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Best THCA Disposable Vape Pen Review: Tried & Tested

Alright, diving into the THCa vaping scene? You’re likely aware that THCa can elevate you just as much as Delta 9 THC once its decarbed. But with a sea of options, pinpointing the perfect vape can feel like finding a needle in a haystack.

Fear not, I’ve got your back. My experience? I’m an ex-budtender, and I’ve personally put numerous THCa disposable vape pens to the test. Trust me, I know what makes a THCA disposable stand out from the rest.

Continue reading for the nitty-gritty on the best THCA disposable vape pens, or if you’re pressed for time, jump straight to our top picks below.

Best THCa Disposable Vape Review Criteria

In-House Tested

thca disposables review

The best way to know if you love a product is to try it yourself. You can’t always trust product descriptions and customer reviews. 

We’ve tried our fair share of some of the best THCA carts on the market, and for this review, we spent dozens of hours gaining first-hand experience with the best THCA disposable vapes you can find. 

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We scrutinized several brands and their products to ensure reliability and a premium vaping experience. 

The only ones that made the list are the very best products that got us stoned to the bone.

Customer Service Policies

One thing that makes the brands on this list so great is their superb customer service policies. 

They back up their quality products with things like free shipping, satisfaction guarantees, and subscription services. They also like supporting their customers with first-time order discounts, frequent sales, and deals. 

When we see brands with these types of service policies we know that they care about the customer’s experience and pull out all the stops to make their customers happy. 

Brand Reputation

The hemp market is still largely unregulated, and novel cannabinoid acids like THCA are still building up trusted reviews to rely on. That’s why looking at the overall brand reputation is something we take seriously.

It allows us to judge how reliable any company is. 

We want to know how the brand is viewed by others who have tried their products already and if they have a great reputation that spans their entire brand lifespan. 

Are they a frontrunner when it comes to other cannabinoids like CBD? Do they craft any other high-quality hemp products that people love?

We look to answer these questions to see if a brand is delivering safe, high-quality hemp products across the board. 

binoid thca disposable vapes

User Feedback

For as many hours as we spend personally trying out each and every product we review, we also spend a significant amount of time reading reviews from others to see what they have to say about these products. 

User reviews can shed light on the real quality and effects of how high these vapes will get you. And they can tip you off about anything you might want to know that the brand isn’t going to tell you themselves. 

We don’t just look at the website reviews; we dig through Reddit threads and public forums to find the real details you want to know. Things like:

  • Does this brand have a lot of recent positive reviews?
  • What are others saying about the quality and effects of their products?
  • Do other reviews sound similar to our opinion? What might be different?

Third-Party Lab Testing

Third-party lab testing is the only way to verify the safety and potency of THCA vapes and other hemp products in the vastly unregulated market.

These lab reports are accompanied by Certificates of Analysis (COAs) that prove the product contains what’s listed on the label.

Most brands test for potency only, but there are those that do full panel lab testing that tests for potential contaminants as well, proving their products are safe for consumption. 

When we choose what brands to test out we look to see if they have COAs. We review these before ever unwrapping the products. 

We ask a couple of questions when reviewing them, including:

  • Are there COAs for potency? Or, even better, are they full panel?
  • Are the COAs easy to find and accessible to the public?

Ideally, you want to purchase from brands with full panel third-party lab testing so you know products will get you just as lit as they promise and aren’t filled with extras like toxins and heavy metals. 

But don’t be surprised if there is just a report for potency. Not all brands meet the brief and provide full panel reports. The ones that do earn extra points from us.

Best THCa Disposable Vape Pens

1. Live Rosin THCa Disposable Vape | Binoid

Binoid’s 99% THCA Live Rosin vapes are well-rounded with great flavor, smooth hits, and potent effects.

Best THCA Disposable Vape Pen
Live Rosin THCA Disposable Vape | Binoid


  • Potent AF
  • Great value
  • On point flavor
  • Single size only
  • Only tested for potency
Our Rating:

I tried Binoid’s Sour Pebbles Live Rosin Vape, and the experience was smooth from start to finish. I like that I can pull the vape out and start puffing away. No buttons or charging required. 

The flavor was straightforward with earthy and sour terpene notes. I didn’t taste a lot of the sweet flavor additives that sometimes overload other vape products. 

Although the flavor was nice and dank, the exhale was a little bit harsh for my liking. 

That said, this vape had first-place effects. After two 3-second drags, I was sky-high and super giggly. 

binoid thca live rosin disposable

My head stayed clear but the groovy feelings were strong. After testing quite a few products that gave me serious couch-lock, this was just the energetic high I needed. 

The Binoid products came to my doorstep in a thick bubble mailer. Inside, each vape was protected in its own small cardboard box, with the vape also laid inside a clear, plastic sleeve for extra support. 

Just make sure you don’t lose the rubber mouthpiece cover so you can keep the vape clean while carrying it around in your pocket. 

There is a COA available for this product, but it is not a full panel test. This is really the only drawback we could find about Binoid’s THCA disposable vapes.

