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Best THC-O Gummies 2023 Review: Edibles Tried and Tested

It feels like there’s new brands popping up every other day. But how do you find something legit while avoiding all the junk?

After starting with a list of 16 brands, I have spent over 20 hours taste-testing THC-O gummies from a short list of 6 to figure out which are worth buying.

Keep reading to find out what delivered and what surprised me in this review of the best THC-O gummies 2023.

THCO Edibles tried and tested
Products Tried and Tested For This Review
  • THCO replacements now available
  • Check out (highly potent) THCP or D9 gummies instead (exclusive discount offers linked below)

Best THC-O Gummies 2023

After trying and testing some of the most popular gummies available, I have narrowed down this list to the best THC-O gummies you can legally buy online.

They are potent and tasty, so make sure to stick to the recommended serving size!

1. Binoid THC-O Gummies

The Binoid gummies I came on strong and lasted for a long time. Delivering effects stronger than my regular go to dispensary edibles.

Plus, they were among the top when it comes to flavor and chewy consistency, all while being vegan friendly.

Top Pick: Strongest THC-O Gummies
25MG Hemp Derived THC-O Gummies | Binoid
  • 20 gummies per pack
  • Vegan & gluten free
  • Free shipping
  • $0.06 per milligram THCO (with discount code)
Our Rating:

PROS (+)

  • Strongest effects
  • Vegan friendly
  • Free shipping

CONS (-)

  • Single potency available
  • Artificial colors and flavors


The gummy container arrived in a bubble mailer in good shape.

The container inside is childproof and blocks out light, so it is perfect for storage. It has all of the information you will be looking for, like serving size, potency per serving, and ingredients list.

The flavors of these gummies are delicious. Part of the reason these gummies are first place in my book is that they tasted so freaking good.

They have a mixed gummies container that comes with 25mg of THC-O acetate each. The mixed flavors include blueberry pie, pina colada, and sour cherry lime. Blueberry pie and pina colada were probably my favorite flavors.  

They recommend you only start with half a gummy as these were the strongest THC O gummies I tried, even though they weren’t listed as such high potency. 

They cost $31.99 (with the discount code 20LIFE) for a container of 500mg THC-O. There are 20 gummies with 25mg each. So you are paying about $0.064 for each milligram of THC-O with the discount code given below.

Add in the fact there’s free shipping on every order and that you can get a further 10% off when you buy in bulk (3 packs) and you can see why I love these.

The only disappointing part of my Binoid experience was how much time I wasted trying to find a CoA. Scanning the QR code on the label only brings you to their online shop but doesn’t make finding the lab results any easier.

Scanning the QR code was no help. I finally found the COA for these THC-O edibles by looking in the website footer.

binoid mixed thco edible


These THC-O gummies were strong, and even 1 was a potent experience. Much stronger than other THCO edibles or Delta 8 and even 9. 

But even with a strong buzz, these edibles didn’t make me feel lazy and lethargic.

I took these on a camping trip with some friends, and I felt buzzed enough to enjoy lots of laughs and good times, AND I had plenty of energy to keep up on the hikes and swims.

This is much different from my usual edible routine, where I take an afternoon nap, lay around, and eat smores for the rest of the day. I guess that proprietary blend worked a treat then!

It’s a good thing the label says to start with half a gummy because these babies have high potency. Trust me. I’ve got a very high tolerance to D9 and other unique cannabinoids. 

I took the recommended amount from these guys, and the potency was exactly what they promised. My head was definitely in the clouds, and I had a high that lasted all day long.

Try them out, and I’m sure you’ll agree that these are some of the best THCO gummies around!

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2. Flawless THC-O Edibles

Flawless has some of the most potent THC-O gummies out there. I was an astronaut doing the moonwalk after eating these. 

If you have a high tolerance and want a body-melting buzz, then you might want to try these ones.

Runner Up: Best Value Choice
25MG THCO Gummies | Flawless | 1250MG Per Pack
  • $0.06 per milligram THC-O
  • 50 pieces per pack
  • Free shipping over $100
  • CoA on site
Our Rating:

PROS (+)

  • Superior flavor and consistency
  • Two different potency options
  • Comes in a huge jar with plenty to share

CONS (-)

  • They only test for potency
  • Clear twist-top container is not ideal for storage or safety


I tried the Remix cubes gummies with 25mg of THC-O per serving.

