower was my hands-down favorite. 

Overall, this product has the best effects in my opinion. After a few hits, you are hit with a serene heady sativa buzz that delivers laser focus.

This strain produced the most pronounced mental clarity out of the bunch. The CBG flower not only eased my stress but lessened my anxiety. This CBG flower noticeably reduced my often intense compounded thoughts to a trickle. 

I also felt lifted but not in the same way psychoactive strains produce euphoria. 

Excellent for daytime use, tranquil effects balance the cerebral effects. It will leave you in a state of contented calmness.

Apart from the effects, the aromas are fantastic. When you first light up the flower, you are met with a piney taste followed by minty undertones.  Green Unicorn Farms’ White CBG will not disappoint if the taste is important to you. 

From aromas to effects, this product delivers a gratifying experience. 

Not to forget, Green Unicorn Farm’s White CBG strain is also an award winner for best CBG flower for anxiety and best aroma. This premium quality product is not just my favorite but judged by others as top of the line. I’m not surprised. 

The White CBG’s buds are beautiful too. They sparkle with amber trichomes and orange hairs. 

The only negative would be the smoothness of the smoke. The smoking experience wasn’t harsh, but if you like to take a huge hit (like me) you might cough a bit. 

On the upside, Green Unicorn Farms offer a sizable 20% discount for first-timers. They also give special discounts for veterans and seniors for every purchase.

Packaged in a resealable mylar bag, the flower is delivered lightning fast within 2-5 business days. And everything is shipped in discreet packaging!

In terms of customer service, we’ve already discussed the free shipping over $49 and the lack of a satisfaction guarantee policy. They do, however have a 30-day return policy for unopened products.

Full panel COAs are readily available online or via the QR code on the package, which is an added bonus. However, if you use the QR code, it will only go directly to the the potency test results.

For full panel test results, you must take an extra step. Go to the White CBG product page and click on the links for “Full Panel COA / Heavy Metals.” 

A lot of companies only test for potency, so knowing that you can enjoy fully lab-tested CBG flower is reassuring.

2. Botany Farms | White CBG Flower

Botany Farms is a boutique hemp company that aims to deliver the highest quality CBD & CBG cannabis flower. 

This award-winning company produces offers craft cannabis products with awe-inspiring packaging to match.

Runner Up: Largest CBG Flower Nugs
White CBG Flower | Botany Farms
  • Huge nugs
  • Artisan grade
  • Well packaged

PROS (+)

  • Artisanal Hemp
  • Huge nugs 
  • Competitively priced

CONS (-)

  • Only tested for cannabinoid potency
  • Strict no refund policy

The Botany White CBG takes the crown as the smoothest CBG Flower.

This product is also one of the cheapest on our list. The White CBG costs about $7 per gram when purchasing an eighth. This is surprising, considering the expensive packaging and the small-batch origin.  

Note that buying a single gram will cost $10, in line with the other CBG flower options on our list. 

In terms of potency, Botany Farms’ White CBG contains 12.5% CBG. 

The White CBG was the most enjoyable to smoke. It is incredibly smooth and does not leave your throat with that dreaded burning sensation. 

What’s more, is the woodsy aroma with hints of pine was delightful. Fans of cannabis with earthy terps will rejoice over this pinene-rich CBG flower. 

The buzz was generally mild with cerebral effects. Feelings of pure relaxation are at the forefront. It did ignite clarity of thought, but it was second to the calming effects. 

I did find myself needing two bowls to fully reap the therapeutic effects. Though the lab reports listed the CBG content as 12.5%, which is higher than some of the other products on this list, I felt like I needed a little more of this CBG flower. 

By a long shot, Botany Farms has the nicest packaging of any Hemp flower I’ve seen.

The flower is nestled in glass jars with attractive labels that clearly list the potency. You can rest assured that your precious bud remains protected from the elements. 

On the bottom of the jar, you can scan the QR code to find the COA. Somewhat concerning, Botany Farms only shows the potency lab results. 

There’s no way of knowing the pesticide or heavy metal content. This doesn’t instill the most confidence. I always prefer to be confident in the safety of a product I use. 

Botany Farms does not offer a first-time discount. But they have a generous referral program. For each person you refer, you get $15 off your order, and so do they. 

I also found Botany Farms lack of return and refund policy disappointing. However, I’ve tried quite a few of Botany Farm’s products, and none have let me down yet. 

Overall, Botany Farm’s White CBG is ideal for those wanting chill vibes while staying active and alert.

3. Tillmans Tranquils | Biscotti CBG Flower

Launched in 2019 and based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Tillman Tranquils is a notable hemp company that specializes in high-quality Hemp products. 

All of their products are made from hemp grown in the USA. In 2021, they expanded their product line to the CBG realm and offer CBG gummies and CBG flower. 