2. THCA Disposable Vape |  Secret Nature

Secret Nature is an artisan CBD company that’s been in the business of growing high-quality hemp for over a decade. They offer a handful of high-quality hemp products, and their fabulous THCA Disposable Vape did not disappoint. They are 100% organic, third-party lab tested and come with zero additives.

Runner Up
THCa Disposable | Live Resin | 99% THC Diamonds
  • Contains live resin terps
  • Large battery
  • Gets you sky high
  • Only potency tested
  • $75 min for free shipping

These THCA disposables don’t have their own section of COAs for each flavor, there is just one available regardless of the strain and flavor you buy. They’re also only tested for potency. 

That said, these vapes seemed more potent than I would expect from just reading the COA that shows 370mg of THCA per gram.

I tried the Secret Nature Melon Frost and Mimosa disposable THCA vapes. Both are delicious sativa blends that are convenient to use. These were my favorite for carrying around during the day and using more often.

The flavors are sweet and smooth, with no hempy aftertaste. Maybe too sweet for those who like the earthy terpenes and flavors of flower, but if you have a sweet tooth for a sugary smooth puff these are the vapes for you. 

I got a mouthful of citrusy mimosa and a juicy bite of melon and mint from these pens, just like they promised. 

Secret Nature THCa

The effects were smooth and easy to manage. I tried three puffs of the Mimosa vape before I felt like I hit my usual target of a happy head high that was nice and mellow. Veteran pen users may need an extra puff or two before reaching their desired effects. 

The Secret Nature packaging is stylish and sleek with its black background and gold lettering, but it could be a bit more functional. My vapes arrived in resealable mylar bags, not in the pictured black box from the website. Even still, the pens were in good shape when I opened them and were ready to use. 

The Secret Nature disposables cost $49 each. That means you are paying about $0.13 per mg of THCA. Still not the highest on the list. 

And they also have 2.4mg of Delta 9 THC, 80.85mg of CBD, and 319.2mg of CBDA, so you are paying $0.06 per cannabinoid in total. 

3. D9 THCP + THCA Disposable | Binoid

Another Binoid product on our list, the THCA + Delta 9 THCP disposable is an ultra-potent mix of THCA, Delta 9 THCP, and THC-JD distillate. This blended with flavorful terpenes and strains is a recipe that sent me on a rocket ship straight to the moon.

Strongest THCA disposable
5G THCA THCP Disposable Pen | Binoid


  • Strongest THCA disposable vape
  • Live resin terps
  • Huge capacity
  • Not pure THC-A
  • Potency tested only
Our Rating:

Binoid could really simplify their process for locating COAs. To find them you need to go to their About Us tab, then click on the Lab Results tab. Then you have to scroll down through all the COAs for all of their products until you find what you are looking for. 

Despite triple checking, and scanning the QR code on the product box I could not find a COA specifically for the D9 THCP + THCa disposable vapes. 

Instead, I found separate COAs for their THCP vapes and the THCA vapes. Annoying, especially given in my experience these vapes hit hard AF.

According to their product labels, there are five grams total of THCA, Delta 9 THCP, and THC-JD distillate. But it doesn’t say in what proportions. Because of this, I can’t say with confidence if the vape made me feel like I expected, but it sure did have fast and potent effects.

I tried the Blazed Ugly Unicorn disposable vape. There is a power button to use this vape. Hit it five times and then you are ready to go. 

I got huge hits that lifted me off to space almost immediately. This is not a vape I would personally use as a daily hitter, however, because the effects are so strong. 

binoid thcp thca

But it is first in my lineup for upbeat social events and vacation days. And if you’ve got an extra-high tolerance, it could become your daily driver. 

I wasn’t sure what to expect for a flavor labeled Ugly Unicorn, but if I had to guess I would have thought sweet. Instead, the flavor was a little spicy. Kind of like terpenes and pepper. It was a nice blend and I enjoyed trying a vape that wasn’t flavored like candy. 

As you can tell, this vape was extremely potent and the effects were fast and strong. I only needed two puffs from this pen to be loaded to the moon, then stayed in outer space for hours. 

 I avoided taking any more puffs right away for fear of any adverse effects. Yes, these disposable vapes are that potent. 

This vape came in a box that had pop-out sections inside to keep it securely locked in place. The box includes all the information you need to know what you are using. 

I love the rubber sleeve that comes with a window so you can see how much juice you have left inside. 

The Blazed THCA/THCP disposable vape is priced at $57.99 right now on sale. Otherwise, you can buy it for the regular price of $79.99.  

Pricey? Yes, but at least we know that this pen is going to send you to the moon with its blend of cannabinoids and terpenes.

4. D8 THCA Disposable Vape | Exhale Well

Exhale Well is an established player in the delta game but this is the first release of a handful of THCA vape products. This THCA + Delta 8 THC disposable vape is straight fire. 

Draw-activated, rechargeable, and free of additives and preservatives, this disposable vape has rightfully earned a spot on this list of the best THCA disposable vapes. 