The gummies got to me fresh and cool because they were shipped in a box with two cold packs. This was a nice touch that made me feel like Flawless really cares. Awe.

These gummies may have been my absolute favorite when it comes to flavor alone. If that was all this review considered, they might even be sitting in the first place right now. But, since there is more to consider than citric acid and sugar, they are here as runner-up.

Each gummy comes with 25 mg of THC-O and the flavors you can choose from are mango, fruit punch, or blue raspberry.

They only have a certificate of analysis available for potency like Binoid. A one-time purchase of these gummies will cost you $76.79. That means you pay $0.06 for each milligram of THC-O. You also get free shipping over $100.

Flawless THCO Hemp extract edibles


These THCO gummies weren’t the strongest I’ve tried (hello Binoid), but they were still potent enough to help me relax and have a great time.

I felt the recommended dosage was more than enough to feel the effects I wanted. The high I felt was a fun and energetic buzz that lasted for a few hours. Yup. Delicious flavors and the best THC O kind of vibes!

3. Pure Kana THCO Gummies

This brand is a premium CBD brand that’s recently branched out into Hemp derived THC and THCO gummies. 

Most Transparent Brand
25MG THC-O Gummies | Pure Kana
  • $0.08 per MG THCO
  • Full panel third party tested
  • Grape or strawberry flavor options
Our Rating:

PROS (+)

  • Full panel third-party lab tested
  • Vegan friendly
  • Loyalty program that can earn discounts

CONS (-)

  • Only two flavors to choose from
  • Grape gummies arrived slightly melted


I took the the strawberry and grape Pure Kana premium THC-O gummies for a test drive and was impressed.

They made it to my doorstep in pretty good condition. The gummies looked fresh aside from the grape ones looking a little melted and squished together in the bottom of their bottle.

The bottles let a lot of light in, but they are childproof with a clean and easy-to-read label.

Made with corn syrup and citric acid, the flavor of this THC O is good, not the sweetest but still tastes just like grape and strawberry flavoring. The consistency was a bit firm, and I would have liked more chew to them.

Unfortunately, Strawberry and Grape are the only two flavors available for these THCO edibles. 

Pure Kana goes above and beyond by completing full panel lab tests. I certainly felt better trying these gummies because I could read their CoAs and see everything from potency to heavy metals, residual solvents, and microbials.

It costs $40 for the THC-O gummies. With 20 per pack the bottles come with 500mg total of THC-O, so you pay $0.08 for each mg of THC-O.

Pure Kana THCO Gummy Bears


The premium label with full panel lab results had me already feeling good about taking these, so when the effects of these gummies kicked in, I was really enjoying myself.

I had a super clean high that made me feel productive, to say the least. I was able to work right through the peak of the high, and it felt fun! 

My creativity was in the clouds with my head, and my thoughts were free-flowing similar to a Delta 9 THC buzz.

4. Premium Jane THCO Gummies

This premium vegan brand uses the best ingredients to make only one flavor of THCO edibles, but they pull out all the stops to create a flavorful and effective finished product.

Best For A Mild Buzz
25MG THC-O Gummies | Premium Jane | 750MG Per Pack
  • 25mg per gummy
  • $0.064 per MG
  • Full panel CoA via QR code
Our Rating:

PROS (+)

  • Beautiful branding
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • Free shipping for orders in the U.S.

CONS (-)

  • Pricey compared to other options
  • Only one gummy flavor option


I took these Premium Jane Strawberry Banana THC-O gummies for a test drive before dinner one evening.

If you care about the aesthetic of your products, then these ones might be at the top of your list. Made with vegan ingredients like natural fruit essences, citric acid, and MCT oil, this was one of my favorites for sure!

They came in a medium-sized box full of packing peanuts. Then they were closed in a zipped see-through plastic traveling case. But the gummies did arrive in great shape and none of them were melted or misshapen so I can’t complain!