Most Unique Tasting CBG Flower
CBG Flower | Tillmans Tranquils
  • Vanilla like aroma
  • Perfect for evenings

PROS (+)

  • Cultivated and crafted in the USA
  • Free shipping on orders over $100 and free returns
  • Competitive prices

CONS (-)

  • Cannot purchase flower in 1 gram quantities. 
  • Few CBG-rich strains available  (only 1 CBG flower offered)

If you’re after a potent CBG-rich strain with a vanilla like aroma, this one is for you!  With almost 20,000 reviews, Tillman Tranquils boasts a massive fan base. 

Per gram, Biscotti OG costs about $8.50 if you purchase an eighth (3.5 grams). For the best deal, pick up the ounce (28 grams), which will cost about $5.40 per gram. 

This product contains 13.1% CBG making it one of the most potent options on our list. 

Biscotti CBG may not be the prettiest, but her sweet vanilla notes and balanced body + head feels more than make up for it.  

A cross of Gelato #25 and South Florida OG, the signature cookies terpenes really shine. This strain tastes great until the very last hit. 

Needless to say, Tillman Tranquills’ Biscotti OG is our pick for the most unique tasting CBG flower. 

The indica dominant high complements the CBG effects creating a balanced buzz. The initial soothing effects combine with feelings of pure happiness. After 5 minutes of lighting up, I felt relaxed and social.  

I personally felt that Tillman Tranquils’ Biscotti CBG strain had some very minor intoxicating effects, which were surprising. Admittedly, the effects were super mellow, but it’s something to note nonetheless. 

This potent CBG strain is ideal for unwinding at the end of the day and isn’t too indica heavy where you’ll fall asleep. 

However, Tillmans Tranquils packaging has room for improvement. The flower comes in a thick paper envelope that is resealable. This is not my preferred packaging as it leaves the flower vulnerable to being squished. 

You can easily access the COA from the QR code on the front of the package. Note, that the COA only displays results for potency and moisture. 

As far as customer service goes, this company does it well. There’s a live chat window on their website available anytime 24/7.  I used Tillmans Tranquils chat service and was helped in seconds.

4. Tweedle Farms | Sour G CBG Flower

Based in Northwest Oregon, Tweedle Farms is a family-owned hemp farm that exclusively offers flavorful “farm-to-table” flower. 

This simply means they only use hemp plants from farms which they have an established partnership with and can trace back where each batch was grown. 

They boast an impressive selection of CBG and CBD hemp flowers. Tweedle Farms’ CBG flower strains are in high demand. You will find that they’re frequently (and unfortunately) sold out of CBG strains. Best Value CBG Flower

Most Uplifting CBG Buds
Sour G CBG Flower | Tweedle Farms
  • Money back guarantee
  • Full panel third party tested
  • Great for daytime

PROS (+)

  • 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee policy 
  • Full panel third-party tested
  • Excellent value choice

CONS (-)

  • Processing can take 2 days
  • Limited CBG bud strains

If you’re looking for the most uplifting sativa-dominant CBG flower, this is definitely your pick. In fact, it’s the only CBG sativa strain on our list. 

Tweedle Farms’ Sour G CBG is the cheapest option on our list. It costs $6 a gram or $5 per gram if you buy an eighth. And their eighths are 4grams. 

It’s like getting half a gram for free–need we say more? 

Tweedle Farms also offers a five-pack of Sour G CBG pre-rolls. I love pre-rolls for chilling on the go. 

The product contains 11% of total CBG. For the price and potency, the Sour G CBG simply cannot be beaten.  

After a few hits, I experienced intense cerebral effects. My mind was clear, but I remained focused. The mild head buzz made me introspective.

I was in my feelings for sure. But in a good way. The CBG combined with the sativa effects resulted in a tranquil yet euphoric experience.  

The Sour G CBG strain was the most stimulating in my experience. After smoking it I felt like I got a jolt of energy, similar to drinking a small cup of coffee.

The CBG melded with the sativa effects resulting in a tranquil yet euphoric experience.  It produced a unique feeling of mental clarity as the sativa head high made the therapeutic effects of CBG more pronounced. 

Tweedle Farms offers a very generous 25% discount on your first order. 

They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy, so there is zero risk to trying their products. You can opt to exchange or return any item for a full refund.

What’s particularly great about Tweedle Farms is their full panel third-party testing. As we’ve mentioned, some companies only do potency testing. 

They have a convenient QR code printed on the package, which instantly connects you to the product page. From there, you can access their comprehensive lab reports. 

As far as the packaging goes, Tweedle Farms packages its flowers in heavy-duty resealable plastic envelopes. This is better than paper envelopes but not fantastic. 