D8+ THCA Disposable Vape (Available in 4 Flavors) | Exhale Wellness
  • Multiple strains available
  • Free shipping
  • 20% off first order
  • Low THCa concentration
  • Expensive
Our Rating:

Exhale Well has COAs that test for potency but are not full panel. According to the Berry Gelato COA, there is a total of 261.6mg of THCA and 512.8mg of Delta 8 THC per gram. 

And the Durban Poison vape contains 243.6mg of THCA and 495.1mg of D8 THC. 

It’s no surprise that with over 700mg of total cannabinoids each, these got me high. But nowhere close to how lit I was from the Binoid products. 

The addition of Delta 8 THC with THCA makes these a nice middle ground, perhaps a good fit for newbies looking to expand their experience and seasoned vapers who want a mellow pen to frequent during the day.

I tested out the Berry Gelato disposable vape pen and the Durban Poison cart. As much as I like to love new products, I have to be honest. The Exhale Well Vape had solid effects but average flavor. And they weren’t as smooth as they could be. 

If I am going to use a vape over some fresh ground flower, it must be enjoyable and convenient. While these both definitely get the job done, I didn’t enjoy the act of smoking them like I did the others on this list. 

exhale thca vapes

The flavor of the Exhale Well Berry Gelato vape was claimed to be sweet and creamy but was pretty disappointing. The vapor came with a heavy mouthfeel that coats the tongue and leaves an aftertaste behind. 

But to describe what kind of an aftertaste is difficult, as there were no discerning flavor notes like sweet or spicy. It didn’t even really taste like cannabis. 

The flavor of the Durban Poison cart was better but still lacking. There was a mild hint of earthiness and less aftertaste. 

The effects, however, were as promised. A head high crept slowly over me after taking just two draws from the pen. It was beautifully mellow, with a strong buzz that lifted my worries away. 

Packaging for the Exhale Well disposables was what you would expect. They came sealed in small boxes that held them inside without space to roll around. They arrived in good condition without any leakage and were ready to use straight away. 

For an individual 2 gram disposable vape, the cost is $69.95. For a 2g vape, you are getting just over 522mg of THCA and paying about $0.13 for each gram of THCA. 

But these pens are also loaded with Delta 8 THC, and when you consider the price for both cannabinoids, it drops to only $0.05 per mg.

5. Delta 8 + THCa Disposable | BudPop

Like Exhale Well, the BudPop disposable THCA vape is made with a blend of THCA and Delta 8 THC. With 200mg of THCA and 500mg Delta 8 THC, this beautifully packaged disposable is simple to use and puffs like a dream.

D8 + THCa Disposable Vape | BudPop
  • Free shipping
  • Great bulk bundle
  • Potent
  • Not pure THC-A
  • No live terps
Our Rating:

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any COAs for the Budpop THCA products. Scanning the QR code on the box only takes me to the COA page where there is no corresponding report. They’re easily accessible for other products, but nothing shows up for these THCA disposables.

This makes it hard to know for sure how much cannabinoids are really in the product and what kind of effects to expect.

The Budpop product I tested out was the Blue Dream THCA & Delta 8 Disposable. It was easy to use and prepared me for a solid night of relaxation and munchies. 

The flavor was smooth and clean. There were hints of terpenes without a bunch of added flavors. My tastebuds felt like they just walked through a pine forest. I could have done with even more of the flavor, but was satisfied overall with the taste.

Pulling at a higher temperature, the vapor seemed thick and sticky. But when I kept my pen on a low to medium power setting it was smooth sailing. Right away I felt a relaxing head high. The kind that makes you want to raid the fridge and put on a funny movie. 

budpop rosin cart

The packaging for BudPop was discreet, arriving in a small unmarked cardboard box. Then, the cart was sealed inside a blue and yellow box with all the proper labeling and information. 

The BudPop Blue Dream THCA & Delta 8 Disposable vape carts cost $49.95. We can’t verify how much THCA is in the product since there is no COA, but if there are a total of 200mg of THCA in each cart like promised that would mean you are paying $0.25 per mg of THCA. 

That’s the highest price on the list. 

But when you consider the 500mg of D8 THC that is supposed to be in the product as well, that brings the price per cannabinoid down to $0.07. Much more reasonable.

The Final Verdict: Best THCA Disposable Vape

After dozens of hours evaluating a handful of the best THCA disposable vape pens on the market and getting totally blissed out while doing so, the clear first place spot goes to Binoid  for their Live Resin THCA Disposable Vape. 

Strongest THCA Disposable Vape Pen
Live Rosin THCA Disposable Vape | Binoid


  • Potent AF
  • Great value
  • On point flavor
  • Single size only
  • Only tested for potency
Our Rating:

With its well-rounded personality, this disposable has it all. I’m talking great flavor, smooth hits and knock your socks off potent effects. An especially good choice for those who want a convenient and powerful vaping experience, but maybe not the best choice for beginners. 

The Secret Nature THCA Disposable Vape is a solid runner-up with mouthwatering flavors and a smooth, slightly milder experience that might be more suited to newbies.