The flavor was just like you would expect. I got a mouthful of strawberry and then a bunch of banana. There was just a hint of cannabis flavor in the aftertaste. You might not even notice it if you have other things on your mind when you pop it in your mouth.

It was a little bit softer than other gummies. It fell apart a little bit in my mouth. But overall, it still had a good consistency.

The strawberry banana gummies are your only option from Premium Jane. They don’t have any other potencies or flavors when it comes to THC-O.

Premium Jane has full-panel third-party lab testing conducted on all of its products. You can find the CoAs on their website but only if you know the batch number. Annoying but having looked at the batch I tried everything looks good.

The THC-O gummies cost $48. They have 750mg of THC-O in each jar so you pay $0.06 for each milligram of THC-O. That is a great price for a premium product!

Premium Jane THC 0 Gummies


I felt like these gummies were a whole vibe. If I were going on a beach vacation, this is the brand I would want to pack in my bag.

The effects were mild though. I think they would be great for keeping me buzzed throughout the day but at a discreet level.

I think these gummies are perfect for novice consumers. Although they were slightly mild, these gummies still gave me an energetic buzz in my brain, aka the kind I have come to expect from THC-O.

5. Single Source THCO Gummies

This brand tops the list when it comes to affordability but the results didn’t match up with the stated potency. Nonetheless, they offer some tasty options so you can get a buzz without breaking the bank.

Highest Stated Potency
50MG THCO Gummies | Single Source
  • $0.04 per mg
  • Multiple flavors available
  • CoA on site
Our Rating:

PROS (+)

  • CoA on site
  • Party pack is great for experimenting
  • Excellent value but effects didn’t match

CONS (-)

  • CoA Test for potency only
  • Didn’t feel like 50mg THCO


I tried out the 50MG THC-O Acetate Stay Lit gummies.

My gummies came in a box with bubble wrap and blister packs inside. The gummies were in perfect condition.

The resealable ziplock sleeve is not my favorite for long-term storage, but this doesn’t matter much to me because there are only 10 gummies, and they won’t last that long.

They had lots of flavor and dissolved quickly as I chewed them. I tried the party pack that comes with mixed flavors.

Here are their other flavors:

  • Blue Razz
  • Cherry
  • Green Apple
  • Strawberry
  • Watermelon

Every gummy comes with 50 mg of THC-O, and I assumed these would be the strongest THC-O gummies on this list and be much stronger than Delta 9 THC (spoiler: they aren’t!). 

They have CoAs available for potency that can easily be found on their website.The party pack of 10 gummies costs $19.99. Since you get 500 total milligrams of THC-O, you are paying $0.04 per milligram. Which is insanely cheap, but unfortunately the effects didn’t match up to the suggested potency.

Stay Lit THCO


These gummies had good flavor and were surprisingly fresh for coming in a zip-locked plastic sleeve. It took me a little over an hour to feel the effects, which was a surprise since I was concerned about the (huge) 50mg serving size.

I didn’t feel like I was as energetic as I was trying some of the other gummies on the list. But for the price, I still got a noticeable buzz outside of the corn syrup sugar rush! 

Nonetheless, I’d put this experience more in line with Delta 8 and recommend these for those looking for a less intense experience. These didn’t match up to the Binoid gummies at all in terms of effects, which was interesting given they are listed (and lab tested) to indicate 50mg THC O.

6. Galaxy Treats THC-O Gummies Sample

This brand caters to first-time consumers with their THC-O sample packs. You can try two of their moon babies THC-O gummies for almost five bucks.

Best Sample Pack
25MG THC-O Sample Gummy Pack | Galaxy Treats
  • From $0.07 per mg
  • Perfect sample size for trying THC O
Our Rating:

PROS (+)

  • Full panel CoAs available
  • Unique flavors
  • 2 gummy sample packs

CONS (-)

  • Only 2 flavors to choose from
  • They only ship to some states


This brand follows best industry practices with its products sourced from high-quality U.S. hemp and lab tested for potency and contaminants.

They have a citrus melon flavor or a planetary peachberry. They come with 25mg of THC-O.

They have full-panel CoAs from a third-party lab available on their website. They are a few months old, but I am still happy to see that they’re a full panel. 