The bud is protected from the elements but remains susceptible to being crushed. To me, there’s nothing worse than having your beautiful buds accidentally turned into shake. 

But, the Sour G CBG I tested was the least smooth of all the flowers on this list. After each hit, I felt a warm sensation on the throat, but it didn’t burn.

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5. The Brothers Apothecary | White Widow CBG Flower

The Brothers Apothecary is a family-run cannabis company located in Portland, Oregon. 

This unique brand is committed to offering healthier CBD and CBG alternatives in the form of teas, essential oils, superfoods, and more. 

The Brothers Apothecary also sell CBG flower. Every product is handcrafted with local and organic ingredients to deliver superior quality products. 

They boast almost a decade of experience, having launched in 2015. 

White Widow CBG | Brothers Apothecary
  • Great for daytime
  • Decent value

PROS (+)

  • Each eighth comes in over 3.5 grams (bonus buds for free!)
  • All craft cannabis is organically grown
  • Family run business

CONS (-)

  • No discount offered for first-time purchases
  • CS is via email only and slow

The brand’s organic CBG flower costs about $5.70 per gram when writing this, as it’s currently on sale. Normally, it costs about $8 per gram. 

Brothers Apothecary doesn’t sell their White Widow CBG flower by the gram. Which sucks.

However, as we mentioned above, they add a little extra weight to their eighths. So you’ll get a little over 3.5 grams (dry weight) per eighth. Who doesn’t love free flower? 

This White Widow CBG-rich Hemp contains about 17% CBGA. Yup, this CBG flower is potent! In case you didn’t know, CBGA turns into CBG when the flower is decarbed, so when you smoke, vape or bake it, it’ll turn into CBG! 

They actually include the total cannabinoid profile and percentages on the label. This is a rarity for most brands, but it’s convenient.

Also included on the label is a QR code that links to the COA. The brand tests for potency and pesticides. While it’s not full panel testing, knowing their CBG flower products are pesticide-free is reassuring.

Brothers Apothecary uses some of the nicest packaging I’ve seen after Botany Farms. The nugs are safely nestled in a mini mason jar. The tightly sealed lid ensures optimum freshness!

But its aroma was not very pleasant. The flower has strong notes of piney wood with a hint of chamomile. It was reminiscent of that freshly cut grass smell.

So if taste is important to you when it comes to CBG flower, you may be disappointed. It wasn’t special. 

On the flip side, the White Widow CBG strain had excellent effects. I rolled a joint and felt like my mind and body were working at optimal efficiency.

I was energized! If the Sour CBG flower felt like a cup of coffee, this strain was a shot of strong espresso.

In tandem with its invigorating effects, I was also incredibly focused. I finished my entire to-do list in lightning speed.

This strain felt exceptionally strong because of the CBGA content. Needless to say, I didn’t finish my pre-roll in one sitting.

If you can get over the not-so-amazing taste, the effects are definitely worth it.

A note on Brothers Apothecary’s customer service, refunds are only issued for unopened products. Orders must be returned within 30 days.

However, they do claim on their website that they accommodate exchanges on an individual basis.

Best CBG Flower Buying Guide 

CBG brands

What Is CBG Flower?

Firstly, to understand what CBG flower is, we must know what CBG is. 

CBG stands for Cannabigerol. It is one of the chemical compounds, or cannabinoids, found in a hemp or cannabis plant.

CBG is considered the mother cannabinoid because it’s the first cannabinoid a hemp plant produces. CBG is the precursor to all other cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD.

Though it is known as the mother cannabinoid, it is rare. CBG is actually a minor cannabinoid. This simply means that a typical cannabis plant contains up to 1% CBG.

CBG flower is Industrial Hemp that is intentionally bred to be rich in CBGA (cannabidiolic acid). 

Transforming CBGA into CBG can be a problematic because, in nature, it can turn into other cannabinoids like THC too. This is partly why high CBG flower strains are not as common as CBD.

Nonetheless, if you have CBG flower rich in CBGA, then when you smoke this, it’ll turn into a potent CBG smoke due to CBGA turning into CBG. Yup. Some of the best CBG flower is rich in CBGA, not CBG. 

Botany Farms CBG

CBG Flower Effects 

The potential effects of CBG flower tend to be therapeutic. Most users describe the effects as feeling energized and calm at the same time. Some claim that CBG offers more relaxing effects than CBD.

Some people report that CBG improves mental clarity and increases focus. It may aid in greater concentration. 

So the next time you need to relax but stay focused, CBG flower may offer some assistance.

Others report that CBG has stress-relieving properties. CBG is also suggested to improve your mood. Nearly all users indicate that the varying effects are potent!

Personally, I’d agree with all these points, having smoked a boat load on the hunt for the best CBG flower!