They cost $34.99 for 500mg of THC-O total, so you pay $0.07 for each milligram.

These are perfect for sampling as you can try a 2 gummies sample pack before committing to a whole bottle.

Our THC-O Gummies Testing Methodology

To try to weed out the bad from the good THC O products, we started with a list of 13 noteworthy brands. Then we narrowed it down by checking three things:

  1. Who is the brand, and are they established in selling other hemp-derived products, or has someone on the team tried this brand before with positive results?
  2. Are the gummies third-party tested? If so, are the COAs easy to find and read?
  3. Are current customers raving about the brand in reviews or forums?

If the brand passed two of the three areas above, we went to work buying and testing them. I know, what a tough job!

How We Rated The THC-O Edibles

Here are the main areas we consider during our review process:


We take a look at whether or not the products arrived safely. Something to look out for is if any of the products were crushed, melted, or lost their shape.

Lab testing

Is the product third-party tested? 

This is a huge factor when deciding if a brand is reputable or not. I want to find out information like what tests are available and how recent are they? Do they outline all the unique cannabinoids in the product and match the label?

Flavor and consistency

 An important question on anyone’s mind. How do the products taste? 


 Are they good value for money? 

THC-O Gummies Buying Guide

What Is THCO?

THC-O is an isomer of THC. It is not a naturally occurring cannabinoid.

Instead, it is manufactured through a complex chemical transformation process that takes it far away from its start as another cannabinoid. 

It is odorless, tasteless, and very potent when THC-O Hemp extract distillate.

As it’s an Isomer of THC, you will likely fail a drug test for THC when consuming THC O.

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How Strong Is THC-O?

Research suggests that THC O is 3 times stronger than Delta 9 THC.

If you are new to cannabis, then you will probably feel like this is a super potent gummy and much stronger than Delta 8 THC, for example, so go for our lower potency recommendation.

THC-O Gummies Effects

The process for THC-O taking effect in your body is extremely similar to Delta 9 THC and stronger than Delta 8 THC. But it can take longer to take effect due to the way its metabolized.

With THC-O your body can take 30 to 60 minutes to metabolize it. This depends on several factors and can differ for everyone.

As such, it is suggested you wait even longer when consuming them versus regular Delta 9 THC edibles to feel the full effects. 

I’d say this is a good suggestion as it took closer to an hour before I was feeling a good buzz across all of the gummies I tried, and I have a fast metabolism!

How High Do THC-O Infused Edibles Get You?

You can look forward to a high like regular THC, maybe just with a stronger buzz.

There is a reason THC-O is called the spiritual cannabinoid. It is supposed to have psychedelic-like effects. 

Still, I thought this high was one that was really easy to still function with. I could have a good time without losing all my energy.

So while I definitely didn’t have any spiritual awakenings on these gummies, they were potent enough to get me sky-high and keep me from passing out. Nonetheless, more potent than Delta 8 THC edibles for sure.

How Do THC-O Edibles Compare To Delta 9?

THC-O edibles are usually stronger and longer-lasting compared to traditional THC Delta 9 edibles. Remember, they can be up to three times more potent!

But, I think directly comparing the two is a bit like comparing oranges to apples.

I get a different high from D9 THC than I do with these THC-O gummies. This high comes with a clear head and less of a body stone in my experience. It was long-lasting with more energy.

Are These THCO Edibles Legal?

Yes. THC-O is uncontrolled at the federal level……….for now.

However, it’s a gray area due to the way hemp-derived THC O is made by cannabinoid conversion. 

As such, always do your own due diligence and check state laws before buying new products.

The Final Verdict: Best THC-O Gummies

Each of the gummies that made it onto this final list has excellent effects and flavors.

My favorite was Binoid, as they hit the mark in all the important areas, from the best flavor to the most potent results.

Top Pick: Strongest THC-O Gummies
25MG Hemp Derived THC-O Gummies | Binoid
  • 20 gummies per pack
  • Vegan & gluten free
  • Free shipping
  • $0.06 per milligram THCO (with discount code)
Our Rating:

But the best option for those looking for a less intense experience is Premium Jane.