Overall, I found the CBG effects to be relaxing yet energizing. As someone who struggles with anxiety, I would recommend CBG strains wholeheartedly. 

The stark improvement in my mood aided in reducing my stress. Feelings of increased mental clarity were the most pronounced.

In summary, here are some of the potential CBG flower effects:

  • Relaxing
  • Energizing
  • Mood-boosting
  • Stress-reducing
  • Increased focus
  • Greater mental clarity
  • Calming
  • Euphoria
  • Relieving anxiety

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Does CBG flower get you high? 

In short, CBG flower does not get you high.

CBG flower strains are, by nature, very low in THC. Therefore it produces minimal to no psychotropic effects.

CBG will not impede mental cognition. It can actually increase attentiveness, in my experience. The effects are not like the hallmark psychoactive effects we typically experience with cannabis. 

Even in higher doses, the CBG flower will not have enough THC to make you stoned. 

Though CBG will not get you high, it will produce milder effects that can help with relaxation, mental focus and clarity, stress, and improvement in mood.

The calming properties should not lull you to sleep due to its mellow stimulating effects.

From my experience, CBG didn’t make me tired or high. I felt an increase in concentration and calmness which was balanced by intense mental clarity. 

cbg tillmans

CBD VS CBG Flower 

When considering the therapeutic benefits of CBG flower, CBD and CBG appear to have many similarities.

Both CBD and CBG flower are forms of hemp flower, but they have different cannabinoid concentrations. CBG flower is richer in CBGA and CBG than CBD flower.

This is due to how CBG strains are bred, which we talked about earlier in the article. A CBG strain is purposely bred to contain high amounts of CBGA and CBG, while CBD strains are not. 

Both have no psychoactive properties. CBD and CBG have similar medicinal benefits, such as reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep patterns as well as anti-inflammatory properties.

In my experience, CBG has overall stronger effects than CBD. 

Perhaps the most significant difference lies in how both cannabinoids affect the body. 

Both CBD and CBG have separate molecular structures. This means they bind with receptors in the brain differently.

CBG interacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors directly. Whereas CBD poorly binds with CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain. 

The different ways these cannabinoids work in the body may make CBG actually work better for you if CBD does not. 

According to science, CBG is thought to be more helpful in treating anxiety than CBD. This is because CBG has been shown to suppress GABA (a neurotransmitter) uptake, which is associated with reducing anxiety.

Also worth noting, CBD is considered a major cannabinoid while CBG is a minor cannabinoid. So finding a high CBD strain is much easier than finding a CBG strain.  

CBG Flower Strains

Though CBG flower strains are few and far between, there is a small number of CBG-rich strains available to you. In the future, there should be even more to come.

When choosing CBG flower products that claim to boast high levels of CBG be sure to check the COA. You always want to verify the listed CBG concentration yourself, so this is a must.

A little insider tip, the more potent the CBG flower is, the more frosted it tends to look. CBG strains will often look whiter and frostier than their counterparts. However, CBG flower is typically less sticky than THC or CBD bud.

Here are some of the common CBG Flower strains available right now:

  • Biscotti CBG Flower
  • Cosmic Diesel Flower
  • Frosted Cake CBG Flower
  • Goliath CBG Flower
  • Jack Frost CBG Flower
  • John Snow CBG Flower
  • Lemon Cream Diesel CBG Flower
  • Lemon Diesel CBG Flower
  • Mickey Kush CBG Flower
  • Stardust CBG Flower
  • Sour G CBG Flower
  • Super Glue CBG Flower
  • White CBG Flower
  • The White CBG Flower
  • White Widow 
  • White Whale

The Final Verdict: Best CBG Flower 2023

Of all the CBG flower on our list, Green Unicorn Farms’ White CBG is our top pick for Best CBG Flower in 2023. 

The calming effects hit you immediately behind the eyes. The therapeutic benefits mixed with pleasing piney aromas cannot be matched. Green Unicorn Farms’ White CBG offered the most mental clarity.

Top Pick: Best CBG Flower 
White CBG Flower | Green Unicorn Farms
  • Excellent value
  • Full panel third party tested
  • Free shipping over $49

Green Unicorn Farms’ quality outshines the rest. Their White CBG truly lives up to its award-winning status. 

Our pick for the Best Value CBG flower is Tweedle Farms’ Sour G CBG. Those looking for bulk can purchase the strain for as low as $1 per gram if you buy 16oz. At prices this low, it’s an unbeatable deal. 

For those looking for the smoothest smoking CBG flower, Botany White CBG is the one for you. 

Brothers Apothecary has the highest CBG percentage for those seeking the most relief.

If aroma and potency are most important to you, Tillmans Tranquils is our choice for the tastiest CBG flower. It’s worth noting that this product also had the best terpene profile of the bunch in my opinion!